Zac Efron is Paris Polite

Zac Efron is Paris Polite

Zac Efron gives a soft smile as he attends a photocall for his new flick, 17 Again, at the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris, France on Tuesday morning (March 24).

The 21-year-old actor stars as the young version of Mike O’Donnell in the movie. 17 Again is about a guy who gets a second chance at life and goes back to high school to redo his mistakes.

17 Again also stars Michelle Trachtenberg, Sterling Knight and former Friends star Matthew Perry.

15+ pics inside of Zac Efron

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Credit: KCSPresse ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
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  • amy


  • Shirley

    I love Zac! :D

    Anyone who loves him should copy and paste this!^^


  • me.


  • anna.

    sfhdfsu. he looks hot. <3

    i actually thought this is the premiere and was like “wtf, zachary? you looks sex and all, but a freakin’ plain t-shirt?!”
    hahah. i didn’t realize it was just a photocall.

  • Becky

    Zac looks so hot.

  • Lily


  • McKenzie

    kinda becoming a scumbag. :(

  • rosielee9

    Not long until Zac’s in the UK, I don’t know if it’s just me but with this promo tour Zac does’nt seem to have that sparkle like he normally does and has done in previous promo tours. He looks good though.

    Me and my daughter are off to see 17 Again when they break upfor their next school holidays, and this morning while I was waiting at a bus stop another bus past me with a big poster on the side of Zac of it advertising the film thought I was seeing things at first as it was early.

    I’m just cruious to see how his body language differs at the KCA to how it is with 17 Again. Even when he was doing the press thing he did’nt look his usual self although having girls scream at you like that has got to get annoying after a while even when you appreciate your fans like Zac does, as it’s been said I’m suprised they tried to do a photo thing with fans in there as well so I have to say after 25 minutes of that I think I’d wanna leave to.

  • zanessa4everr


  • Ann

    Looking good Zac Baby. The fan base will change with his advancing into more mature roles.

    He is getting better with age. Now all he has to do is get rid of the garbage in his life.

  • sophia

    #7, i am also surprised they tried to conduct an interview with screaming fans inside.

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    he should have Vanessa by his side….
    But he still is HOT!

  • vancrazed

    Vanessa, honey, you see what happens when you let Zac go off on his own. He wears clothes with stains on them. Please help your boy dress in clean clothes. Love you Zachery, and your hair looks better today,

  • cutie

    #9 That’s a big problem he can’t get rid of the carbage in his life cause he loves her so much.
    I can’t wait to see you at the premiere in London’

  • vancrazed

    I feel sorry for Zac, that he has fans that think he can’t make good choices in the company he keeps. I’m not really sure if you could consider yourself a fan, and what does that say about what you think of Zac. Sad for your guys.
    He is a smart guy, he’s proven that, and he’s pretty private and committed, I don’t think he would choose to commit himself to someone who wasn’t worth it. Maybe you guys should rethink how rediculous those statements are.

  • dee

    im loving the sneakers with the skinny jeans! he’s cute.

  • Zanessa lover

    he looks sad :( but still hawt [:

  • V…4ever

    He must feel weird being there by himself. He’s always had people with him at his promos.. hsm, hs… he’s by himself, no one else to rely on or share the attention with. All eyes are on him. Poor Zac. By the way was he the only in this movie? Where are the others? I bet he can’t wait for the LA premiere.

  • gracemarie


    I think when he told the Australian press he wished V was with him he was very much telling the truth.

    He waited until the absolute last minute to go to Paris-he arrived on the same day as the events instead of giving himself a day or so. We know he spent a lot his time home with V.

    I think we will see her different as well when she has to do promos without him.

    I guess she stayed home so as not to take any attention from his movie and to make sure this didn’t become a HSM3/Zanessa tour.

  • marie

    zac looks cute! :D

    don’t forget to vote for zac and vanessa!! :D

  • chocolate amber

    @gracemarie: I agree with you.

    Look at photos from last year VMA and KCA, poor Zac was bored out of his mind until Vanessa came. Unless Zac is with Vanessa (or other friends), he has no interest in promotional tours, award shows, the red-carpet etc.

