Fashion Faceoff: Akiko Ogawa Strapless Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Akiko Ogawa Strapless Dress

Hayden Panettiere stepped out in an Akiko Ogawa strapless dress at the Green Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. in January. The 19-year-old Heroes actress paired off the jeweled LBD off with Yves Saint Laurent Tribute double platform pumps.

Ashley Tisdale channeled her inner rocker at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday (March 28) in Los Angeles. The 23-year-old singer completed her orange carpet look with Steven by Steve Madden Midory peep-toe ankle boots.

Who wore Akiko Ogawa best -- HAYDEN PANETTIERE or ASHLEY TISDALE?
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Photos: Tommy Gravad / WENN, Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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  • Lara

    DEFINATELY..hayden panettiere..i love her shoes and the way she did her hair goes better with the style of the dress..better then what ash was wearing with it.

    ashley makes the dress look fun but hayden makes it look more elegant..which is what it looks like =]

  • kara

    ashley looks 10 times better

  • gabbi

    hayden, better shoes + hair.

  • Marrie

    aash :]

  • Andy

    Looks better on Ashley.

  • Serena

    I like haydnes shoes better but thats a bad picture of her and ashley looks really pretty anyways so ashley

  • scarlette

    hayden wore it better, but its a better picture of ashley.

    I like hayden’s shoes better, and her hair. but ashley’s hair looks great, too.

  • maggie

    I think ashley looks a lot better wearing it!

  • PaulinhoO

    First? :D

    Ashley… obviusly Ashley
    She’s amazing always *-*

    I love³ Ashley Michelle Tisdale 4ever <3

  • huh

    Post this on JJ and I bet they’d pick Hayden over Ashley definitely. Hayden looks better in it (shoes, hair, and no accessories). Ashley’s fake tan…ew.

  • Shirley

    Hayden look stiff wearing it.

  • melinda

    get outttttttt…. ashley wore it better
    i think ashley’s frame fits in the dress better.

  • alysson anthony


  • Katie

    Ashley! i like Hadyn’s shoes more but still most deff Ashleyy!

  • kamilah

    i voted hayden. its a strapless so wearing her hair up is the best way to go and the shoes are subtle which it should be. ashleys hair hides the dress and her ankle boots dont go with that kind of dress. its too distracting.

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    I love Hayden and
    Ashley. But I’d
    have to say Ashley
    wore it the

  • mymom_saysbe_nice

    ASHLEY TISDALE Wore it Best <3
    still like Hayden

  • juanse!

    Ashley Tisdale amazing with that dress.
    Hayden looks like a sausage!

  • Rosa

    even though i’m not a fan of hers ..
    but Hayden definitely wore it best ..

  • Solange

    Ashley looks million times better!

  • lenny


  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    I think that they both look gorgeous in it. They both have the figure and such. But I think that Ashley wore it a bit better than Hayden.

  • pop86

    Hayden looks uncomfortable. I pick Ashley.

  • Osama


  • jen

    hayden! :)))

  • awurbii

    hayden….i really like ashley but hayden wore it better.

    it doesn’t matter ashley will win because is better known on this site regardless on whether she wore it better or not.

  • cait

    i thnk it suits ashley’s figure better. both great girls though :)


    of course ashley!!!

  • charlene

    ashley obviously lol

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    they’re friends so i do not want to compare but i have to say ashleyyyy :)))

  • r

    ASHLEYYYYYYY looks so much better!

  • katy


  • Nina

    ermmm i dnt think any of them look particularly nice in the dress but if i had to choose i think hayden wore it best, ashley should have worn something a bit more laid back for the KCAs

  • ash rockz

    Ashley of course!
    She looks so much better <33

  • vhudgensfan

    ashley has a curlier and sexier body..
    ashley !!

  • hane

    i totally agree with the person who said if you posted this on JJ they’d say hayden. even though you put up a better pic of Ash, that fake tan is overload, and she didn’t need to have accessories with that dress. hayden’s shoes are way better, too.

  • ashley blog

    ashley your are beutiful

    am your fan number one


  • dani


  • dee

    I saw ashley tisdale that day and she looked gorgeous in that dress!! i even complemented her and she said thank you =)

  • Nina Caplan

    ash looks soo much more stylish….. hayden is so,, simple

  • Abby


  • ashtisdalelover1905

    #36 i do not agree with u because at other sites,ashley won again.

  • Agnes

    Ashley wears better.

    Hayden have really big shoulders and this leave the dress so small in her body. Also her hairdo leaves her so even small. Hayden is so beautil but the dress was so cute and posh in Ashley. She leaves her hair free and I love her shoes. Ashley is absolutely stylish, ALWAYS!

  • mari

    obviesly hayden panettiere, she is more gorgeous than ashley and i love her *-*

  • erica

    ashley looks so cool on that i pick ash!!! ilove it on her so that’s it i pick ashley. pis out!!


  • Maddie

    I loke Hayden better, but this dress fits Ashley better. Too tight on top for Hayden. Hayden does look uncomfortable. I love Haydens shoes bettter though

  • rolla biggest ashley fan..

    i love ashley tisdale she’s the best at all soo ull be soo stupid if u voted for hayden cz ashley wore evry thing better than anyone … love ashley michelle moris tisdale we all do for ever..:):):))))