Ashley Tisdale Gets The Giggles

Ashley Tisdale Gets The Giggles

Ashley Tisdale keels over in laughter after a tanning session in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (March 28).

The 23-year-old actress and good friend Caroline Clark stopped for brunch at Vivian’s Cafe and then headed to a tanning salon. Seems like Ashley couldn’t contain her laughter from the joking paparazzi!

Later in the evening, Ashley attended the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards where HSM3 won for Fave Movie.

UPDATE: Ashley is toting around the Treesje “Presley” bag in chartreuse yellow.

15+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale getting the giggles…

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • candace

    shes super adorable and she looked GREAT and classy at the KCs…unlike her bff who looked like she was about to go stand on a street corner.

  • awurbii


  • Shirley

    Love Ashley! XxOXOXOX

    Though, I hope she stops tanning. I prefer her pale skin.

    But still love her!;)

  • cornelia

    she is so cute!

  • layla

    she goes to get fake tans an awful lot…thats really not good at all for your skin. plus i don’t want her to look orange like demi did at the KCAs…….yikes!!

    ash please take it easy!

  • Krissy

    awww, love ashley!
    she looks really gorgeous, beautiful and must i say.. pretty (:
    plus, no one can’t resist her laugh/giggle! it’s just 2 cute and amazing :P
    love what she’s wearing!
    talk about casual and not too fashionable.
    really unique and down to earth :D

    Can’t wait for GUilty Pleasure!
    It’s gonna be the best album yet , showing how mature and humble ashley really is, to focus on being herself— and yes, the qualities she has, is being SEXY with less exposures, a great role model, an amazing personality , doesn’t take fame to her head, always informs her fans ( etc)
    I’m glad she’s getting rid on being the Disney girl in the most stuttle way possible- it’s not easy to let go, something she’s been working her whole life at, but i think, ash is gonna come out, still taking everything she has learned and making something of her own, that still has that edge of a true person.
    AND yes change is necessary, especially when your ash’s age…since she’s already shown she hasn’t changed and is still the same girl we knew, way back on suite life, and hsm :)
    Anyways keep what your doing, in making us proud each and every day and we can’t wait to hear, how amazing your songs are gonna be :D
    LLL ( live. love. laugh.)

    why does everyone think demi has a tan, even tho she’s never seen to get one…
    but when it comes down to ashley and miley getting seen with a tan..
    everyone still bickers about how ugly DEMI looks, and how beautiful ashley and miley look, even tho it’s bad for their skin?

  • ZJ

    guys, I think Ashley’s just doing tanning for her album photoshoots and music video I think.. so you should take it easy, Ashley’s a big girl, she knows what she’s doing! :D

    I love seeing her laughing <33 haha
    She looks good

  • awurbii

    ok. i wasn’t first.

    oh and Candance!!

    give it up ok. Ashley and vanessa BOTH LOOKED GREAT. if u don’t like the way she looked, then don’t say anything. ASHLEY WAS DRESSED UP, VANESSA WAS DRESSED DOWN BUT THEY BOTH LOOKED GREAT!!

    jealously is a horrible thing and displays a horrible kind of ugliness, the one that counts the most. ON THE INSIDE!!

  • Solange

    #7: i don’t think so b/c Ashley had finised her music video and can’t wait to show us fans. Me 2!

    Ashley’s laughter always made my day. It was soooo cute and adorable. Look for some recently interviews, she laughed sooo beautifully.

    Love Ashley <<<<<<<3

  • layla

    i don’t think that anybody should get fake tans. they always come out looking unnatural. i mean, even though ash looks great on the cover of her album, she looks unnatural. she isn’t that tan. and demi. god. she was even more tan than taylor launter! yikes. and miley. good lord. she’s pretty too. but fake hair (extensions), suuuuperly witened teeth, fake tan. it’s a good thing she keeps it so real with her fans…lol

  • zanesssa/jashley/ashnessa

    Lol, I love seeing this girl laughing and smiling. She looks fabulous.
    Oh, I am so loving her sweatpants !! I think I’ve seen ‘em before but I’m not sure. ..Anyone know where I can get a pair ?

    *sigh* Instead of…that Caroline girl, I wish it was Vanessa. ..But it’s ok, seeing them together at the KCA’s made my day !! :D

    Uhm, layla, #5. I don’t think Demi looked very orange at the KCA’s. She looked fine to me.

    And, lol, very well said awurbii, #8.

  • Chinasa-Tiffany

    i <3 Ashley! if she wants to get a fake tan let her, who are yu? her mother? didnt think so. but #1 was SOOO right. i like her, but wth was Vanessa wearing at the KCA’s?!

  • awurbii



  • Shannon

    aww, i love ashley’s laugh, and she looks so happy :)
    ashley makes me giggle&smile, in a good way :P

  • Osama


  • http://jjj miley

    she looks happy!

  • ash rockz

    She’s soo cute <3
    Wonderful smile, wonderful girl <3
    She looked beautiful at the KC’s
    GO ASH!!!

  • Solange

    new pics of Ashley attended Perez HIlton’s 31st Birthday Party. Luckily, Vanessa was not invited b/c we all know that Perez hates Vanessa a lot, so do we!

  • jane

    love your laugh ashley and you looked AMAZING at the kcas!!! So happy you guys won for best movie!!! love you loads!!

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    Shes Amazing
    i agree with Layla
    tanning is Good for anyone! but what are you gonna do!
    and DEmi did look very TAN shes normaly
    pale. i didnt even notice her! i love DEMi

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    SOLANGE= thanks for the Link! ashley looked
    stunning! her outfit Rocked!

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    ASHLEY is the Best.
    at the KCA she came over to pose for pictures with Fans and Sign Autographs unlike your LOVERS VANESSA and ZAC
    Ashley LOVES HeRs Fans!!! zanessa sucks

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    Ashley tisdale rocks she pose for pictures with fans and sign autgraphs at the KCA Unlike ZAC
    and VANESSA :O

  • awurbii

    ppl just post nice stuff about ashley and

  • awurbii


  • meg

    she tans a lot…just for anaward show? Diva. (sry)

  • super fan ashley

    she is so cute!!!!!!!!

    i love when she laugh

    it makes me smile


  • ashtisdalelover1905

    hey !
    she has gone perez hilton’s 3st birthday and she is looking amazing !

    add these jared ! pls.

  • hsm/zanessa fansite!!!!

    She looked amazing at the KCAs…
    and ppl please this is an Ashley post not Zanessa post..

    and btw it was a Kids show, so of course Zanessa dressed down, they didn’t want to get too fancy.. Plus, Vanessa and Zac wanted to match because every award show they go to, they always match, so Vanessa wanted to match Zac…
    it would have been crazy if Zac dressed down, and Vanessa went more fashionable, plus Zac has been wearing suits the past 2 weeks for his premiere so he needed to feel comfortable..
    and Zac and Vanessa most likely did go sign autographs, Jared just didn’t post any of those pics…
    so please stop crititizing (don’t remember how to spell it, sorry) Zanessa….

  • ariana

    she looks cute! does anyone know where i can get those sweat pants?

  • Blasher


  • aw

    She went to Perez’s Birthday, how disgusting.

  • ashley tizz truefan

    she looks so pretty . i love her so much <3

  • kaitlyn

    she doesn’t look tanned to me. every time she comes out, she looks the same as before.