Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Jimmy Kimmel Cute

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Jimmy Kimmel Cute

Zac Efron brings along his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens to the taping of his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Hollywood on Thursday (April 16).

On the show, the 21-year-old actor admitted he gets a little starstruck whenever he runs into Angelina Jolie. He shared, “For some reason, I always screw up whenever I meet Angelina Jolie. It’s just awkward, I can’t really explain it. The last time I saw her, I was at the Oscars. She came up to me and said, ‘How you doing?’ I said, ‘THANK YOU!’ I turned around and said, ‘Oh god!’ and walked away. Everyone saw. Vannesa starts laughing and pointing at me.”

Zac also shared one more run-in with Angelina: “Another time, she was across the room. She looked at me. We made eye contact. I said ‘Hey, hi, how you doing?’. I don’t know if she didn’t hear or something. And then I look back, and she saw me say that1 So she saw me when I was saying ‘Oh geez’ and shaking my head.”

Other pictures include Zac hiding his face earlier in the day after leaving a gym in West Hollywood.

Zac Efron – “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, 4/16

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  • listen to mayday parade

    He’s so cute and down to earth!

    I bet Vanessa wishes she was promoting something so she could be on all these talk shows, but at least she can tag along. She better hold on to this one, he is going to be huge one day. The new Leo perhaps?

  • latuacantante2


  • jen

    hahaha that’s funny.. :))) i wish i could be angelina jolie even just for 2 hours.. :DD and its good to see zanessa :)

  • Jess!

    Awwwwwwwww! ♥ I love her!

  • dundies

    lol @ thought of what angelina would have been thinking at the time

  • lslsharon

    vanessa looks goegeous as usual!!!!

  • zackoid

    Aww, he gets shy/fumbles round Angelina! ;) cute!

  • Vfan

    #1 What the h e ll are you talking about ? Oh Vanessa should hold on to this one blah blah blah…are you insane ? She has her OWN CAREER …she has a movie coming out and is going to be filming Sucker Punch this year .Vanessa is soon gonna be promoting Bandslam to …get some help. Who cares if he’s going to be ‘huge’ one day that has NOTHING to do with her ..just because their in a relationship does’nt mean their careers revolve around that.

  • leila

    Lol, aww thats sweet that he brought her along. Haha i can just imagine Zac making a fool of himself infront of Angelina Jolie and Vanessa laughing. Lol.

    Anyway good to see them toegther. They make such a cute couple.

    Vanessa looks amazing as usual!!!!!

  • jessie

    OMG how cute it was!
    Zanessa Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosa

    Awww .. nessa is GORGEOUSNESSA ;p

  • Lucy

    what this interview, kept laughing, and at the beginning ‘Do you wanna hear him talk?’

    Also I agree with Vfan it doesn’t matter what type of career they have, if they love each other they will stick together no matter what their careers turn out like

  • Rosa

    the third pic looks funny .. the light seems to get out of his hands ;p

  • listen to mayday parade


    Easy defensive. I didn’t mean anything bad by it! But he is doing big movies she isn’t really. I don’t follow her completely so to me, right now she isn’t doing much. You obsessive fans need to calm down. And Zac has way more acting skills than Vanessa whether you want to believe it or not. So take a breath and stop assuming everything said is a negative hit to Vanessa. Sheesh

  • tiff

    um # 14
    zac’s doing some death of cloud movie or whatever
    v has offers 2 do
    suker punch
    naughty and dreary

  • Mandy

    God I wish a photographer actually caught that part he mentioned at the Oscars, would’ve been funny to see Zac Efron embarrass himself in front of Hollywood’s hottest mom and his own girlfriend laughing at him.

  • pink sugar

    Wow, Zac gave the paps the “thumbs up” he must had been in a really good mood.

  • miilla

    it’s cute that she went with him`
    i think it’s good that they are spending as much time together as possible right now..
    because she is gonna be on hell of a busy women this and next year. .(:

  • zac and vanessa fan

    i really like this interview,
    and its good to see that zac likes to have vanessa’s support and its good to see them spend time together. And by the way to all the people who have said before that zac never mentions vanessa in interviews, this interview just proves them all wrong. It clearly states that he does mention her in interviews, however only when she has something to do with what is being talked about. Some people must just assume that he is just going to randomely shout out in the middle of an interview ‘i love vanessa hudgens’. anyway love this couple!

