Zac Efron Flies To France

Zac Efron Flies To France

Zac Efron (in a Kayne West t-shirt) keeps his head low as he heads into LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (March 22).

The 21-year-old actor, who appeared on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Show yesterday night, is set to premiere his new flick, 17 Again in Paris on March 24.

Zac will be make an appearance at the Fnac – Châtelet in Paris for an autograph signing on Monday, March 23. Tickets are limited.

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Credit: Matingas, Karl/Tony; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, INFdaily
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  • megan

    FIRST!! YAY!!

    Hes looking good, lovee his T-shirt, have a good time in Paris, Zac!!

  • Katty

    I guess V isn’t going with him…. hmm :(. Is he going to Britain at all? Can’t wait for the updates, JJJ.
    So that wasn’t a live recording. Nice to know. Hope he gets there safely.

  • Zanessa lover

    hawt ;)

  • ladysdsandiego


  • jo

    And he’s OFF!

  • Zanessa lover

    Vanessa most probably go to the LA premiere like she did with hairspray :]

  • Alyssa

    I love him!! :)

  • aw

    lol He travels light.

  • Gre


    Efron, we’re near!!

    I live in Spain.


    Love ya, =)

  • gracemarie

    He waited it seem until the last second to leave. He lesves on Sunday afternoon which means he will arrive Monday morning in Paris to do the Meet & Greet later in the day. Not a day or two early to relax in the City of Lights

    I guess Paris without V isn’t the same.

  • Vfan

    I’m glad Vanessa is’nt going with him.It probably means she is in the process of making new movies… yay!

  • zanessahater





  • baby.v.

    zac is so hot!
    have a safe trip!
    can’t wait to watch 17 again.

  • Karen

    He has another week of promoting 17 Again before coming back home to do the Kid Choice Awards. I wonder what award he is presenting? I hope Vanessa wins for favorite actress and I hope HSM3 wins for favorite movie.

  • Tini

    omg I love him! He’s gorgeous!! And I hope to see some more zanessa soon! :)

  • lili

    I think V isn’t going with him again cos it may seem too high school musicalish…

    I guess the producers want ppl to say “hey its zac from 17 again” not “hey its zac AND vanessa from high school musical”…i mean…they are promotion 17 again…

    anyhoo…looks like we’ll have to wait for another zanessa sighting til he comes back!

  • ashlee


    i hope so too, karen. i keep voting for vanessa.

  • zanessa4everr

    haha looks like he did a great job avoiding paparazzi when he went to britain

  • ZanessaLovaa101

    Zac looks great! Hope he has fun in Paris!
    He will be attending KCA awards, probably with Vanessa, cuz they showed a commercial and it said he will be attending, and I’m sure V is too cuz she’s nominated and is bound to win. So is HSM3, cuz its like the best movie ever! (:
    GO ZAC!

  • gracemarie


    I hope this means V isin negotiations or in final negotiations for Sucker Punch and beginning talks for Dead @17 and maybe some other stuff we don’t know about yet.

    They are both going to be even bigger than they are now.

  • Zac Efron Fan and supporter

    Zac looks amazing. have a safe trip Zac.

  • lai

    yes im so excited for them. gud luck to Zac!!!!! have a safe trip.
    Pls. vote for KCA’09 for Vanessa and HSM3.

  • yets

    Zac is great, Hope to see them @ KCA.
    now i want a news from V. esp the movie for her.i love them both
    God Bless them.

  • Kelly

    Why does everything have to about Vanessa. Zac would be so much happy if we would just dump Vanessa for good.

  • mike

    Number 23??? You say this as if you know him?????

  • marie

    dont forget to vote for Vanessa to fav movie actress and for HSM3 to fav movie!!!!

    have a safe flight zac! ;)

  • Kelly

    #24 I meant to say Zac needs to dump Vanessa for good.

  • Kelly

    Zac Would be better off without Vanessa. then the haters well stop bashing Zac.

  • gracemarie


    Grow up I know it’s asking a lot but try. Zac is a grown man who can choose his own love and has – get over it.

    How would you feel if we all started telling your family and friends to just dump you.

  • ashlee

    i know some of you haters have a cob up your a-s-s and are really really really really pissed because zac doesn’t do what you want him to. zac does what he wants. if he didn’t want to be with vanessa, he wouldn’t. you can’t really be a zac fan if you keep saying he’s stupid. either you support him or you don’t.

  • kgg


    That’s strange, Zac doesn’t look unhappy when he’s with Vanessa. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on your part.

    Good luck with that….LOL

  • Becky

    kelly please shut up

  • Kelly

    gracemarie I am 16 years old. Zac never looks happy when he is with Vanessa

  • pop86

    -Kelly, In case you haven’t notice, Zac is an adult. He dates who he wants to and does what he wants to. He does not seek the approval of fans or haters.

    -Like the Kanye West T-Shirt more than I liked Kanye’s last album.

    -Have a safe flight Zac.

  • pop86

    Did Zac cut his hair(a little)?

  • gracemarie


    Kelly spends all her time deciding what is best for Zac . It doesn’t really matter to her if he’s happy she just wants to be happy and she hates V and spreads as many lies as she can tell in one day.

    Problem is no one believes or listens to her except to tell her to grow up and be quiet LOL.

  • duhh

    Zac did’nt look happy when he was with Vanessa last.He’s a jerk and he needs to stop going out with Vanessa if he’s gonna treat her the way he does it’s not fair to her.

  • ilovezanessaxo

    So Kelly…In this video Zac looks unhappy with Vanessa? Really? Wow…good luck with thinking that.

  • ilovezanessaxo


    That’s because he is unhappy when paps are around. He loves V very much, I mean that’s why he left so late for London in the first place. He is smitten and needs to be around her 24/7.

  • V….4ever

    Being 16 doesn’t mean you’re mature. Well you’re proving you’re not. I will not argue wheter or not Zac should dump Vanessa nor if he’s happy or not with her but from experience, wich you don’t seem to have, I know that looks can be deceiving for one and secondly, you don’t stay with someone that you don’t love. They are not married, they don’t have kids together, they’re not promoting a movie anymore, there absolutely NO REASON why he should hang out with her if he didn’t have feelings or wasn’t happy with her.
    By saying you are just saying that you would stay with some even if you’re not happy when you’re together. And that’s just sad. However, neither Zac nor Vanessa are sadistic like you and would certainly break up if they feel unhappy. They could or they will who knows? But until then, what you see is what you get dear.

  • mary

    Vote for Vanessa in the KCA

  • ilovezanessaxo

    Why don’t some people understand that Zac loves Vanessa???!!!!! It’s so irritating. He is CLEARLY SMITTEN with her.

  • kristy

    #42- simple but true

  • notTellin

    I’m starting 2 think Zac & V are in a fihgt or have broken up. She Didn’t go 2 the 17 again Premiere with him he went with Taylor Swift instead. There are rumors (not sure if true) That he is with Megan Fox. some say he is cheating. He has also been seen around with OTHER GIRLS THAT ARN’T VANESSA and i havn’t seen NE pics of them 2gether in a while except the Oscars and Golden Globes. I HOPE THEY R OVER HE WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT HER.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    shut up!!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    ahh! he looks sooooooooo sexy!!! aww,again he`s leaving =(??
    well,love u zac!!

    haters,get lost!! specially you kelly!!!
    i`m with u karen!! hope she win xD

  • luv zaccccc!!!

    zanessa hater: who broke ur heart sweetie???

    dont let it bring you down, move on.

  • becky

    Zac looks great. I hope he has amazing time in france.

  • mrsefron.




    ON THE!

  • marisol

    nace video #38 buena suerte zac