Ashley Tisdale is Fiji Fierce

Ashley Tisdale is Fiji Fierce

Ashley Tisdale holds onto a huge Fiji water bottle as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (March 31).

The 23-year-old singer was out late last night with gal pal Samantha Droke at H.Wood Lounge. She stopped by The Daily Grill to grab a bite to eat before taking off.

Ashley‘s new single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” will hit radios nationwide on April 14th. It will also be available for download on iTunes the same day.

Stay tuned for a longer preview of her single soon!

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale leaving LAX…

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Credit: Nate Jones, Matingas; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Gabriela Aroca

    Ash,you always rock !
    My diva forever ♥

    I love you so muuuuuch *-*

  • Valery

    where is she going???
    I can’t waiiit for GP!!

  • Karina

    She is soo gorgeouss ! first

  • kevin

    Ashley looks beautiful. I wounder where she is going.

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    ahh shes beautiful
    i love her sooooo+ much

  • David


  • girlleader1

    I LUV HER!!!!
    i think she might be going to germany.
    cuz there was a contest held over there n one lucky fan gets to meet her in early april so this might be it!!
    or mybe shes goin on vacation before all the press tours she’ll have to do for her album!!
    OMG!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!
    totally buyin it!!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    …Omg, it’s ALWAYS,

    “The 23-year-old singer was out late last night with gal pal Samantha Droke” ….When in the world is it going to be,

    “The 23-year-old singer was out late last night with BEST FRIEND FOREVER Vanessa Hudgens” ? ….Oh how I miss Ashnessa so much.

    Anyway…wonder where she’s off to. Oh, I am STILL loving her jacket. She looks..different (in a good way).

    @ David, #6, is there really ? ..I hope your not joking…but thanks for the heads up !!

  • ariana

    i love her clothes!

  • ange

    love her but i really would love if you add mor vanessa hudgen’s stuffs! she is just my idolll!! thanks jared!

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    Thanx for the Ashley tisdale news jared
    ashley is my role model
    and wondering where is she going

  • Valery

    the preview of It’s Alright It’s ok will be next week :)

  • tina

    I love Ashley. I think I was reading in the other thread that some are speculating that she and Jared are not together. Is she not wearing like a promise ring on her left hand? I think Jared is touring with his group right now. Seriously, just because couples are not photographed constantly does not mean they are not together.

  • comeon

    she’s so perfect, i’ll buy her album in the first day of releaseeeeeee

  • vivalavida555

    she looks stunning as always, guilty pleasure will rock =]

  • ilovezanessaxo

    She looks a little homeless with her dirty hat, sweats, and UGLY coat. WOW! You’d think she’d wanna look nice, considering she has an album coming out soon and people can see.

  • …(:

    Ilovezannesaxo STFU if you dnt like ashley dont comment heree maybe you are the homeless and you are jealous! -.-

    I want to listen to its alright its Ok :D

  • as

    im so so sick of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop posting abt her everyday!! this is getting bored

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    ashley is richer than your than we’ll ever be!!
    she Looks hot
    hater shut the
    up and go way hoe

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    as- im sick of you
    so away
    Team tizzy

  • Jazmine

    omg Ashley looks different without the makeup!
    hopefully that song is good
    & not disney material!
    can’t wait to hear it

  • joyfull

    @ilovezanessaxo: agree with you 100%

  • Bradley

    Ashley is a beautiful woman. I can’t wait to see what Movies Ashley will be in next.

  • Solange

    IKR?? Some of Vanessa’s fans are just tooo jealous of Ashley. They can’t be rich like her and can’t be pretty like her. And most of all, their idol can’t be talented like Ashley. Poor them!

  • Ashlye

    Pretty as always, hehhhh(:
    I love her whole outfit, LOL.

    And sheesh, haters? Please goooo awayyyyyy~
    You just like wasted your oh-so precious time typing all that crap.
    And nobody even caressss (!)

  • Samantha Swan

    @tina: Im sorry Tina, but I have a feeling thats not a promise ring! Ashleys style consists of rings and accessories and it doesnt mean thata each ring she wears is a promise ring! Also its not only the fact that they havent been photographed toghether, but ashley has been doing a lot of stuff about break ups and stuff. She descided to do a music video for her BREAKUP song “its alright, its ok” and also on myspace, she posted a playlist of breakup songs!! Its kind of relevant that shes over jared and that they’ve broken up…

  • .

    @Samantha Swan: You do realize that all the songs for her album were written months ago right? Jared and Ashley were still together then, and they are still together now, they’ve just both been really busy with their careers. Jared’s been doing a lot of interviews lately and has confirmed that him and Ashley are still together and happy, so everybody can just stop talking about it now.

  • http://justjaredjr jemma

    i hate jared ashley could do so much better then him so fingers crossed that they have brokebn up.
    i love all this ashley post
    loving the outfit ashley.
    cant wait for GP and
    cant wait to here `its all right its ok`


  • super fan ashley

    pretty as always

    love to her

  • cool

    ashley is LOVE. <3
    totally cool.
    major pretty.
    super talented.

    CAN`T WAIT for

  • dany

    omg !! her style is fantastic !!!
    I love her !!

  • david


  • Emma

    what phones does she have ? :D (on the pics)

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i cant believe i’m surprised !
    she is not with samantha droke !!!
    itmakes me feel bad.
    i started to thinking she has broken up with jared ! :(
    her ring is amazing but i prefer her promise ring.
    i heard jared is not at LA right nıow so they can’t hang out well but i want to see new vashlety and jashley pictures !
    just like at old daysss !!!
    anyways i love ashley very much whatever she does…
    xoxo from Turkey

  • ashtisdalelover1905


    #26 when she added breakup songs to myspace,she was wearing her promise ring and she said they were still together to cosmo..
    but now..i do not know are they still together.But sounds like tthey are not.
    and where is she going ?

  • FijianChick

    shez pretty but wat m lukin @ is da fiji water dat shez holding in her hands…ah a piece of Fiji in Hollywood…WoooHoooo!!!!

  • Nina Caplan

    she is the best