Zac Efron's Luggage Takes A Spill

Zac Efron's Luggage Takes A Spill

Zac Efron tries to hide a smirk as his greeter trips on the escalator while being escorted out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 14)

Zac, 21, will be premiering his new flick, 17 Again, in Los Angeles TONIGHT. You can watch a live feed of the premiere at 9:30PM ET @ Do you think he’ll hit the red carpet with his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens??

30+ pictures inside of Zac Efron‘s luggage taking a spill…

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  • katherine

    whooo first. we love zac

  • katherine

    whooo first

  • Katty

    At least he’s back, but I kinda liked when he was on the East Coast like me! ha ha. The premiere tonight? He’s really cuttin it close, isn’t he?
    I don’t think he’ll go with Vanessa, even though they ARE still together. It’s his movie, not hers, and he has to do all the press stuff, and be with the cast, that doesn’t mean he won’t take a pic with her or something. He’ll sit with her, too, but I still don’t think they’ll show up together.

  • http://justjared Amanda is in love with zac

    Aww hahaha! That was soooo cute!

    I cant wait to see 17 again on friday! and the premier is tonight! yess!!!


  • isla

    aww thats sadd and funnyy hahah(:
    Cant wait for 17 againn!<3

  • Cami

    he should go alone i mean, it’s his movie, vanessa needs to give him a break and let him shine in his own premiere

  • nikki

    HAHAHA!! he is trying not to laugh!! WHAT A CUTIE!!! i LOOOVE zac to DEATH!!!
    He IS MY LIFE!!!<3

  • jennica loves zanessa

    It’d be nice for her to be there to support him but yeah couples don’t always do EVERYTHING together. *Distance makes the heart grow fonder*, *Even lovers need a holiday*, etc. & they do their own thing, their independent, thats the beautiful thing about their relationship–its so respectful–they let each other shine on their own w/o being insecure. they’re always happy, smiling. i have a strong feeling they understand each other very well, they communicate well. they grew up together in the industry so they know what its like, its like a shared journey together :) Go ZAC! I love your style, youre sooo talented and have the best personality out there. Gee if only all guys were like you!

  • danica jane

    i cant wait to see 17 again!
    he did awesome in SNL!!!! xD xD
    i cant wait for his future projects he has LOTS OF POTENTIAL Baby V! :)

    yay im mestiza like her so i love ya nessa!

  • grr

    i love how i wrote something sweet & meaningful and it does not get approve. yet you approve the hater comments????

  • aw

    Man he has got to be insanely tired, it’s one thing after another. But that’s hilarious though, I’d totally laugh.

  • jackie

    maybe but i have doubts that she will be there

  • zanessa4everr

    HE LOOKS SO CUTE! and tired.
    i hope he goes with vanessa!

  • Lyca

    aww hes cute when hes laughing
    lol people Vanessa is suppose to be there, i mean angelina jolie comes to brad pitts premiere, it;s what couples do



  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Lol, poor greeter guy. He probably tripped cause he was blinded by the stupid paps. ..Or maybe Zachary’s hotness ? LOL. No, no, no…

    Hm, …I like to say that Vanessa might be there…I mean, she went to the Hairspray premiere. So maybe she’ll go to this one too. I think she will go though..she likes to support her man. I do too !! :D But anyways, glad he’s back. Just 4 more days till 17 Again comes out !!

  • pop86

    I think Vanessa will come to the premiere to support him. I don’t think there will be pictures of them on the red-carpet maybe pictures at the after-party or leaving the party.

  • alysse

    HAHHAHAA FUNNNYY- Gotta love Zac ; )

  • Dee

    He had better be on the carpet with Vanessa.



    please do not compare brad &Angelina with zac and vanessa…
    it’s an insult for angelina

  • Bradley

    Welcome home Zac. I can’t wait to see pics of the 17 again premiere.

  • Zanessa Fan Forever

    i want Vanessa to go and support him that’s what she would go for not to take away Zac’s shining moments!! xxx

  • abby w

    I PRAY SO!!!

  • togo

    I don’t know if Vanessa will go to the premiere. She wasn’t on the list of people attending that was released last week. And the PR people seem to want to promote single Zac right now to entice girls into the theaters, so Vanessa might not be on the red carpet tonight. So far there haven’t been any signs of her on any of the live streams that are going on. No big deal though.

  • Zanesa4ever

    Ugh you ppl that think they Zac wount “shine” if vanessa’s there are just looking for a reason to complain! I mean come on if she goes its to support him not “steal his spotlight”. It’s also pretty obvious that he is happier when he is w/ her so just let them live there lives the way they want don’t try to run it for them!

  • LuckyL

    Aww, he looks cute

  • Bailee

    He is so cute! I love him!

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    He looks so cute (:
    Vanessa probably will be there with him to support him. She flew to NY for him so why not this? Zanessa always support each other! Can’t wait to see the pics!

  • De De De

    aaww, poor zaccyy! i just love him SSOO much!! he is my future husband!! :)

  • maichi


  • e

    hha poor guy that fell

  • jessie

    LOL i’m watching the live!

  • Zanessa Fan Forever

    i am watching that live on Zac better get his butt up the carpet now lolol !! x

  • Zanessa Fan Forever

    aww Zac’s a bum he went in a different way!! :( x

  • mishyB


  • jessie

    OMG where’s zac now? i’m watching the live now but zac and the jonas brothers didn’t show up on the red carpet!
    please i want to see zanessa!

  • kim

    That poor handler probably was embarrased falling down but he probably felt worse when he heard the cameras clicking! He almost took Zac down too! Looks like Zac had a hard time not laughing. :)

  • ivanka


    i cant wait to see the movie=)

  • athena

    @togo: How do you know about the press list togo…?
    It’s not funny, but I’ve taken some nasty trips on escalators too…Zac looks like a big kid trying not to laugh…but it’s a good thing his greeter caught himself or else Zac would have been tripping over him too. LOL.

  • tay

    i saw 17 again last week its already out in Australia,
    its pretty good!!

  • christine x3

    awww yay :]

  • barney, o dinossauro

    i laughed soooo haaard when i saw the bodyguard falling down, poor him, hsuahsuahauhsuashua’ and zac is laughing too. :)

  • darlene (:

    ooo-weee !
    bennnnnnnnnnnnndddddddd ! (;
    aha . just kidding . i’m not like that (;
    but cute ! (;