Miley Cyrus is a Sushi Sweetheart

Miley Cyrus is a Sushi Sweetheart

Miley Cyrus keeps her head low as she and BFF dancer Mandy Jiroux leave Sushi Dan‘s in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March 21).

The duo just uploaded a new video on their official YouTube. Miley,16, and Mandy, 21, are looking for ideas for their next video. All you need to do is comment on their newest vid.

Miley and Mandy also promise a special, surprise guest in their next vid. Check it out below!

10+ pics inside of Miley and Mandy leaving lunch…

Miley & Mandy – “Hoedown Throwdown”, 03/21

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miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 01
miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 02
miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 03
miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 04
miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 05
miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 06
miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 07
miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 08
miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 09
miley cyrus mandy jiroux sushi dans 10

Credit: James Breeden/Max Butterworth; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • chellecullen

    1st !!!

    i heart miley:)

  • riana

    shes such a cutie i was just watching her latest mileymandy video- love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie

    aw, she doesn’t look too happy :/ on the plus side she looks gorgeous and her new mileymandy video was so cute! she’s wearing the same outfit here as she was in the video. :)

    oh, and he-who-must-not-be-named and garret jiroux (mandy’s brother) were also there according to … wonder why there not in these pics? not that i’m complaining :P as for the special guest, no idea. “him”? demi lovato? taylor swift? hmm.

    oh, and don’t forget to vote for miley/hannah/bolt @ !

  • Farrah

    She’s a very pretty girl, even when she looks a bit grumpy. The video is cute.

  • Marylynn

    She looks kinda pouty in that one pic she looks cute.

  • katie

    oh btw jj they just uploaded another one, here you go.

  • harmonygrace

    aw she looks cute, but she doesn’t look very happy…..:(
    hopefully everything is ok!

  • katelyn


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    Miley Cyrus and Bolt At Kids Choice Awards

  • miriam

    i love her!!
    & i want sushi :p

  • captincrunchrocks

    love her and her outfit is cute:)

  • hiding?

    very unlike her to hide her face from the cameras… instead of potentially calling them or playing with the pap’s cameras or dropping their iphones…

    maybe she has a humble streak after all. (don’t get me wrong, i am NOT a hater)

  • also…

    she seems awfully distant from mandy in the pics… not like them. and both scowling. argument over lunch?

  • erika

    she looks so pretty! i love her outfit!

  • its amazing

    omg guys its a rumor going around that that guy put in jail,hahaha..TOLD YOU SO..HAHAHAAHA

  • katelyn

    love them both!

  • ivanka

    wow why is she hidingfrom her friends the paparazzis?

  • its amazing

    I put my hand up on yo hip,i dip,you dip,we dip,i put my hand up on yo hip

  • yo yo

    now I know this fool aint tryin to hide her face..she a trip

  • naria

    haha took me forever to learn that dance! there so good at it

  • katie

    ivanka, if you insist on hating on miley in every single post, at least learn how to spell. thanks.

  • jossy

    why so sad? =(

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Miley is so
    cute and she
    looks super
    skinny in these
    pics. And
    to everyone
    Thank ya’ll

  • Ashlery

    fuck Miley. after seeing what she said about radiohead i just happen to be grossed out by her even more

  • Giselle

    she called paparazzi all the time to tell them where she is. wow shocker
    miley need to stop trying to be a whore.

  • SOnya

    LOVE HER! <3

    Vote for her to win a KCA!!

  • lauren

    ummm. why is she acting like she doesnt like the attention? anyone who has ever seen a paparazzi video with her knows that this girl LOOOVVVESSSSSS attention from the paps. i dont by this ‘dont take my picture’ face for a minute. shes probz just sick of peez calling her a famewhore(which she is), she shes tryin to see a little more down to earth. unfortunatley for her, it is failing.

  • meeee

    she does NOT call the paparazzi. 100%. the whole “they called” thing was meant to a group of paparazzi off to the side out of the view of the camera.


  • lisa

    shes tring to act like ashley tisdale and hide her face

  • katie

    why is she pretending to not want her picture taken? does she forget that she lives for attention?

  • Victoria

    love miley and love the video! dang, mandy learned it fast!

  • lalaine

    gosh..why does young celeb always do that thing with their pouting but more annoying…esp. olsen twins and some hsm girls urgh

  • captincrunchrokcs

    @katie: ok sersiously stfu ever heard of someone having a bad day! Geesh worrry about ur own life clearly u live to critisize people find a life!


  • :)

    Some of you in here are so stupid. “why is the trying to hide” bla bla bla. Ever thought about having a bad day?.

    Plus, Justin was there too, he seemed mad.

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    owww,miley sl.trus =))
    well i like her clothes and she is getting blonde.
    she was better with bruenette ;) she looks like stupid hannah montana

  • nadiraahh,

    i bet she dumped justin :)

  • Rachelle jonas

    i love miley’s boots

  • Rachelle jonas

    i love miley’s hair too

  • Suzanne

    I would expect her to look happier because of the fact that she is with her BFF.

  • billythekid


    Usually I have something intelligent to say to people I think are idiots, but in your case that just isn’t so I am afraid. You just plain suck is all. No offense!

  • ashleytfan

    I love the video & the dance is sooo much fun!

    And you know what?
    You miley haters pi** me off!
    You have to find something just to make her look bad!
    Guess what?! Shut up! Leave her alone!
    God, she is wayy likeable and your just jealous!

  • Cassidy

    Shes famous! She gets attention no matter if she likes it or not! It is part of the business! She might as well deal with it and enjoy it! Duh!

  • carl

    i hope nothing wrong with miley she is the only celebrity out there that doesnt act stuck up in front off papz.. This is one of the reason everyone loves her she talks and smile to papz and us fan love her for it. we are proud that she is humble enought not to let being famous to her by acting stuck up in front of papz. Please miley dont chance being friendly is like we are so proud you smile and say hi to papz because we know you know we are going to see it! Keep on smiling please that what keeps you original from other stars how nice and friendly you are!!!

    Love the music video dancing with miley good choice i loved it when you guys dance in tune together. you look great. love your eyes on the pictures. even when you look mad you look pretty.

  • carl

    i love that hair color on hair i think she looks fantastic and blonde hair look good on her too!

  • Casey

    I HATE that thing that she does with her lips. the pouty look! she does it just for attention so everyone will feel bad for her and make it look like that she has such a rough life.

  • ilovejonas

    absolutely love her outfit :)

  • Cassidy

    Whatever Casey! You dont know how her life is! How do u know she does it for attention?! A lot young celebrities do the puty lips! I mean it just looks like she had a bad dining experience! Haha! I dont know but I’m sure shes not doing it for attention!

  • Cassidy


  • ohhlalaa


    She’s stunning ! I love her.her music and her show.
    by the way she’s my age and i think thats really cool

  • cris

    anyone else notice mandys tat on her right foot…?

  • Ashlee

    mileys thighs are getting big