Stella Hudgens: Justin Timberlake is Cute!

Stella Hudgens: Justin Timberlake is Cute!

JJJ caught up with Stella Hudgens at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards on Saturday (March 28).

The 13-year-old younger sister of Vanessa Hudgensactress opened up to us about her favorite movie, school subject and what mom Gina was up to while her daughters were at the award show. Check it:

On if she’s been pursuing an acting career: “I’m auditioning [but I've mostly been concentrating] on going to school.”

On her best and worst subjects: “Science [is my best], but the teacher isn’t my favorite. I just like the subject. Worst subject? Math and Religion.”

On what she does on a typical day off: “Hang out and shop. Regular things.

On the last movie she saw: “The 10th Kingdom. It’s like six hours long, but it’s my favorite movie. It takes like two discs (on DVD) to watch it. But I like it.”

On who else she listens to besides her sister’s music: “I love Justin Timberlake. I think he’s really cute. I haven’t been to his concert yet. My mom is always like, ‘We need to take you.’ I’m like ‘Yes!’”

On what mom Gina was doing on Saturday: “She’s at home, I think she’s on date with my dad. She drove us here and then was like ‘Get out.’ (laughs)”

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  • aw

    lol that’s cute.

  • Mileylover

    i can see why religion is not her best subject!!!!!!!!!!!

    might run in the family toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenn

    ahah she’s cute
    but stella don’t say you don’t liek your teacher you’re gonna get in trouble

  • girlleader1

    y is she even being interviewed?!?!
    she’s a mini-vanessa
    wutevss!! shes just a spoiled brat!!

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    i hope she doesnt come out to be like her sister!!

  • V

    Stella looks so much like Vanessa (in a good way). Except, sometimes she seems a lot older than she is. She dresses and looks almost identical to Vanessa. She’s younger than me but not by much at all, and I don’t look as old as her. She should try some brighter trendy clothes. She looks like she likes really dark outfits. She should try new styles, and have a style of her own.

  • miss zanessa

    she´s cute… i see her hudgens´s signature smile ^^
    LOL she doesn´t like her teacher XD

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    Yea i AGREE
    with # 4 girleader1
    this girl is just a BRAT

  • erika

    wow…. som of you guys are really rude. shes really pretty and she seems sweet. and just because vanesa took those pictures doesnt mean that she is going to. haters go away!

  • V

    @Jenn: I agree. Ha, ha.

  • joyfull

    @Mileylover: What does the pictures got to do with the religion comment, question? and what you thing Miley did is okay? Why is so hard for people to forget? Are you perfect? Didn’t you ever make a mistake whether it’s small or huge? Are you human or are you a robot, sooooooooo perfect? Drop the pictures line it’s old. Oh and by the way, God accepts you as you are, come as you are sooooooo, Don’t judge you’re not GOD!!!!! Let it rest and if you can’t post positive things than don’t post and corrupt other people’s minds because your’s is!!!!

  • erika

    wow…. some of you guys are really rude. shes really pretty and she seems sweet. and just because vanesa took those pictures doesnt mean that she is going to. haters go away!

  • Katie

    Aww, thats so cute. (:

  • brenda

    i can see why religion is not her best subject!!!!!!!!!!!

    might run in the family toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valery

    WHAT? are u kiddin jared??
    Why? why is this important!?!?!
    she is just the little sister of someone who’s only known for her boyfriend, so pleeease!!! Post more interesting news!!!

  • zanessa4everr

    hahah shes so cute!
    shes like a mini vanessa!

  • nikki


    i totally agree with you!

  • Mileylover



  • KElly

    Why would she have to add that her science teacher isn’t her ‘favorite’? It’s just awkward…

  • Roxana

    oh Stella is so cute….so like V…Mr and Mrs Hudgens wanted some

  • nathaaalie

    oh, she is soooo cute. and I laugh so much w/ ‘She drove us here and then was like ‘Get out.’. She seems pretty funny, like Vanessa. and I dont know why everybody just judged her for her sister. And I dont even know why you still talking about Vanessa’s pictures, can you all (haters) mature? please? gosh! and I’m pretty sure that all the haters are the worst peoples in the world and they have made like 100 mistakes and they can’t admmit.


  • Zanessa Brasil.

    Jared, why you did not ask about Zac and Vanessa? haha.

  • nathaaalie


    GIRL if you dont care about this why you posted here? why you read it?

    c’mon girl get a life!!

  • daniella

    stella’s cute, and i see so much of vanessa in her.
    she’s going to be gorgeous.

  • jamiee

    stella is so effin adorable <333

  • Lorena

    it’s not a good idea to say you don’t like your teacher in public, you know. but i like her, she looks really like her sister

  • maria

    What is wrong with you vicious, mean people? What do you care who Jared interviewed?? Stella is 13!!!! My God, leave her alone. She doesn’t need you idiots who don’t know her making rude and degrading assumptions. How would you like people saying this stuff about you??????

