Kristen Stewart is Canada Cute

Kristen Stewart is Canada Cute

Kristen Stewart keeps her head low as she leaves her hotel in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday morning (March 11).

The 18-year-old starlet recently spoke to Parade mag about her role as Georgia in The Cake Eaters. She shared about the girls she met with to prepare for the role, saying, “It’s overwhelmingly inspiring to meet them. It’s about not letting your life end. To them it’s like they’re different and so they’re going to have to live a different life. But it can still be great. I could identify with that.”

The Cake Eaters is out on DVD on March 24th and hits theaters THIS weekend. Kristen is currently in Vancouver filming New Moon.

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Credit: Andy Johnstone/Morgan Kreusch; Photos: INFdaily
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  • bellamor

    She looks so cute! Love Kristen, and I am totally getting the Cake Eaters.

  • helen


  • Sar

    I love Kristen!! She looks so cute :)

  • lisa:]

    she’s awesome.

  • Miss Lautner

    Love Her <3

    Cant Wait For NewMoon =]

  • zac lover

    omg cant wait i heart EDWARD CULLEN!!!!

  • Sar

    I forgot to say, she looks tired! I hope she’s not working too hard. :)

  • Anne


  • jasmine

    i really love her!

  • Diana

    I get to see her in person on Friday! Woohoo!

  • Becca

    She looks so down to earth, You go girl

  • Sar

    How Diana??

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks so natural but still cute!
    love ya’ kristen!

  • Russian girl

    Yeahh. she is really cute and natural beauty.

  • cristina

    Aww, she looks so sleepy but still really cute. I love her.

  • mon =

    natural beauty!! real actress!!

  • kristen biggest fan

    I ADORE Kristen!! She’s sooooo cool !!! can’t wait for new moon!!

  • elizabeth

    it looks like she already colored her hair for her role. If u notice in other recent pics of her, her hair is a lighter color. Man I can’t till new moon comes out or even for some pictures taken on set. It makes me really anxious and I keep reading new moon over and over again.

  • ATwilightKiss

    Hopefully she’s off to rehearsals for New Moon…

  • mc

    diana…you get to see her on friday?? woow..that’s great! i live near in vancouver…but as much as i want to go have a glimpse or a picture with them (im such a fan! haha) ..its not as if im going to see them there 100% sure right?!?! haha..

  • dd

    JJJ should put her stories in the main page

    the best thing about her is that she’s not like everybody else in the industry

  • Anonymous

    she has cool style


    she is so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Coii

    i totally love krisss!!! she’s so genuine and natural!! example: THERE!!! all natural and soooo beautiful!!! and OMG DIANA!!! [jealous! LOL!!!] make the try! if you get to see them you won’t repent of having gone! kristen i luv u!!!


  • francesca

    she has huge bags under her eyes! hopefully she gets some rest before new moon.

  • joss

    kristen! <3

  • pame

    i love kristen she’s so cute

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    ..where’s Robert and Taylor ? ..I haven’t seen any pics of Robert yet.

    ..I wonder where they are filming in Vancouver…I wanna try and see them. Hopefully get a picture of Taylor Lautner ♥

  • arantxa

    i love her since she was little

    she is looking better

  • Liev

    LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lindsay

    she is so cute! I love her and i love that she is so mature, and not like preppy…you know?? she’s so different and i love that! its refreshing

  • krystianna

    i love kristen… she is soo talented and so real… keep it up kris!

  • krystianna

    p.s. i love kristens clothes!! in particular her shoes!

  • jgjg

    y is she wasting her time doing failure movies like cake eaters.I think she should stick to the twilight series

  • nicole

    she is so pretty, but here she looks tired, i hope she is having a good time in vancouver.

  • BEBE

    wow…even she is little harsh when she speaks, i still do like this kristen stewart… she is beautiful indeed and she is soooo cute…

    i hope she could potraits bella much much better in new moon and eclipse….goodluck kris..

  • K-Stew fan

    i hope she’s OK, she really doesn’t look healthy. She lost a bit of weight and the big bags under her eyes. If you look at the main pic (the close up of her face) she looks like she’s taking drugs i’m not saying she is so don’t have a go at me. I’m a big fan of kristen’s but her face reminded me of the smackhead who lives near my house. I hope she’s not

  • blaster

    no issue with the rings around her eyes, i think its just like that.. i watched SPEAK again late night and it was there already, just becoming darker though..

    she is sooooo georgous with make up.. her skin is flawess, her hair is so nice, she’s got great legs and she’s just sweet…

    i love kristen..

    by the way, Cake Eaters was done before Twilight, before Adventureland.. she was amazing in that film, got nominated for Best Actress… I can’t wait to see it!!

  • blaster

    Hey Jared!!!

    As a reminder, the movie- Cake Eaters is released on March 13 and the DVD on March 24!

  • fy9r1209

    she is such an understated beauty. i find her and rachelle lefevre the most beautiful of the twilight girls. my brother however thinks that nikki is by far the maost beautiful of all the girls in the movie.

  • fy9r1209

    i find her and rachelle lefevre the most beautiful of the twilight girls. my brother however thinks that nikki is by far the most beautiful of all the girls in the movie.

  • cami

    she is so natural, and different than the other celebrities
    i like her

  • dorothy

    finally, so far i see good comments, i’m surprised actually….usually you would have a few people who comment saying “i hate her” or “she’s a bad actress”.

    i love her too, she was drop dead gorgeous in the vanity fair outtakes.
    and she’s freaking lucky to be the center of attention in the movie…with taylor and robert all up on her. gahh!

  • padme35

    I think she is also a natural beauty and I like that she is not like all of those superficial actresses and with Kristen what you see is what you get! I loved her in Twilight and I am looking forward to her other roles as well. God bless you Kristen!

  • Twilighter4-ever

    OMG! She’s everything i wish that i will be someday! HAPPY 19 BIRTHDAY KRISTEN!

  • brianna

    i love her

  • qülşen

    kristen i çok ama çok seviyorumm

  • http://iloveshe mili

    j’aime b1 kristin je l adord

  • michelle

    she always looks like shes high.

  • Taylor

    She is just so beautiful I wish i was that pretty.