Miley Cyrus is Pilates Pretty

Miley Cyrus is Pilates Pretty

Miley Cyrus chats away on her phone as she leaves her pilates class on Friday afternoon (April 17) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old actress tweeted after her workout, “Just got home from pilates and am inspired to open my own studio. What do you think?”

Miley also tweeted, “Adam Shankman is the bestest/amazingest producer ever! Anyone is lucky to be graced w/ your presence!” Shankman will be producing Miley‘s upcoming flick, The Last Song.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley opening her own pilates studio?

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • destiny

    first alt least i think hehehe i tweated bac 2 her hehehehehe

  • ivanka

    bestest, amazingest? i thought that was a spelling mistake

  • laya

    i wish i had money to open up my own. that would be amazing. but for her i’d say wait until it’s something she knows she’ll be 100% dedicated to.

  • alanah

    ahaha .. nice grammer there miles ! lol ..
    haha thats ok not like im any better.

    love ya miless :)

  • Bella

    Cutie. I think the paps are starting to irritate her.

  • Jung

    She is verry beautifull! And Hey she is the bestest/amazingest singer and actress aver!

  • Miley

    She is sooo beautiful!
    I wonder who she’s talking to?
    Maybe a certain someone that starts with a N and ends with a ick.
    Just saying,

  • jm

    where oh where is Justin – Miley? Is he ok or is his heart broken – I hope not. always on the phone – must be N.J. – hope your heart won’t get broken again.

  • SOl

    I do think that Miley has been always irritated by the paps, but she tries to smile and be friendly. I mean, they are just doing their job..

    And I agree with Jung (#6) ! She is very beautiful, she can pull off that outfit. She looks gorgeous in those clothes ^^ And of course, she is the bestest/amazingest young singer and actress!

  • Bad… NOTTT

    she has makeup on,you can tell by her eyes
    and shes had botox are those gums fixed.shes back with nick,she never cared about justin she used him.poor guy,but thats ok theres plenty of women that will be happy to be with him.then he will realize she was just a kid
    and as for nick i hope he knows what hes getting his self into,shes been with a man ,and hes just a kid.shes forgettng how unhappy she was with nick.shes to wild for nick,but then again read were he was the one that ask miley to take those pics of herself for him

  • Brigget


  • staci

    MILEY why do you always wear the same old hair style,why dont you change it? and take those nappy extentions out.and why do you have the color orange in your hair.How do you feel about your brother
    CHRIS.I hope that hes welcomed into the family

  • Victoria

    love her!!!!!

  • Hallie

    she is on the phone with the paps telling them where she is going next and then she is going to go home and cry about the crappy nasily prefromance she gave on american idol on wednesday. wait she has a crappy prefromance everyday unless she is hannah then disneys makes her lipsnyc

  • meg

    @Bad… NOTTT:
    Hmm…. I don’t think “mustin” broke up and she certainly hasn’t had any plastic surgery. The only thing she’s had drastically changed are her teeth and really she just skipped getting the braces, she still wears a retainer. And her gums aren’t fixed, in fact, even if she wanted to get them fixed, I don’t think there’s any surgery that would fix that because it’s not all her gums, it’s also her smile. Everyone’s lips are shapes different and positioned slightly differently, hers just happens to expose more of her gums at the top. No biggie.

  • meg

    She’s gorg, even with little make up on. She just looks tired is all.

  • Kristen

    why does she have a ring on her left ring finger while she’s doing pilates?

  • …ddd


  • Bella


    That ring is her purity ring.

  • http://jjj miley

    i love miley!!! she’s the best! :)

  • tweetyjobro

    i agree with every thing you said

  • Rqel

    miley es guapissima sin maquillaje!

  • marya

    the ring that bears think it’s a gift because it is shaped like justin g. if you have photos closely view.por true justy not broken. justin belongs to the band in the twitter of jordanyup said last night that were playing with justy music.asi that justy together miley still carries the ring-shaped and G were together last night

  • jm


    wonder why you say mustin hasn’t broken up? have not seen Justin in a while & every picture she had taken by the papps this past week – she staged to not have justin in – going to Roebucks & walking the dog with daddy & then one night running alone in the dark – these pics were all set up to show nick she is not with Justin. & I now agree she calls the papps to let them know where she is going, because when she wants to sneak out or not have pictures of her taken by the papps she does that too. she uses the papps – like she has used poor Justin

  • maggie

    @…ddd: how can u call a gorgeous girl ugly??!! seriously r u frickin blind or just really jealous cuz u will never look like her?? haters r pathetic! if u don’t have something good to say just shut it then!!

