Vanessa Hudgens Heads To Court

Vanessa Hudgens Heads To Court

Vanessa Hudgens keeps her head low as she arrives at important meeting on Wednesday afternoon (April 8) in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old starlet kept texting on her phone and checking her messages as she held onto her JJ Winters Suede Zip bag. Vanessa also wore J Brand “912″ pencil leg jeans in dark vintage.

Vanessa is being sued by her former manager Johnny Vieira, who is accusing her and her father of backing out of a deal made when she was a minor.

Earlier this month, the judge threw out all but one of Vieira‘s claims, meaning he can only pursue the accusation of breach of settlement agreement if and when the case goes to trial next month.

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  • Mai


  • http://jjj miley

    i feel sorry for her.she just doesn’t deserves it…

  • eLLa

    i wonder who she kept texting?
    on her identified thank yous she said zac “gives me strength”
    … ;D
    i hope everything works out

  • marie

    Good luck, Vanessa
    everything is going to work out :D

  • Sarah

    Good luck Vanessa.

  • jasmine

    I love Vanessa Hudgens!
    I hope she wins this case. Its over MONEY -___- which is
    so lame and superficial in this lifetime. So it will get settled.
    Looking exotic and gorgeous, Nessa:)

  • Sevda

    GOOD LUCK NESSA!!!!!!!

  • tiff

    she looks so scared i mean court is pretty scary,
    good luck nessa!

  • ITgirls

    we support Vanessa Hudgens!
    love always, IT GIRLS (Filipina Beauty)

  • lucy

    awe, she looks cute in that outfit
    Bet she is testing zac for support, and I hope he texts back. On daily 10 he didn’t seem really bothered about the 400 text messages he had LOL
    I don’t understand why she has to go to court now. It was when she was a minor, why didn’t they sort it out then instead of waiting a couple of year
    Good luck hudgens/ efron lol ;D

  • Marsella

    *Live in Love*

  • aw

    Glad to see the judge throw out pretty much all of that vile, Vieira’s claims.

  • Vanessa Hudgens fan

    Vanessa has her ring on.

  • Marsella

    filipina celebrities are always gorgeous they can look latina, southern european, eastern asian, indian, etc., 90% of them are triple threat like her, they can sing/dance/ i hope vanessa comes to philippines so she can be in my favorite shows & meet other celebrities like her, thatd be awesome, most of them are also mixed!

    vanessa in this!:

  • Jenna

    Vanessa, good luck with everything.
    I’ll pray for yoU!

  • Naomi

    lol, people she’s not going to court in this candids. It’s actually good news.

    They went to court on the 1st of April and the Judge threw out all the charges against her except one, the breach of settlement charge which only guarantees the guy any money that he is in lieu of but not received. Van’s lawyers say he has received everything he’s due under the settlement.

    IF she’ll go to court for that, it will be in May and the guy is not going to get much money from that one charge.

    She’s probably heading for a business meeting in these candids. I wonder what it is for. I hope for another role.

  • AussieGal

    ha ha SHES BEING SUED!!! HA HA

  • bby girl

    VANESSA, you are beautiful in all kinds of ways.
    Live in Love.
    Keep your head up baby V.

    [Haters, be jealous, and keep living in HATE, HAHA!]

  • Jocelyn

    i just want to say F.U.C.K you Johnny Vieira

  • cc27

    I Feel bad for her :l Stupid Johnny Viere, She doesnt deserve this.
    GOOD LUCK VANESSA!! <3 Your fans wish u the best!

  • awurbii


    something’s definitely wrong with you!!!!!!!!!

  • shannon x

    i agree with comment #2 she doesn’t deserve this.
    i hope it all works out for vanessa. xo

  • melissa*

    she looks gorgeous! (:
    & i wish her good luck, how can anyone sue this girl?
    she’s so perfect. lol, well that’s just what i think.

  • kirsten

    vanessa, i support you all the way.
    youre such a sweet person & such a beautiful existence.

  • Naomi

    GG says it’s a mediation meeting so maybe he now wants to settle out of court and save legal fees as he now knows he’s not going to get much.

