Taylor Lautner: 'Breaking Dawn' Will Happen

Taylor Lautner: 'Breaking Dawn' Will Happen

Taylor Lautner took over Walmart’s BlogTalkRadio yesterday to talk to his fans about all things Twilight.

The 17-year-old martial arts expert shared that he sees “Breaking Dawn”, the fourth book in the series, being made into another blockbuster film. He dished to E! during the broadcast, saying, “Now that I’ve seen this kind of passion and dedication in the fans, I wouldn’t see a reason ["Breaking Dawn"] wouldn’t happen.”

Taylor also knows that he wouldn’t be anywhere he is without the fans. He said, “I’m getting a little nervous. But I’m so thankful for the fans and even those Robert Pattinson/Edward fans. I know we wouldn’t…be here filming New Moon and [then] filming Eclipse if it wasn’t for them.”

Check out the full broadcast inside…

Taylor Lautner on Blog Talk Radio, 03/09
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  • Loucil

    Aw boy, he is the sweetest

  • skippingsarah

    yes he is. i dont like jacob black but i like taylor (:

  • Chelsey b

    aww.taylor!! he’s so cute!!! haha i can’t wait for breaking dawn and Eclipse to come out :D

  • Miss Lautner

    Taylor is Well Fiit !!!

    He Has 100% Surport From Me =]

    Love Him !!!

    Cant Wait For NewMoon x

  • Val

    He is really cute !! And well lets hope that they really get to do the fourth book but If they are going to PLZ do it right not like the last one

  • Orls

    I am loving all these Twilight posts since New Moons being filmed..

    And Taylor you’re gorgeous (:

  • lilix


  • hope4miracle

    Wooo~ got to end it off on a high!

  • Destined

    Love Taylor! Team Jacob!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TwiVamp157 Alexandra

    i HOPE THERE IS A breaking dawn
    I LOVE TAYLOR !!!!
    He was such a sweatheart !

  • WhatChoNameiz

    See, this guy deserves fame.
    Unlike Robert Pattinson or whatever his name is.
    He acts like the world revolves around him.
    It’s pathetic and sick.

  • nopeeee

    please no more twilight. it’s gettin A LITTLE BIT annouying
    I’m really sorry to say that and I don’t want to be rude to the fans.
    but it gets on my nerves after a while. cause everyone in my school’s like edward is sooo hot.bla blaa.
    by the way i don’t like vampires.so I’m not really into the movie or the book.
    but i have to say that the love between them is kinda cute but still weird.
    you know opinions are different. ; )

  • Karina

    Oh, jacod isn’t a good person ! but taylor ?? he is so cuteeeee !!!!!!

    So handsomee !

  • francesca

    ahhhh he’s so adorable!

  • livelaughlove

    omg he is so hot i love him!

  • iluvrobpattz

    he is so sweet awwwww

  • agnes

    omg he said so many things about filming in this interview.. i love how i live in vancouver! i think i know where the first scene is going to be filmed!

  • arantxa

    please do Breking Dwan :D

  • Kat

    He’s beyond amazing. :] I wasn’t able to talk to him, but that’s cool, because he was so awesome when he talked to his (other) fans. Team Jacob. :D

  • TeamJacob/ProEdward(conflict)

    I love Taylor, he is gorgeous and very well fit. I knew from before I saw him in Twilight that he was the right guy for the job. I’m so glad he’s on board for ‘New Moon’ and the next two movies.
    I love Taylor’s tranformation from kid to adult in physical and biological proof. Taylor just hit 17, he’s almost legal. Watch out Robert, Taylor is stealing all your fans after ‘New Moon’ comes out.
    Love you Taylor1 =)

  • anna.

    aww, he’s so sweet. always thanking his fans. we wouldn’t be so devoted to you if you weren’t so amazing, taylor! (:

  • iloveytaylautner

    OMFG!!!!! I’d love for that to be a movie!! But I really don’t think that Kristen and Rob would want to ‘make babies’ together like that. and I really don’t want to see that!!!!
    But I’d love it! lol and I love Taylor! He’s so real unlike lots of people. But i love robert too sooo

  • iloveytaylautner

    I kind of like Nikki but I would’ve never thought she would be a Rosalie. I personally don’t think she looks the part. Just when she had blond hair and pale skin but here she looks like a 50 year old woman. I think they are all deff going to corrupt Taylor’s selfless mind. He seems soooo real. I love him! I think the only good people in the movie r Taylor, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, and maybe RPattz but he’s a druggie.
    idk it just seems weird the people that they chose for the parts.
    Jackson Rathbone is the BEST Jasper though! I loved him! And Taylor is deff the best Jacob. They couldv’e picked someone more pixie-like for Alice though.

  • ANA

    aww, he so nice and sweet. i love him! HOT HOT HOT!

  • dorothy

    i love taylor lautner, he’s so sweet to his fans.
    i want to meet him so bad!

  • http://yahoo stormy

    HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo stormy

    HE IS SO HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katrina

    ah, taylor, taylor, taylor. <3
    i love him so much & i love jacob’s character.
    but i’m on no team becuase i love edward too.
    & i am dying to meet him. (:
    r pattz is iiiight, i guesss. (:

  • Yomomma XP

    DUDE!!!!!! I dislike people who hate Jacob!!!! without him, the story wouldn’t “roll” correctly with simple reasons. First, Bella would’ve DIED without him. Second, the series of books wouldn’t have been twice as interesting. Last, his character is awesome! he is the cherry on top! Think about it…


  • Yomomma XP

    @katrina: There is a team for both Edward and Jacob called Team Switzerland

  • kassie&christy

    hey wass up taylor i have a question are you going to be in Breaking Dawn

  • heyimmisslautner

    man hes is hot he is also very nice

  • GemmaMarieBoyle

    OMGG! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!! Hes so hot hes my screen saver

  • http://www.haakkamee.co.nz Kayla

    Eww taylor is sexc…
    a sexc beast!!!