  • carly

    love her!

    wonder whos she talking too

  • mileyfan1223

    she doesn’t call the paps….they stalk her outside of her house. and the night she was running in the dark, she wasn’t actually “running”, she was going to demi’s (if u follow her on twitter u would know that). and idk what is going on with the lack of justin thing, but sometimes people take breaks from relationships. or maybe he is just so sick of paps that he stays out of the lime light. he was at the premiere with her on the 2nd….i highly doubt they are broken up. and honestly u can’t tell me u have never been friends with a guy. she and nick broke up OVER A YEAR AGO!! MOVE ON! they are JUST FRIENDS!!!…….*u people need areality check*
    p.s-and i’m not a miley fan, im just a realist…she is actually a very attractive girl

  • billythekid


    Here is a perfect case of ignorance rearing it’s ugly head. She changes her hair style all the time, and she changes the color from time to time as well. And the extensions: she just put those in, why take them out already? As far as her brother goes, ask her father about that. It’s more his concern than his. I mean, she isn’t the cause of his creation, if you know what I mean.

    And while you Staci are just ignorant, probably through no fault of your own, Hallie is being ignorant through deception because she knows full well that she is lying. She is lying because everyone knows that Miley doesn’t lip sync. The rest of her comment hardly deserves mention. So Hallie, you win todays prize of most ignorant on JJJ. Congratulations!

  • ABBY

    what hair colour does miley have ???
    I think blonde a little bit

  • jm


    I think night of the running in the dark, I think Demi was in NYC ready to appear on one of the morning shows – I’m just sayin.

  • Christina

    @…ddd: ok im sensing your probaly about 10 and have alot of jelousy built up im just gonna say grow up!

    @jm: She’s still, dating Justin if you look on some guy named Jordan’s twitter you would see he said he was playing guitar with Miley and Justin anyway her personal life is none of your buisness so maybe you should stay out of it.

    @staci: ok your just not very bright i see her relationship with her brother is her problem and not your syou should really stay out of it like BillyThe Kid said your just the perfect example of ignorance. Grow up and think before you comment! Live your own life stop trying to live hers.

    @Hallie: oh please sweetie grow up her American Idol performance was fine i would love to hear you lovely voice (hence the sarcasm) and im sure she dosne’t call the paps she’s the biggest teen at the moment she has no reason to. but don’t worry i get your just showing your ignorance today it’s cool…No really grwo up!

  • jo

    Lets get a few things out there for you ignorant fools:

    1- She has Not had plastic surgery. Sickos.

    2- The paps WAIT around her neighborhood which is infested with celebrities from morning to night. My friend lives there. She said they never leave.

    3- Yep, thats her purity ring.

    4- She looks great without makeup. No one looks perfect without it. She has nice skin.

  • joecool

    @Hallie: Where is your #1 movie and #1
    songs, oh wait your the one with no talent jealous much!!
    Her performance was great on idol read the reviews!


  • ivanka
  • joecool

    @ivanka: You must live in a cave those pics are so old!!Get with it!!

  • emma
  • mileyrox

    @Miley: lol! i agree:D

  • Taylor

    @Bad… NOTTT:

    Hahaha, your brilliant! I love the way you think!!!!

  • Taylor

    @Bella: whoah whoah whoah. since when has she been pure?!

  • mileyawsomessss

    who is she talk to

  • f.

    i’m not a big fan of miley..but i’m jealous of her(in a good way)! she still looks gorgeous without makeup!

  • …ddd

    how can you know how i look? maybe i’m more beautiful than her,how can you know ?
    she looks very ugly without make up
    with make up,nothing different !

  • noname

    what brand are those trackpants? i’m from NZ so am not aware of the brand, they are cool though.

  • anonymous

    shes awesome. she’s a great role model when she doesn’t wear makeup, teaches younger kids who look up to her that they don’t need to cover their faces in make up to be beautiful.


    Miley is so cute…
    Miley Brazil awaits you!

  • Bri

    she’s gorgeous, even with no make-up on (if she is wearing any).
    please stop judging this girl by her looks/what she’s done in the past.
    she’s a GREAT person, i can tell by what she posts on her twitter, and by how NICE she is to the papparazi.
    i stick up for her 100% and i think she’s really turning herself around. STOP bringing up those old pictures. those are over and done with.
    she’s a great person, and i really look up to her. she can get back on her feet and keep going even when 50 percent of the world hates her (probably even more).

  • (:

    she got her license? lol this sounds creeper but she got her permitt on like dec 8 or around that(cuz thats when i got mine) and i have to wait till june(permit for 6 months) to get my license .. how come she didnt have to wait?

>>>>>>> staging1