Dylan & Cole Sprouse Interview -- JJJ Exclusive

Dylan & Cole Sprouse Interview -- JJJ Exclusive

Dylan and Cole Sprouse go crazy with JJJ‘s coasters at the World of Disney store in New York City last month.

The 16-year-old twins chatted with JustJaredJr.com about crazy rumors, what turns them off and their favorite props on set. Check it:

JJJ: What do you like to do when you’re hanging out off-set?

DS: Mini-golfing…but a lot of the time we don’t have too much time off.

JJJ: Have you had any embarrassing moments that happened during the summer?

DS: There’s always that one story of jumping into the pool and the shorts flying off.

Cole Sprouse (CS): That’s happened to me once, but luckily it was just me in the pool. I’m not really careful about it, but I don’t really care when something embarrassing happens. If it happens, it happens, and all you can do is shrug it off.

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JJJ: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever read about yourself?

DS: Half of the things written in magazines are almost always false. I think that in Popstar and Twist, a lot of the information they get is actually wrong. Unless they’re interviewing us directly!

JJJ: Are you guys familiar with blogs, do you read them?

DS: I blog! …No, I don’t. I lied.

CS: When it comes down to getting on the computer, it’s 95% video games.

JJJ: Do you have any official online presences, like MySpace, Twitter…etc?

DS: On MySpace, we forgot the password, so, sorry everybody on MySpace.

CS: We have Facebook, I guess, but that’s personal with a few of our friends.

JJJ: On the Suite Life set, what’s your favorite prop?

DS: I have a chicken on a noose in my room. Like, if you look in the background, it’s there.

CS: Dude, we have electric scooters! They’re awesome.

JJJ: Is there ever something that you try to sneak in when the cameras are rolling? Something not on the script?

DS: We had a little blue dog at the end of the first season and the beginning of the second season. For a long time! But after the horse episode, where the horse goes through the Tipton, we lost him.

CS: Yeah, he was in almost every scene.

DS: But if you look, you will see the blue dog, and if you see him, you win. And one hint: at the end of the French Girl episode, Charlie Stewart, who plays Bob, is holding the dog in his arms. When he dances.

JJJ: What kind of music do you guys listen to?

DS: Electronic, Pendulum (the group) is up there, right now…

CS: Rock, Oasis.

DS: Cole listens to a lot of indie music, which I’m not very into…

CS: What?! Why are you acting like that!

DS: I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

CS: I’ll punch you in the face.

JJJ: How’d you guys spend your Valentine’s Day?

DS: With Cole!

CS: No! I went to the movies…with someone… And afterwards, we went to a little party. We watched Coraline. I really liked it.

DS: Coraline was a good movie…while I was there, on your date. (laughs) No, no, I spent it with a girl, and we watched some movies, and it was raining that day, so we stayed inside. But we got chocolate turtles, which are delicious, by the way, in case you didn’t know, you should really try them.

JJJ: What’s the biggest turn-off for a girlfriend?

CS: Biggest turn-off…

DS: Stink.

CS: Obviously. When a girl farts…

DS: That’s the most embarrassing thing in the world.


You hear that girls? Get rid of any lingering B.O and don’t ever fart!

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    Muaaaaaaks (K)

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    JJJ: What’s the biggest turn-off for a girlfriend?
    CS: Biggest turn-off…
    DS: Stink.
    CS: Obviously. When a girl farts…
    DS: That’s the most embarrassing thing in the world.

    AHA. I love these boys. Hm, they both had dates on V-Day….I’m kinda jealous of those girls. …They have facebook !?

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    hmmm, thats funny. It seems like they have Twiter sccounts (jennifer Stone follows them). Maybe they’re posers! Dylan and Cole are funny – they usually give one-line answers! lol

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    i think they need to start acting in other movies to break away from that disney mold that’s not going to last forever.

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    they’re so cool, to have been in the industry at such a young age and still have the ability to have a sense of humour and have a sense of maturity is great…i wish them good luck

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    Hello?? Cole said they have facebook yeah…but also he said:

    “CS: We have Facebook, I guess, but that’s personal with a few of our friends”


    U guys really should stop askin what’s their facebook cause the boys, needs some privacy they’re NOT goin to add fans into their personal stuff obviously, if you guys haven’t noticed theres so many creepy fans out there well they’re more like “stalkers”.

    And yah the ones on Twitter are 100% fakes!! Just read Dylan’s message to his fans on their official website SPROUSEBROS.COM


    Oh btw i didn`t want to be mean with any of you but we gotta respect Dylan and Cole’s privacy don’t u guys think so?

  • http://www.sprousebros.com Iris

    Have you seen their official website, http://www.sprousebros.com? They sometimes even post on their message board!

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