Nick Jonas is a Mustang Man

Nick Jonas is a Mustang Man

Nick and lil bro Frankie Jonas hop into Nick‘s vintage Mustang Cobra as they finish lunching at The Village Idiot on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (April 2).

Big bros Joe and Kevin also joined the duo and posed for a few photos with fans outside the eatery.

The JoBros‘ series, JONAS, will premiere @ 8PM ET/PT on Saturday, May 2 on Disney Channel.

15+ pics inside of Jonas Brothers grabbing some grub…

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Credit: Gabo/Matei; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Kaitlin

    First? Haha love the JB!

  • miley#1fan4life

    cool 1st

    luv dem

  • cc27

    Nick’s Shirt! <3 Loving It haha xD Plus His Sexy Car :)
    Kevins So cute xD
    Joe’s looking so hot in the last picture! :)

  • lesha

    1. gardbo <333

    2. nicks shirt <3333

    3. simply them <3333333333333

  • shawnrebecca

    I like Nick’s shirt!
    my brother has that exact car.
    hah, wow.

  • Taylor swift :)

    I have to say I don’t think JONAS will turn out good. I know I am pestimic and all but they should stick to singing. That is what they are known for

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    OMJ Nick is
    sexy. I love his
    sexy car too.

  • Annette


  • strawberrykiwiz

    WHOOOOP lovesz it

  • reginna


  • Billie

    wow candids of nick!?!?!? thats crazy! lol jk
    but they look hot!
    i love this

  • reginna


  • Cindy

    The Jonas brothers are so cute.

  • swe3t23

    nick can’t drive with any passengers unless he has a 25 years or older person with him with a valid license

  • jenny. canada

    Nice car

  • sarah

    They are sooooo hot!

  • lizzie

    nick,im wet…

    I know that was perverted

  • JJJ fan


    I think he does have a license cuz in the live chat he said he’s getting his license in march and it’s past march. what i don’t get is how frankie is allowed to be in the passenger’s seat if he’s only 8…

  • uknow

    Nick could pass for a teenager minus the shoes. I love his car. Joe looks hot but he walks kinda weird lol and Kevin is adorable as always.

  • Grace

    @JJJ fan:

    Cause its a vintage car. To my knowledge that law only applies if there is an airbag in the front passenger seat. Although I could be wrong.

  • nickkkk

    I wonder if they’re going to the hannah montanna movie premiere.
    Nick is HOTT!!!!

  • Mkaaa

    Guys, you DONT KNOW if Frankie was in the passenger’s seat! The only way of getting inside the Mustang is through the passenger’s seat. For what I see, that’s all he’s doing.
    I’m sure Nick has his permit, and the adult that’s supposed to ride with him? Garbo!

  • Alex

    Garboooo <3

    And Nick’s car is sexyyyyy.

  • Yvonne

    Grace—your right, a child cannot be in the front seat of a car in a baby or booster seat. However, when a child no longer needs any special seat assistance, s(he) can ride in the front seat as long as there is now passenger side airbag. If an airbag was deployed on a child Frankie’s size, his/her neck could be snapped.

  • lizzie

    no nick has his liscense

  • Catherine

    They look so cute ( I love when they dress down a bit like this) and I love the puppy dog looking face on Joe in the pic where he is sitting

  • nicklovesemily:]

    nicholas is my hero!
    sweet car too:)
    and frankiee..awww<3

  • K

    I want that car!!!

  • Catherine

    oh, and Garbo is smokin!!!!!

  • Tracy

    All states have different laws about drivers under the age of 18. Where I live, a minor driver can’t drive with more than one other passenger if they are both minors, unless it’s a family member. Don’t know the rules in CA. You’re right Yvonne, but that car wouldn’t have an airbag. It’s way too old.

  • lizzie

    you guys are go that far just to find something wrong…PETTI

  • maria

    garbo. garbo.
    that polo..<3

  • Yvonne

    Tracy, that car indeed would not have airbags due to its age and I think Garbo is with Nick to make it all legal for him to drive. Frankie kad to be in the back seat.

    While I’m at it, I forgot to say how gorgeous Kevin is. He is my fav Jonas

  • lizzie

    garbo doesn’t really doesn’t need to be with him..NICK HAS HIS LISCENCE..for the last time

  • uknow

    Yvonne are you the same yvonne from JonasHQ and OceanUp?

  • Mkaaa

    Lizzie, he’s 16, he can’t have a license!!

  • kay

    well nicks car is only a two door, so frankie could very well be getting into the backseat, which i think he is being that he is getting in before garbo.

  • lizzie

    UH YES YOU CAN mkaaa..i can’t believe you didn’t know that

  • laquisha


  • Mkaaa

    Okay, let’s shut down all the DRIVING crazyness. He’s not doing anything wrong!!

    1. He has a permit (he’s 16, he can’t have a license)
    2. Frankie is getting in the car. For that, he has to go through the passenger’s seat.
    3. Garbo is there (Nick has to be accompanied by a 25 year old adult or relative to be able to drive within the law)

    Driver Handbook:

    Enough said.

  • blahbiblah

    he’d look even cute and hot if he was wearing converse or something like that (:

  • kourtney

    I feel SO wrong for saying nick is cute since I’m 19. but gosh darnet he is SO CUTE, and to me the best looking jonas.

    and I LOVE that car. I used to always say I wanted a red old mustang.

  • lizzie

    mkeee NICK DOES HAVE A FREAKIN LISCENSE MILEY IS 16 AND HAS ONE.gawd I don’t know where you got that from

  • lovestory22

    I vant Joseph. Now.
    He’s so gorgeous.

  • Eileen


  • simone

    Mkaa, if you’re 16 you can have a license. I got my license at 16 years old.

  • Mkaaa

    seriously, just read the legislation… idk why you get to so mad.
    i don’t care if he has a license or a permit, he’s amazing either way, all of them are.
    And Miley has a permit, not a license… it was posted right here on JJJ.

  • Katie

    that’s KATELYN TARVER with them:))

    plus garbo and flawless lawless<3

    gotta love those jonas boys…they are SOOOO sexiii

  • lizzie

    forget it man..miley has a liscense..look it up,by brother has too has a liscense and he is 16

  • Yvonne

    I just noticed something. Its like Kevin is left out a lot. He isn’t in but one pic and not at all with the other 3 brothers. It seems very sad :(