Debby Ryan: Chicken Noodle Soup With A Soda On The Side

Debby Ryan: Chicken Noodle Soup With A Soda On The Side is back with more of our exclusive interview with The Suite Life on Deck‘s Debby Ryan.

The 15-year-old starlet spilled on her Sweet Sixteen plans, fun favorite breakfast food and Phish Food! Check it:

JJJ: You’re turning 16 this May, are you having a big bash?

DR: I am! I’m so excited! We’re actually in talks with a company that wants to sponsor it, and we actually did some location scouting. I really love masquerades, and I just think it’d be really cool to have something casual. [A party] with jeans but LA chic — with masquerade masks. I think that would be really, really cool.

I want all of my friends, high or low profile, to just come in and have a really good time. You know, get to know each other and celebrate that we all know each other.

JJJ: Jennifer Stone had her birthday party recently, what did you get her?

DR: I got her a gift card to one of her favorite stores and then I told her I was going to take her out to dinner. And then of course, she went to Puerto Rico, and all these things…so, that’s TBD when we’re going to dinner.

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JJJ: Who are your role models?

DR: For acting, I love Meryl Streep because she is so profoundly thought-provoking and life-changing. I love Anne Hathaway because I love how she made that bridge from the dorky teen to the girl next door. You know? And I love Rachel McAdams because I think she really feels her work. She knows what she’s doing.

And Tobey Maguire! As bizarre as it sounds, I love Spider-man. Not necessarily the movies, which are still great, but I mean the comic book character. I love him as a superhero, I’m Spider-man obsessed! You don’t even understand, I’m like a six-year-old boy. One time on the plane, [Tobey] was just sitting there! Right there! I was talking to his little daughter [Ruby], and she kept coming up to me and tickling me. So we were talking, and he just seems so down to earth! For as much success as he’s had, he’s just a dad and a husband first. You can tell. I love that about him and I definitely look up to that.

As far as role models in real life, definitely my brother. He just turned 18, and he’s not only like a genuinely good guy, but he would give his last cent who needed it. He would, he would so do that. He’s a really good guy, and he’s really strong, very talented, and I just look up to him so much. He gives me hope – I always tell him that he gives me hope for men.

He just graduated in January and he’s here [in New York City] working on my music with me and also on his music. And then he plans on going back to Texas, but I doubt it. He’s going to be way too successful. Just saying! He’ll literally just be at home, write down some lyrics, play his guitar, and at the end of the day, he’ll have a rough recording of it. He just bought a mic and an electric keyboard – he’s set up in his studio, and I’m really pushing him to get a MySpace Music profile. But he doesn’t want fame or anything like that. He just wants to do his music.

JJJ: Favorite ice cream flavor?

DR: I love cake batter, so anything cupcake-y, cake batter, I love it. I also like mint chocolate chip. I just love chocolate, Haagen Daas Dulce de Leche, and Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food – that is boss! Phish Food is chocolate ice cream with carmel ripples, fudge fish, and then it has like a marshmallow ripple…ugh, gosh, it’s just the best.

JJJ: Favorite breakfast food?

DR: I love chicken soup so much, I eat it for breakfast frequently. I’m such a dork, but I really do love it. Whenever someone’s sick or something, that’s what we eat. It seriously has something in it, it just makes you feel so good. Campbell’s [makes it]! My dad’s also made it – he got a rotisserie chicken and got the bones and…yummy. So yes, chicken noodle soup for breakfast is good. And…Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Okay, we eat very California now…like sushi! But when my brother comes, I’ll open up a cabinet and there’s Twinkies and Reese’s for breakfast…not organic!

JJJ: Do you have anything to say to JustJaredJr readers?

DR: JustJaredJr readers! Thank you so much for leaving NICE comments, most of you do leave nice comments. But thank you guys for watching the show, and wait till you see what happens in season 2, because it will honestly…rock the boat! (laughs) Things will change!

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