Robert Pattinson is a 'Memoir' Man

Robert Pattinson is a 'Memoir' Man

Looks like Robert Pattinson is going to stick side-by-side with Twilight production company, Summit Entertainment.

Variety reports that the 22-year-old British actor is in talks to star in the upcoming Memoirs. The flick centers on a pair of star-crossed lovers who meet and fall in love while struggling to deal with family tragedies that threaten their relationship.

Robert is currently reprising his role as dazzling vampire Edward Cullen in New Moon.

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  • Elizabeth

    His accent is soooo breath taking.

  • carlota

    ROB ( L)

  • Andrea

    modern day Romeo? perfect

  • celina

    yummy!! his acting is pretty dedicated!! i also love the fact that he is shy!

  • mm

    That sounds promising. Good Luck to him!

  • BEBE

    he is so yummy,……..

  • olivia

    he is so yummy what do they mean by stick side by side? sorry from another country dont understand

  • noe

    man he is sooooo cute! love him! he is a dreamy..wish i could meet him…

  • Georgie

    @olivia: It just means he is going to stay with that production company. To ‘stand side-by-side’ basically means to stand next to/stay with someone….

  • littlemrs

    I wonder who will play his love interest! I think Alexis Bledel (gilmore girls) would make a good love interest for his.

  • Amanda

    Sounds like an interesting project!

  • Mandy

    Robert is not the only hot one,Kristen is really sexy too!

  • rhea

    who’s gonna be his leading lady?

  • Why

    NO he cant do that to Kristen!!

  • Peace

    vanessa hudgens would do a goog job.

  • vanny14

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed hopefully his love interest in the movie is

    I’m dying to see them in a movie together!!!!

  • Lauren

    vanessa hudgens or alexis bledel wouldn’t suit him…someone like camilla belle would be ideal or someone like kristen stewart

  • Giuls

    NO! someone like.. Paris Hilton, that would be amazing!
    HAHA joking HAHA :’D

  • robessa


    I want ROBESSA in the movie to happen

    i hope it is Vanessa Hudgens so i’ll watch it.

    ROBERT+VANESSA= ROBESSA pls even in a movie make it happen!!!

  • robessa

    Vanessa is the best in the movie.

    Robessa pls make it happen even in a movie!!!

  • vanert

    pls Vanessa and Rob together in a movie

  • Lauren

    i know ive already commented on this post..but wheres all this “vanessa + Rob” thing coming from?
    i can understand your all fans from each actor…but why does most of the people who’ve commented want them to act together in the same movie?

  • rob

    pls ROBESSA in a movie

    pls VANESSA and ROBERT in a movie

    any movie genres will do

    pls ROBESSA even in a MOVIE

    i can’t wait to see them in a MOVIE

  • hi

    ROB pls be with V even in a movie.

  • Peace

    For myself personally, I am fans of both and I would like to see them to a romance/drama together. Not with similare co-stars but other people. I personally think Vanessa would do good in a dramatic role. I want to see both of them do more serious roles that portray their acting skills. Not singing and dancing or wolves.

  • robessa

    i agree with u #24








  • futureCullen

    rob and vannessa u gotta be kidding me! rob doesnt even take a shower and the crew says he stinks while vannesa is a type of girl who always looks smart and clean! Zanessa! they are great together both smart people!+ He smokes!
    Rob and kristen maybe ….

  • Peaches

    i think it´s a good projekt for him, i love to she him in this movie.
    but Vanessa H… noooooo way!!!!! thats sooo false, i think anotherone where perfect for this job, but not such a poor actress sry, thats my opinion

  • Jez

    it wouldn’t be a bad idea putting them in a movie together cuz that would totally work. They’re both very good at acting. But hopefully they’ll only be together in a movie but NOT in real life. V has Zac. I’m not sure about Rob though lol. I agree, they should make a film together…

  • listen to mayday parade

    DO ME !

  • futureCullen

    vannesa and rob acting side by side is okkay but them together together please!!!!
    seriosly people!

  • v

    vanessa and rob that would be hoooooooooooooooooooooooot

  • dimple

    honestly, i want this tandem give a TRY

    why not? Let’s see the chemistry between VAN and ROB

    i hope that the director will consider V for the part of ROB’s love interest in a movie!!!

    Can’t wait

  • jeanie

    relle? cause who likes vanessa hudgens, honestly?

  • meeh

    MEEEHHH I love Vanessa HUdgens

  • twilight series

    Smart move. Why would they not want to keep an actor that has a massive following of dedicated fans?

  • anna

    hes freaking sexyy<3

  • hihi

    #34 You’re not serious right? Most people like her from what I know.Vanessa and Robert would be cool beacause we have never seen them interact so it would be great for them to do a movie together.

  • iluvrobpattz

    i’d LOVE vanessa and robPattz in a movie together. the hell with zac. i LOVE robert and vanessa together. hope she auditions for Eclipse!

  • iluvrobpattz

    @futureCullen: who cares if he smokes?

  • arantxa

    i♥RP (H)

  • annie

    the same boring role, the same mediocre chick flick…his destiny is to be Edward cullen forever, poor mediocre guy…

  • leimore


    I love what your thinking and I love Alexis Bledel. She could be good match up w/ RP coz she totally beautiful & still young looking plus the fact she’s the “real” Bella if you’re really basing Twilight by the book itself.

  • devaney

    @#10 – I love what your thinking and I love Alexis Bledel. She could be good match up w/ RP coz she totally beautiful & still young looking plus the fact she’s the “real” Bella if you’re really basing Twilight by the book itself.

  • olivia

    @Georgie: Thank you Georgie it was nice of you too answer it make sense. Im not so good at knowing what dose type of phrases mean.

  • katiee. (:

    he looks gorgeous on that pic at the top. (:

  • lisa wilcox

    what a waste of talent. rob, don’t settle for drivel, man. you need something strong and challenging. this sounds like lifetime tv. i hope your manager and agent aren’t pushing you into this mindless trash. all of your previous films: hp&tgof, bad mother’s handbook, haunted airman, little ashes, how to be….all are so much above this film. you need something serious. play sir edmund hillary and climb mount everest. play a famous poet or writer, having a love affair with a friend’s wife or something. don’t make a sappy film, i implore you!

  • keri

    Hey Robert, if you are looking for a girlfriend that will commit, who doesn’t mind long distance, doesn’t require lots of attention, and wants to be with you for who you are and not the actor then reply to this sometime. I’m not one that goes on and on about your looks or your talent cause you get that enough. I think you need someone who can help you keep your feet on the ground and stay true to yourself. Don’t ever change and don’t ever become one of those actors/musicians that think their crap is gold and doesn’t stink.

  • ness

    @olivia: when they say “side-by-side” they mean he will work/stay with them… :D

  • kATTY M,

    no way!!!!! Rob is waaay too serious 4 vanessa,
    no ofense but I think she’s kind of a sl*t,
    even in a movie, the just dont match, there’ll be no chemistry. u.u