The Jonas Brothers: New Album in June!

The Jonas Brothers: New Album in June!

The Jonas Brothers are just not stopping from taking over the world.

The musical trio — Nick, Kevin and Joe — are set to release their fourth album, titled, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, on June 15th.

Nick tells of the songs on the CD: “This album is taking steps. We’re trying to learn as much as we can, continuing to grow. [The album is] our journal in songs [about] all things we’ve gone through, personal experiences we get inspiration from. We’ve also been working on trying to use metaphors…to kind of mask a literal thing that happens to us.”

The JoBros just recently added two more dates to their world tour:
– July 11 Allstate Arena Chicago, Ill.
– August 9 Staples Center Los Angeles, CA

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  • Lindsey

    omg their album is going to be amazing….they just keep getting better and better!!!

  • Romy

    i can’t wait for the new album!

  • chellecullen

    Yay! Love the Jonas Brothers! And their song Love Is On It’s Way!

  • Jen

    they should really slow down. I love them to death but seeing as how their movie dissapointed I would take it easy and let ppl forget about it and pick up where I left off which was trying be a huge international star. They r becoming to big too fast and I love them to much to see it go all away.

  • http://justjared shamilah

    btw cant wait 2 see them when they come 2 birmingham <3


  • jennyJONAS

    ahhhhh I CANT WAIT!!! :)
    im excited :)
    these boys always make my day! :) :) :)

  • cc27


  • DemiFan

    Gosh! Do those boys ever sleep? They’re on the go 24/7! Can’t wait to her some new Jonas stuff!

  • Shannon

    Gotta agree with Jen. If they carry on going this fast, it means they could fall a lot worse, and I’d hate to see that happen; but the new album does sound awesome!

  • becky!!!

    can’t wait! love them! i’m going to three shows this summer[=

  • strawberrykiwiz

    BOYS PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ill still love you 10 years from now!

  • scarlette

    can’t wait!
    but i deffs do think they need to chill, their other album “A Little Bit Longer” JUST came out about 6 months ago! I really hope they took the time they needed for this new one, I don’t want it to be rushed. Cause then it would be bad.

    well i’m sure it will be amazing, after all, they are the jonas brothers!

  • Rachelle jonas

    I can’t wait!
    I’m so gunna buy it!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I can learn
    all the new
    songs before
    I go to the
    concert August 5, 2009
    at the SaveMart center
    in Fresno CA!
    got it all planned

  • katie

    As much as im excited for their new tour, cd, tv show etc…i love them too much to see them crash with exaustion. just think, camp rock 2 wont come out at least until sumer 2010 thats crazy to think they are going to be on high energy all the time for the next year & 1/2, guys PLEASE take a few months off!! we all love you and want you to be around a LONGGG time. so pace yourselves :))

  • l




    and i’m SOOOOO excited about the new album!!!!!!

  • hahaha



    cant freaking wait!!!
    love those jonas boys with all my heart.
    august 13th!!!!!!!

  • Charlotte

    i have to agree with everyone. i am very excited for the tv show, tour, and new album but they NEED to slow down. their 3D movie wasnt as big of a hit as everyone thought it would be. they should keep it on the DL for a little bit to make sure that everyone kind of forgets about it and then proceed with everything else. and also, i really hope they took their time on this new album (rumored to be called lines, vines, and trying times) because a little bit longer did just come out in august… i hope its awesome!!!

  • overated.

    i think their moving a bit too fast. First, their movie, then their show, and then it’s their WORLD TOUR, then they have a clothing line ? then ANOTHER album ? hopefully I get to hear Kevin in the next album. I’m guessing their just doing this to get more money. Look how many things their doing, they don’t ever take a break. it’s just money, money, money. In my opinion. their getting boring for me.

  • KK

    glad to see that my fav boys are back and ready for action!
    haven’t heard from them, in quite some time..but honestly..I love them to death, and everything, but i agree with all of you..they really need to slow it down, and finish what they’ve already started .
    I mean A little Bit Longer, just came out last year
    and i can tell most of their albums have been piling for every single year!
    + with all their concerts, tours, tv show, books and traveling for their movie + and then camp rock 2 coming up..
    everything has been a wild ride back and fourth, with new experiences and fun times :)

    Seriously, WE love you for your dedication to us and showing how much you care for our support- but Boys we would still support you, even if you took a break!
    YOU deserve that at least :)
    Jonas Brothers= still talented for many more years to come
    Don’t forget that :D
    just don’t over do yourselves with so much work!
    we hate to see you, crash and burn with putting so much work into everything, and then it doesn’t succeed to it’s full potential :’(

    Can’t wait for the new album <3 ( Lines Vines, & Trying Times)
    I have a feeling, this one, is gonna make us even more proud, then a Little bit Longer, with a new sound of hiphop/ others genres , new songs of LIFE, probably less on love put together and more collaborations to expand their talent in more further. PLUS, more people to understand and know the jonas’ , in seeing what they have to share,in being true role models instead of judging and hating, saying, there wannabe pop artists, who play horrible music.

    These guys are the best, because they ARE the best!
    There famous, because fans ( who are not mostly girls) love them, cuz they bring something new ,different, and exciting to their music, every single time. + their personalities, of being true role models in setting good examples.


  • alanah

    stokkeed !! cant wait june 30 !! and juhne 15~~ :)

  • mila 8D

    omg *—–*

  • a.m./p.m.

