Ashley Tisdale is Salon Sweet

Ashley Tisdale is Salon Sweet

Ashley Tisdale lets her hair blow in the wind as she leaves the Andy Lecompte Salon in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon (March 13).

The 23-year-old actress was seen toting her fave Fendi “Spy” bag and wore Frye Veronica Slouch Boots.

Ashley will be in the next episode of Myspace’s “The Fit” next week. She’ll be giving fans a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for her new album Guilty Pleasure.

Ashley also updated her official website today. She writes, “Hey all, it’s Ashley. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for neglecting my blog for a while. I have been so busy working on the new web design and the project that I’ve put my heart and soul into, my new album, Guilty Pleasure. For the last 8 months, I’ve been spending my time working to make this the best album it can be, because this album is a reflection of where I am in my life. Thank you for all the support and I’ll be checking in and giving you updates. I love you guys! xoxo Ashley.”

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  • JustGonnaSay

    wtf? Ashley is famous b/c of V?:/ Honey, Ashley has done so many acts before HSM. No one knows V before HSM. we’re not even shocked during her as a guest show at Drake & Josh until we knew her in HSM. At least I started to love her when I saw TSL. Btw, I LOVE Vanessa as a not so bright girl at TSL.:) The only character i like.^^ I like naive charac. This is really a compliment.

  • awurbii

    #49. vanessa and ashley r both famous for their talent. i’m sick and tired of ppl getting annoyed wen somenone bashes ashley or vanessa and then they decide to write something bad about them. the photo thing is done. get over it.

    i’m 14 and ppl do it all the time it’s life. it was a mistake and its done. ashley and vanessa are talented and their friends. so evryone stop comparing them and give it a rest.

  • awurbii

    i meant that i’m 14 and i know ppl who do that all the time. i don’t do it. but i accept it and get over it

  • ash rockz

    She looks very pretty <3
    I love her Outfit!
    It rockz!

    Fu**ing Haters!!!

  • ZanessaSupporter

    lauren @ 03/14/2009 at 8:22 am

    Let met get this straight.
    You don’t speak for Italy.
    That is just your opinion and maybe a few others but not whole Italy.
    So that’s just a stupid thing to say. You should be ashamed V and Ash are best friends. You’re not being a good fan os Ash either. You may be thinking you’re defending her but at the same time your offending her Best friend. Let’s not compare Ash and V, alright.

    Oh, and BTW Lauren. Ashley is a girl, So you have to say her not his.

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    she looks amazing as always

  • Alfredo


  • zanessahsmxoxo

    ashley rocks!!!! you´re awesome gurl!! keep being what u are and what you wanna be..dont let haters or stupid people hurt u! you are the best!!!!! XD

    love yah!
    ashnessa rocksss