  • Katty

    Until she has some a good movie under her belt, made for TV or not, truthfully, I really don’t care much about her. That sounds mean, and I am sorry. I love V, and she looks just like little S, but I haven’t seen her in anything, you know? I hope she gets some roles, and had fun at the awards!
    How cute would it be if she was in HSM4 though. I won’t watch it because the main cast isn’t in it, but it’s a good idea!

  • Zanesa4ever

    Omg she is so pretty and looks just like vanessa!!

  • ara

    #15 “she is just the little sister of someone who’s only known for her boyfriend, so pleeease!!!”

    Oh please, Vanessa was known for High School Musical prior to dating Zac.

    Stella looks so much like Vanessa. She’s cute. I hate math too. =)

  • aw


    & Brenda because you are the same person.

    It’s obvious you also know nothing about religion. And your sad attempt at an insult applies to your beloved Miley Cyrus.

  • jo

    calm down people, Lol. her mom sounds cool. i think that’s their cousin

  • v-lovahh

    ahha, she is really cute!
    i wonder what shes going to do next!
    i hope we see her in movies and stuff.
    BTW, she looks amazing!

  • ara

    #15 “she is just the little sister of someone who’s only known for her boyfriend”

    Oh please, Vanessa was known for HSM prior to dating Zac.

    Stella looks so much like Vanessa. She’s cute. I hate math too. =)

  • Valery


    Oh yeah sorry!!
    she is only known for her n.ude pics
    that’s better???

  • kirsten

    oh wow just cause she doesnt like religion, she will turn out into someone who MAKE MISTAKES? or becomes “SINFUL”… blah!

    i didnt like religion (i went to a catholic school) yet i am a good-hearted Catholic. whatever people! she seems like a sweet girl & cute. stop judging people.

  • miss zanessa

    wouldn´t it be awsome if stella hudgens & dylan efron
    play new troy & gabriella in HSM4?
    LOL i´m crazy i know

  • *Lena*

    its funny when there’s always negative people, lol you always find them in every corner of this world (internet comments, school, work,etc.) BUT STELLA seems like she has A CUTE AWESOME PERSONALITY like her sister :D

  • Alyssa

    She looks just like her sister!!

  • lai


  • britney

    i know you people love vanessa and are so blind that u just cant accept the fact that the only reason vanessa is out there b/c of zac
    with out him shes nothing
    her album flopped so why is she anywere known better than corbin blue
    when they have done the same thing
    hsm hsm2 hsm3 and a two albums that flopped
    and why are poeple are intrested in her
    zac and their realationship
    why do
    every interview she does
    its about zanessa not her projects
    and not im not a hater, fan or jealous
    and im not against her either
    im just saying the truth

  • Michelle straussmic

    okay if you hate vanessa & stella so much, then why are you wasting your time commenting? but i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    so here’s mine:
    everyone makes mistakes.
    vanessa was famous from highschool musical, BEFORE her and zac went public about dating.

    JJ can post anything he wants and if you think stella is so unimportant, how about you blog about your life and see how much people care about you. If she is just a 13 year old no one cares about, then I could also say that about you.


    Just because you aren’t good at religion doesn’t mean you are like not religious. I have a religion class because I go to a catholic school and math and religion are my hardest subjects too. Or it could be because of the teacher. I hated my religion teacher last yr and therefore I dreaded that class. She wasn’t thinking, ohh I’m a rebel I hate my religion class. Seriously guys, some people must just be out to get her and her sister. Lighten up. They’re people too.

  • as

    low life loser dissing on a poor innocent girl…
    as if their idols can do any better …

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    To those who think Stella is a brat…wow…your kidding me right ? ..You don’t even know the girl !! She’ll make it big. After she finishes school and stuff. You never judge a book by it’s cover is the saying. …Though, I find it kind of creepy that Stella looks SO MUCH like Vanessa. ..But she’s adorable. Like Vanessa !!

    …Wait, I thought she was home schooled ? …Or was she not ? ..I heard she’s home schooled. ..But yeah, Math is NOT my best subject either. Oh, I love J.T too !! Aha, Stella also likes to say “like” a lot. Lol, she’s too cute.

  • pop86

    It’s really tacky for people to be attacking a 13 yr. old because you hate her sister.

    I see nothing wrong in saying Math and Religion are least favorite subjects. I went to a catholic school for 12yrs and Math, Science and Religion are the most demanding subjects, and everyone has one teacher they dislike at some point.

    Stella sounds like a regular teen, but I do have a problem with the clothes she wears. She dress too old for a 13 yr. old.

  • jo

    as i was saying earlier. Y’all need to CALM the eff DOWN. she’s 13, she’s naive. jared is the one that decided to post her

  • pop86

    BTW, Justin Timberlake is cute.

  • kim


    you don’t have to be religious to have good morals. i’m not religious at all, yet i have way higher morals than a lot of religious people i know who sleep around and do drugs.

  • abby w

    ahh this is so great!!
    i love seeingn some of stella!!!