  • tena

    Aww poor zac he seems dead taired, i can’t wait for his movie and i bet he can’t wait to get some rest :)

  • s

    his legs are so skinny

  • zanessahater

    he looks good by himself all smiles and hotness all eyes on hhim and not the couple they got so much publicity for going out
    damn zanessa!!!!!


  • zanessahater

    @Zanessa lover:


  • Becky


    i Totally agree with you

  • cutie

    #24 Oh god he can’t look after himself without the dog.
    zac you miss someone already?
    you need to smile!!!!

  • cutie

    #24 how sad zac he can’t look himself without the dog with him’.
    zac you miss someone already? oh well.

  • jaded

    Seems likes he’s over this movie and promoting it and just wants to back home.

  • zanessa 4 ……. i dunno

    heey u zanessahate if u was hate zanessasoo dont say anything or dont leave a comment in their new thing and goo with ur Favorites act
    and if u dont like vanessa sooo gooooooooooo to hell coz vanessa
    is the cutest girl in the earth and if vanessa like a dog soo u gonna be like wt Pig and u know wt ZANESSA 4 AVER and if u dont like them sooooooooooo WT EVER and zac looks soooooooo much sooooooooooooooo sad without vanessa any one know when he gonna finsh the premer ?

  • http://rss Martha

    I don’t think he looks fed up, just a tad akward. I still can’t understand why he has been doing all the promo by himself. At least he could of had on co-star. Bubba even. And it is so obvious he is more comfortable with V on the carpet, those two are so cute!!

  • nikki


  • Runner

    he looks so cute and hawt :) :) i love him

  • Zaclover686

    He’s looking really HOT but sad at the same time I think he is missing vanessa no wonder he went back to LA after being in London only one day to see v and then he left the next to go to Paris and don’t say it was 4 mothers day cause he was out wif v on Sunday it’s his first promo tour without v(execpt hairspray). Vanessa should so totally b up there wif him xxxxxxx love you zac xx

  • Elena Clayton

    Come on JJJ – bring it up! The fact that Zac’s pulled out of Footloose! Let’s talk about it!

  • Susanna

    Zac looks great physically but you can tell he is not very happy for whatever reason. I may be out of line but when a guy shows up at a press shoot with a stain on his shirt then something is really wrong. Isn’t anyone looking out for him? He needs someone from his family or friends to get on a plane RIGHT NOW and be there for him. Love you, Zac. Take care of yourself.

  • Elena Clayton

    By the way – that blue tshirt is so hot right now.

    Or maybe it’s just Zac. He always looks like sex on legs. Especially lately.

  • Katty

    He is lonely out there all alone.. no V or anyone from his movie. All work and no play make Zac a sad boy!
    Love the hair, babe!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    That shirt really brings out his eyes (:
    He looks hot!
    GO ZAC ♥

  • gracemarie


    You must look like one youerself. Anyone who would call themselves “cutie” is probably trying to forget how they really look.

  • Lissy

    Cute Efron!

  • Becky

    Zac does looks unhappy I bet he is missing his Baby V. #31 there are rumors that Matthew Perry will be at the Uk Priemer I don’t know if it is true or not.

  • christine x3

    He’s so pretty :D

  • Alyssa

    I love him!! He is Amazing!! :)

  • mrsefron.


    he doesnt look sad or tired or anything he looks PERFECT.

    <33333333im in loooveeeeeeeeeee bbabbbbbbby:)

  • cutie

    #40 gracemarie I just only answer the comment of #25 vanessahater.

  • susan

    zac you look great.I can not wait to see you at the premiere 17 again in London.
    good luck zac!!!

  • lilly

    He doesn’t look sad to me. He looks very, very hot and sexy.

    You know, he and Vanessa don’t have to be joined at the hip. They can do things by themselves. It doesn’t have to be some big deal. And he isn’t going to be gone that long anyway. I mean, who does absolutely EVERYTHING with their boyfriend or husband? Any psychologist will tell you that you have to do your own thing also. It’s called balancing your relationship, and it’s good for you.

  • Karen

    @Elena Clayton: There is a thread about this on the main board of JJ. Go there to post comments about the fact Zac withdrew from the project.

  • Zoe*

    soft smile soft smile soft smile! thats all im seing, none of the big ones when he’s w/ v or something…poor zac… hope he comes home soon!!