Miley Cyrus is Monique L'hullier Magical

Miley Cyrus is Monique L'hullier Magical

Miley Cyrus shows off her pearly whites as she arrives at the 44th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday evening (April 5).

The 16-year-old starlet looked stunning in a Monique Lhullier dress with jewel details, Cole Haan shoes and H Stern jewelry.

While Miley hit the red carpet, boyfriend Justin Gaston hit the golf range. Miley will be performing her new song, “The Climb,” tonight.

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus arriving at the ACM Awards…

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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  • katie

    holy crap, she looks gorgeous! the neckline on that dress is so beautiful!

  • http://!!!!!!! Mileylover

    #1 i agree stunninnnnngggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Farrah

    That dress is gorgeous. The hair doesn’t flatter her too well, but she still looks very pretty.

  • Anna


  • lili

    she’s so pretty, it isn’t fair

  • katie

    OMG, Miley is so pretty! WOW this is honestly one of the best red-carpet looks I’ve ever seen from her! Love that color on her & the added fierceness of the rhinestones! Yowza!

  • anna


    SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥

  • xxx


  • 251458

    love miley

  • Farrah

    Oh, and I forgot to add that Monique L’hullier is one of my all-time favorite designers. The dresses are always so classy-but-cute, they never look like they’re trying too hard. Again, an excellent choice for Ms. Cyrus.

  • 251458


  • maddy_loves_zanessa


  • lisa:]

    she looks beautiful! the dress is stunning!

  • Kris

    i don’t think the dress is working for her AT ALL.
    i think the dress is pretty .. but not on her
    she looks uncomfortable in it
    especially the bottom part.
    again same as taylor
    i think they should stick with looking young
    and fun ..
    she’s trying to hard to look sophisticated
    and elegant when we all know she’s the furthest
    thing from those two.

    miley fans you’re probably going to chew my head off.
    but last time i checked everyone had the right to have an opinion.
    there’s mine.

  • fgadsfasd

    so freaking pretty as usual<3

  • Farrah

    Kris, I’d disagree with that. As I said earlier, this particular designer specifically makes pieces to combine maturity with youth. The pieces of flair on the dress DO make her look like a young lady, in my opinion. And I find it incredibly sad that you judge someone’s lifelong elegance from decisions they made when they were 14 years old. I hope you learn to let go of such silly judgements as you get older.

  • lizzie miley fans are somethin true,she does not look GORGEOUS HERE,she looked pretty before but not here

  • Mary

    She looks prettyyy :]
    That dress suited her body great.
    Is anybody else watching CMA?
    im watching it.

  • swe3t23

    always looks classy on the red carpet…….TAYLOR SWIFT looked like a FIRETRUCK

  • katie

    @lizzie: oh, haters, i love how you all act like YOUR opinion is the only right one. I THINK she looks gorgeous here. if you don’t, fine. but don’t act like you’re right and we are all wrong.

  • Kris


    and that’s your opinion good for you ..

  • lizzie

    oh fools..if you think she is STUNNING GORGEOUS and so on..than dang people have really lowered the bar..cuz dang

  • Farrah

    @Kris: Yes, it is. But I’m not about to say “We all know…” since we all have different opinions and none of us actually know her. Something to keep in mind before judging a teenage girl so quickly.


    You miley Haters are something else……..shut your mouth if you got nothing good to say! would you like a bunch of ppl who dont even know you to start bashing on you!?

  • katie

    not that flattering i like her other red carpet looks this one ehh maybe idk

  • miley#1fan4life


  • mina

    at least her boobs aren’t peeking out of this dress. lovely hair style and gorgeous lipstick!

    Kris @ 8:11
    i agree with your comment about wearing young and fun (but NOT slutty).
    sure these dresses are beautiful and beautifully crafted i might add but gees she’s 16 years old. who wants to wear frocks that’s appropriate for the Sharon Stones and Demi Moors?

  • whatzitooya

    ehhhh….. she looks ok her face kinda looks fat. Taylor looks better then again Taylor always looks gorgeous. Her neckline is cool though, but i dont like the cut

  • anna



  • Cathi

    the dress is realy prety and so is miley, but I have to agree taht she loks a little uncomfortable in it, but stil she is so pretty ! I love her
    and her hair color is perfect!!!

  • lizzie

    aleeyah or whatever..i don’t have to know miley to know that she isn’t STUNNINGGG BEAUTIFUL bad to sad

  • miley#1fan4life


    why is billy ray wearin sunglasses lol.

    gona cramp mileys style

    luv miley

  • Kris


    Okay .. so my wording was off on the ‘we all know’ kill me now..
    MY OPINION is she doesn’t come off as graceful and elegant
    at all in her interviews and that’s simply what i’m judging her on..
    that’s the only way anyone can judge her on even the fans..
    i think she comes off as quite obnoxious and loud compared to others her age.. but hey .. that’s her personality then okay .. i don’t know her you don’t know her..
    judging from interviews like i said TO ME she doesn’t come off as someone that is graceful at all .. but the way she acts in interviews and in her video blogs differs for everyone based on their own personality .. doesn’t make anyone wrong.

  • nessa

    pretty dress!
    a little more age appropriate compared to other dresses she’s been wearing!

    i like how shes not stick skinny and a good height!

    not too crazy about her as a singer though lol

  • Andy


  • Kris

    i agree.. i think i could see someone like nicole kidman wearing this dress or something.

  • katie

    wow. seriously, guys? you rag on her when she wears “young” clothes, you rag on her when she wears “old” clothes. haters, stop obsessing over her and go to another post. and to whoever just called her fat… NO.

  • lizzie

    I think miley is really growing up too fast and she’s gonna regret it..did you see her last twitter goodness..first she loves one person and now she loves this 21 year old..goodness she’s look back and think I supposely loved 2 people under 16 and one of them was a 21 year old..sad

  • Victoria

    omgoodness she looks beautiful!
    her hair is flawless and i love her natural makeup!
    plus the dress it great too!

    love her <3

  • lydiia

    PRETTY !

  • miley#1fan4life

    she looks great

    bt the dress is kinda rubbin up on her a bit

    bt still gorgeos:L:D:P

  • rub

    oh man! she looks beautiful eventhough i prefer her in white that definately her color! but she looks stunningly beautiful! the girl is gorgeous. hater the jelousy dont let you see how classy miley has growing up to be!

  • fivi

    she looks beautiful as always. she really always amaze us with her beautiful desings. stunning just stunning!

  • mimi

    Miley looks beautiful as always! she looks really ,really pretty wow!
    i love her eyes god blessed her!

  • Why didn’t anyone tell her that her n*pple petals could be seen through this dress?

  • jo

    She looks beautiful! Just so classy and appropriate for the event. There is a time to dress down and a time to dress up- so this is the time to dress up!

  • ivanka

    she is trying hard to be sophisticated and elegant.. but then again the dress is awesomee..

  • Sarah

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress !

    she looks pretty :)

  • Lara

    Ehhhh, not lovin the dress.

  • dundies

    Why didn’t anyone tell her that her n*pple petals could be seen through this dress?