Ashley Greene & Rafi Gavron: MyHouse Mates

Ashley Greene & Rafi Gavron: MyHouse Mates

Twilight actress Ashley Greene and Inkheart‘s Rafi Gavron keep close as they make their way into MyHouse nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday night (April 3).

The 22-year-old actress and costar Kellan Lutz recently dished to RTE 2fm radio about their roles in the upcoming Warrior.

Kellan shared about his role, “Ashley plays Brooklyn, who, I just fall in love with because she’s beautiful and she can kick any guy on the Lacrosse teams butt at Lacrosse. So she’s kind of my girl to lean on. I just get into a lot of trouble – my path to becoming a man, a real man! She’s there to help me out, and it’s going to be a really great movie. It’s not just a sports movie, where I score the winning goal. There’s a lot of emotional scenes and it’s great to have someone so talented, that is so close to me as a friend, working alongside me. It makes the acting really genuine and not forced, so thank you again for working on the movie with me.”

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Credit: Carol Williams, Greg Tidwell; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Karina

    Ashley as Alice Cullen iss sooo perfect !!

    Love Alice !

  • arantxa

    Ashley is Preeeeeeeetty :)

    they said that tomorrow they start filming ..

  • ivanka

    OMG dating?

  • Miss Lautner

    Awww I Think What Kellan Sed About Ashley Is Well Sweet
    + The Film !

    Wish They Were Dating =]

    Cant Wait For NewMoon And Warrior !!!! XD

  • leona

    umm are they dating or something???

    i love ashley greene

  • Christina

    I’m kinda jealous. Rafi Gavron is really cute.

  • hm…

    ew he’s really ugly

  • Shannon

    now this is a pairing i like!

  • Lana

    It’s raFi not raVi. And yes they’re cute together. :)

  • tiffany

    I Loved Rafi In Nick & Norahs Playlist.

  • Nat

    By the looks of it they are just friends, I know Ashley has a lot of celeb friends and these just seems like a good time out with mates as the heading says :D

    Great to see her enjoying herself and she probably took him along as a body guard

  • Russian girl

    OMG! I’m shoked! I am adore Rafi ( btw he is RaFi . NOT RaVi.). And I love Ashley. Are they frinds???????

  • DizzyMissLizzie

    this will be getting some buzz…hehe…and he’s younger* grrr* ;)

  • lol

    She is so trampy lately.

  • leaona

    how is she trampy?? shes goes out but never comes out wasted always very polite to the paparazzi dressed nicely

    how does she look trampy?

  • Natasha

    Love Ashley Greene! I love how there is a club called MyHouse, its so awesome! Ashley is so great and is perfect for portraying Alice Cullen!

    I wish that Ashley and Kellan were an item! I can wish! Haha x

  • Shannon beckham

    its raFFFFFFFFFFFFFi not ravi haha
    He is soooo hot though and I have a big crush on him, I can’t believe their together haha

  • KristA

    Um, she sure goes to the club a lot recently.

  • lola

    i loved the inkheart books and movie!!!

  • zach quinto’s wife


  • Nat

    She may go out clubbing a lot but at least she is sensible and doesn’t drink over her limit…..That is a lot more then other celebs.

    Kudos for to her for keeping her life the way it was before she was famous and showing the papz you can go out and have a good time without making a fool of yourself.

    She needed Jackson with her though :D

  • Sia


  • Kari

    Who cares if she’s been clubbing a lot lately! She’s 22 years old, it’s not illegal! Thanks for keeping us up with the Twilight cast Jared!

  • kamilah


    i know!! i really want her and jackson to get together. i feel like they both have a thing for each other. i watched a q/a video with them and they didnt seperate the whole time. they were like hugged up

  • skippingsarah

    such a pretty pretty girl

  • gf

    she is annoying and a bad actress IMHO

  • Julia

    ahh i love ravi!!

  • mary angel

    Awww I Think What Kellan Sed About Ashley Is Well Sweet
    + The Film !

    Wish They Were Dating =]

    Cant Wait For NewMoon And Warrior !!!! XD

    I wish that Ashley and Kellan were an item! I can wish! Haha x [2]

  • mina

    Ashley Greene and Rafi Gavron… is this a couple’s alert in the making?? I shall stay tuned. heeheee

  • pearl

    I think Ashley and Rafi look cute together. but maybe they are just good friends. Wish them both the best of luck in with their upcoming projects.

  • izash;*

    Ashley Greene & Rafi Gavron together, joke not? I DIE jajajaa …
    whatever .. ash always and always beautiful , i love her ( L ) !

  • anna

    i loveee herr :D

  • 7ANO

    They are just friendz…appearently she just happens to be best friendz with the guys. I mean Kellan, Jackson, Chace, Rayan eggold..She’s been seen with all of them it’s not like she’s dating ‘em all LOL

  • kellanluva!!

    omg!! that dude is wicked ugly!!! and whoever said they look cute together is um…..well really blind, they look awful together,i know this is mean but its the truth.i see ashley with either jackson or cant believe im sayin this….kella!!! i reall wanna watch warrior and new moon(duh who wouldnt)

  • EM

    Guys, Rafi is not dating Ashley, he’s dating Claire Holt. There’s a vid of Rafi and Claire kissing on Youtube and other pics of them close. Ashley and Rafi are just close friends.

  • Prince Vasquez

    Wow she’s really beautiful. I just saw new moon and everytime I see her, she’s just getting better and better.

  • http://syjusyj Alinia

    Rafi is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    I know I am a crazy loone when it comes to Rafi, Taylor Lautner, and Skandar Keynes!!!!!! I’m sorry they are just so hot!!! ;)

  • mylena

    hi love you