Nikki Reed: I'm So Proud of Taylor!

Nikki Reed: I'm So Proud of Taylor!

Costars Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart head off to the New Moon set in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday morning (March 12).

Nikki, 20, recently dished to People that she couldn’t be prouder of costar Taylor Lautner. She shared, “I’m so proud of him. He didn’t have the part. Everybody knew he was going to have to fight for this. He was at the gym twice or three times a day. He was on a nutrition and workout regime for the last year not knowing if he would be in this film. We were all on edge. It got closer and closer, and it was heartbreaking. Kristen [Stewart] and I were in Africa when we got the call saying he got the part. She’s so stoked.”

Also pictured below: Rachelle Lefevre grabbing a cup of coffee for the road.

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  • Sar

    Aw thats so nice!

  • ana


  • Vanessa

    im sooooo happy! and they are all one big family! they care sooo freakin much for eachother!!!! :D

  • sarah


  • fanpire92

    So cool they got Rachelle’s hair more red cause it wasn’t enough compared with the description in the book, in the first movie. I’m pretty sure New Moon” is gonna be a GREAT movie…

  • Sarah

    I love nikki! I think she is really pretty with paler skin and dark hair! I am so excited for this movie!

  • ana

    awwwwww! that so sweet. i love nikki and taylor is sooooooo hot!!

  • sara

    when did nikki become such good friends with taylor? did they even hang out on the set of the last movie at all? she always seemed to be with rob & kristen then…not taylor. weird.

  • j

    sara: i know nikki reed went with taylor and edi gathegi to australia to promote twilight when it came out there. they did a couple conventions and stuff together…i guess thats probably where she got to know taylor.

  • francesca

    omg! they’re not smoking for once hahaha
    but i love kstew! she’s gorgeous.

  • ash

    I bet Kristen is so pissed Ashley is going to Italy and not Nikki.

  • cora

    Does Nikki Reed EVER leave Kris’s side? She obviously is Team Jacob and for some reason I don’t think she gets on with Rob very well. I wish they would re-cast the part of Rosalie. Worst casting of the entire movie.

  • jessie

    @sara The entire cast bonded over 5 months in Portland. Nikki’s always loved Taylor since then. She spent extra time with him and Edi in Australia also doing conventions there.

  • joss


  • Sarah

    #8 — you are stupid. they are all friends. it doesnt matter who they hang out with you dont know them you dont know who they hung out with on set.

  • sara

    well #6 i think YOUR FACE is stupid. just making an observation. try not being such a nasty b*tch next time.

  • Sarah

    hey stfu you idiot. dont make an observation if you dont know anything.
    oh and #12 nikki and rob are good friends they hang out.
    just because nikki and kristen are best friends doesnt mean they dont get along with other people they all get along and they are all close friends.

  • what

    the thing that is odd to me is that statement she made that kristen and her went to africa for three weeks in january , its not possible cause kstew was in sundance on the 18th of january so her original statement in access hollywood does not seem to be true

  • yashi

    sarah cool it you dont have to call someone stupid for not knowing something , i think that is what makes a person stupid insulting someone for no real reason

  • Kassandra

    Rachelle’s from quebec and im from quebec!! here were sooo proud of her!!

  • arantxa

    im proud of him too :)

  • pinkipod

    to #18 (what), why would Nikki say it if it weren’t true? She just didn’t feel like saying “Oh me, Kristen, and her boyfriend went to Africa”. It is entirely possible that she got the dates messed up. I could have been late December to mid-January.

  • Noelani

    i love these girls. i’m glad to see people not bashing them. it’s so irratating that people would totally put these girl on the bottom of their lists because they had pics of them smoking. but yay for some of us being mature and not holding that against them. so they smoke? they’re still sweet genuine people.

  • cassandra

    aww thats so cool that they gave him the part, he worked so hard for it

  • anna brasil

    Hey! I don’t like Taylor so much! But it will be cool

  • anaaaa

    i am soo proud of taylorr<3
    he deserves it, coz he worked hard for the part and i think that he is perfect as jacobb,
    i love nikki and kristen, they are soo awesomee

  • tywo

    where is ashley?
    she is not in any picture….

  • pearl

    I’m soo happy that Taylor Lautner got the part again of jacob Black.
    I couldn’t imagine New Moon without him. He deserve it! he worked so hard for it! If they would of picked some other actor it wouldn’t have been fair. Go Taylor!

  • KirstenStewartFan

    what the hell were they doing in africa

  • Nicolette

    finally they went to a country in africa , even though i’m not from south africa but from nigeria and was raised and born in the u.s . i love taylor.