    I guess good always triumphs.

    Btw she looks gorgeous and chic as usual. She carries off everything she wears. If you’re going to negotiate, do it with style. You go girl!

  • Liveinlove

    I love her hair!!!!
    Good luck, Nessa. I’ll pray for you!

  • ITgirl
  • emma


    it’s not funny. childish person. how the hell would you like it.

  • zanessaholic

    goodluck nessa!
    you’re gorgeous!

  • roxana

    good luck V…you’re in my prayers!!!

  • aussiegalhater

    cause she is jealous and is one of those haters who have no life and choose to be negative and live in hate! they like to judge people when hey judge yourself first? im sure youre not any better. those people are funny but they make up the evil part in the balance world of good and evil, what a shame! and jealous that you are not exotic like her and that zac likes exotic things (food, places, women, etc.) and how immature to make fun of people’s troubles. its not like she’s at fault here anyway, she was A MINOR, what does she know in financial/business relations! you haters are really disgusting people! if you hate someone or something, you just go on your merry way, you dont take the time of your day to make comments on it. thats just pathetic, okay? LIVE IN LOVE. but wait, you live in hate instead! hahaha no wonder youree not zanessa fan ;P suckerpunches you.

  • misty

    if your famous (and your work really hard for it) everybody wants money from you ,there are crazy people out there.
    good luck vanessa and you look great as allways

  • Kelly

    Vanessa looks so sad I bet Zac dumped her. because she is not wearing her ring anymore.

  • Katty

    I thought all that was over. If she signed as a minor, she shouldn’t really be in trouble for it now, and I doubt that Johnny V needs 5 mil in damages, just like everyone else in LA, wanting more than he should.

    It’s good that the judge dismissed most of the claims, she was A MINOR, she can’t really be held accountable.

    This is just a business meeting though, maybe something to do with Sucker Punch or Dead@17? Hmmm… the contracts were being finalized for Sucker Punch, are they finally signing off on it or something? Hopefully!

  • jimena

    thank you Naomi for saying that ha
    i thought she was going to court, but then i was like i dont think she would dress like that for court
    anyways i still wish her luck with everything
    hopefully everything goes well

  • jimena

    she is wearing her ring

  • Katty


    Ah, get your eyes checked because of you look at pic 2 you can see it proudly on her finger. Stop with the rumors!

  • mj

    I knew he would settle because he was just trying to get money he didn’t earn. He was only owed on her music contract which he recieved. He was trying to get money for everything she’s done (movies,commericals,etc) but the judge saw right through that so now he’ll take what he can get and go away.

  • tabia

    @Kelly: she is wearing her ring r u blind

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    She looks super cute in that outfit ♥
    Hope everything turns out good for her, and she doesn’t deserve this. Everything’ll be alright, V! Your fans arewith you!

  • Kelly


    I can see it but Vanessa looks sad. I bet Zac dump her last night,

  • Zanesa4ever

    @Kelly: What!?!? Shes wearing her ring!?!?

  • gottaloveit

    @Kelly: OR she’s a scared barely 20 year old girl having to go into court because some greedy jerk wants a cut of not only her music career but her endorsement deals, merchandising deals and film deals, which made her millions more than her music career did because she’s tied to stupid Hollywood Records, which is tied to Disney and notoriously cheap and underpay their talent.

  • Marie

    Poor Vanessa I feel sorry for her.

  • emma


    oh my lord how old are you. grow up.

  • Marie


    so true.

  • megan

    Vaanessa can be sad about something else maybe she is a little scared to be going to court just because she is sad doesnt mean it’s about Zac and she looks cold so she can also be cold how would you feel if you had to go to court and some guy is trying to go after you money she could be sad about that because she worked hard for it

  • mj

    People, we know Kelly says the exact same thing on every post. She probally just cuts and pastes it.

  • ivanka

    i tottaly agree with KATTY …i read in her blog that this waas over.. here she goes to do some work not to court..

  • miley#1fan4life

    why is she being sued ???