    I’m glad they are no longer attached to Demi and her music. They made her music EXACTLY like theirs. Pop. not rock.

  • jennyJONAS

    love everything you said #21
    LOVE YOU JONAS BOYS (sons of jonas)

  • mrsefron.



  • Becky

    I can’t wait for the Joans Brothers new Album.

  • Sarah

    I love them so much. But i agree they do need to take a break. Fans wont go anywhere if they take months off or dont release an album every years. I love all there music and cant wait for new stuff but they need a break.

  • jess

    already? damn! they just want money thats all…they’re not that talented and plus..they’re so boring!

  • Jessica

    I love these boys and think they are super talented and deserve their success but they need to take a break. This can’t be good for them…always on the go and doing everything non-stop.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    thats what
    you think

  • cc27

    Everyone stop saying they are taking things to far… im sure they kno what they are doing :)
    They are very smart and talented <3 they’ll come up with something anytime they want <3 and we fans should appreciate it :D

  • miss zanessa

    wOw another album already?!?! O_O!!! that´s fast
    guys seriouly you should take a break
    you really deserve vacations after working so hard

    i bet their album is gonna be awsome like all their work
    but you should slow down
    sometimes when star is all over the place the fans get kinda tired/bored like ‘awhh it´s the same’ and lose interest
    not saying this gonna happen to the jonases
    and don´t get me wrong i love this guys. they´re super talented
    though i still sorta mad cuz they´re not coming to mexico U_U
    darn i haven´t seen the movie yet aggrr

  • ashley

    Agree with everyone. Joe, Nick, and kevin.. please slow down. Take a break. RELAX. You guys are going to drive yourself insane in the long run. You should do what Justin Timberlake does.. he makes an album, goes on tour, and takes a break for like 2 years.,and look, hes the King of Pop now. He doesn’t totally leave the music scene because he’ll collaborate with other artists.. but he pretty much chills out and lives life.
    Also , Nick has diabetes and although i’m sure he keeps that in check, rest is one of the best medicines.

    Anyways.. your fans love you and support you no matter what.. so take a long break and enjoy life.. you’re still young and you don’t wanna miss out on too much!

  • jobro lover

    i cant wait
    i love then so much

  • celine

    staples center added date is august 8, not 9 :]

  • Anne-Marie

    The Jonas Brothers movie was NOT a failure.The only reason the movie didn’t win in the box office is because most people pre-bought their tickets, and that ticket money isn’t counted. With the pre-saled tickets,the movie made over $3 million in the first weekend!!!!!!!

    I am SOOOOO excited for this CD.I have NO idea what the expect!

  • betty

    Not even a fan of JB but don’t want to see them fall. I think they should wait A LITTLE BIT LONGER before launching a new album


    Ok i love these guys to death but…a 3rd album in less then 6 mnths then the last one….:S i thought that a little bit longer was a tad rushed :s

    world tour, 3d movie,tv show, camp rock 2 appearence after appearence….

    i think thy need to take there time with the 3 album…

    come on coldplay toke neally 3-4 years making viva la vida…

    i think the jo bros need a break….do the world tour then after a few months do the new album…

    you wont lose fans i will still love when i am old and grey and have wrinkles..and i am pretty sure i am not the only one

  • mariamx

    OMG!!! i really cant wait !
    as always it’ll be AWESOME !!!!x

  • joyfull

    These boys really should STOP!!! they have no talent and can’t sing sure anyone can sing Rock n Roll you don’t need a good voice to sing that. This is a perfect example of GREED!!! that goes the same for Disney how disgusting.

  • jen

    #37 im pretty sure you pulled those numbers out of ur a s s. plz put it back in there.

  • magen.

    the album comes out 2 days after my b-day!
    so excitedddd =D

  • sydney

    im soooo excited for the new album!!!!
    it comes out on my 18th bday!!!!!!!
    and i cant wait for the tour..
    i think you made a mistake on the new tour dates though.. its august 8th.. unless they added another staples center show??

  • Katie

    YEAH, cant wait

  • michelle

    they really need to MOSSS,
    their soooooo busy and i feel like maybe it’s not so good for them they need to calm down and take a month off from everything, i mean come on, their going on tour, from june to august/september, then their going to canada to film camp rock in september/october…
    where’s the break, i don’t think it’s good for their health i hope they learn to relax

    the fans aren’t going no where, i’ll still love you 10 years from now:)

  • Colleen

    yessss!!!!! can’t wait!!!!!! hopefully they dont like die out before them or something……but i love em!!!! i love that name for it, it sounds like its gonna be a rock album, i mean lines, vines and trying times……i cant wait for the poison ivy song!!!! if its gonna be on there.

  • kelly

    Wow, they’re just spewing them out lol.
    Can’t wait!

  • glenda

    i like them, their musics, but guys, they’re NOT handsome. Handsome are Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson. Kevin is horrible, Nick(a lot of girls think he’s a hunk) is horrible too – look at his face!!- and Joe is less horrible, he was handsome with the short hair, but now…no comments!!!

  • daniela

    I totally agree.. they need a break as soon as possible.. i mean i love the guys so much!.. have bought every album of theirs.. even their book.. seen the movie.. but hellooo.. too much energy waisted!!!.. RELAX for a bit.. sometimes it got me thinking that yeahh their doing this and that just for the moneyy!.. just chill for a sec at least!!