  • listen to mayday parade


    Well I’m glad to hear that she has some big movies coming up cause I did like her in HSM I just never heard of all these till now! Band slam doesn’t appeal to me but maybe on of those will. Seriously though no need to be rude I was not attacking Vanessa

  • dundies

    lol @ defensive #8

  • Zanessa Fan Forever

    Aww Zanessa Forever — x

  • Jerk

    Vanessa looks amazing as usual!!!!!

  • Naomi

    That was a good interview. He actually mentioned the Angelina fumble at one of the Oscar interviews. Looks like he and Van share the same sense of adventurous eating.

    Van looks as adorable as ever.

    She is probably already busy now. She just has the knack of going about her business as unobtrusively as possible and give off the impression that she is at leisure while being very supportive.

    I’m sure she’s enjoying not being in the spotlight for a while, she’s never been the one for hype. Hopefully she can use this time to get more into her photography and drumming.

    Can’t wait for her to start her fight training, though. It’s just that from then on it would be mad busy for her but she will handle it with poise as usual.

  • Vfan

    Wow #14 I was right you are insane why should Vanessa hold on to him he does’nt bring her fame. She IS doing things right now she has been to many buisness meetings and she was seen with 2 scripts. Stop TRYING to act like you know things when you don’t..leave Vanessa alone. Nobody is better then anyone and you’re trying to say Zac is better then her you have no right to say that.

  • Laura

    Vanessa looks amazing, it’s nice that they can share these things together, I hope she does the same when she is promoting Bandslam and Sucker Punch.

  • Lorna

    I saw 17 again today, it’s so funny, I was laughing so much at Tom Lennons character :D It’s a really good movie, Zac plays the part well. I hope he and Vanessa stay together forever they make such a great couple :)

  • luv ya nessa

    there no more pic for zanessa plz

  • susan

    oh zanessa forever!!!

  • listen to mayday parade


    I feel sorry for vanessa having such a pathetic psycho fan like you. I do think zac has more talentand he will go farther sorry if that hurts your feelings! I don’t IMDB her 24/7 like you. Calm down

  • nikki

    AAWWW there ssooo cute together!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ZAC EFRONNN<3<3!!

  • zanessahater

    stupid couple why he would take her is beyond me

  • allie

    to number 28 and 14 you guys are the losers. i don’t understand y you would care soo much for their careers cuz it’s none of your business. that’s really rude and offensive. you can tell that both of you don’t have lives!!! i believe both of them are equally talented!!!!

  • gracemarie

    @listen to mayday parade:

    Maybe you need to follow her more.

    She appears to have started her training for role in Zach Snyder’s Sucker Punch which starts filming in September, she has Bandslam coming out in August which she will be promoting . She has just completed ad campaigns for Neutrogena, Ecko Red and Sears.

    And the screenplay for Dead@17 is being finished and the producers have already stated they are looking at cast her if things work out.

    I think she’s pretty busy.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    @listen to mayday parade: haterrrr!!!!…hey! everyone have their times..for now,is zac`s turn and soo soon it`ll be nessa`s…just dotn say anything and thats it…we know he will be BIG someday..but soo she..cuz she`s talented,like it or not!
    we`re fans and we support her…and people like you just have to be more..compressive…i dotn want to be mean…so,sorry ,but its reality…

    btw,haha.that wouild be soo funny! zac.embarassed? and nessa laughting of him?? classic! hahaha,love them soooooo much! wow,is so sweet that she went with him,,love themm sooo much! xD

  • Sinaline

    bahaha i love this dude..
    we are obviously the loudest of all of them

    germany FTW :D

  • tee

    @listen to mayday parade: I think it goes back to something my mother taught me “If you don’t know something keep your mouth shut about it. Don’t open it and let people know how ignorant you are.” You could have commented on Zac and left Vanessa out but you chose to bring her into it. So you get what you ask for.

  • suzy

    v is cute.

  • Sofia

    @ listen to mayday parade:i completely agree with all ur comments!=)
    i quite like vanessa, most cuz of her voice, cuz actually i can’t really see her acting skills, but she’s still good.
    zac’s doing huge things for his age, how many ppl have u seen hosting the SNL?now not only kids and teenagers know and follow him, also adults, it’s not my wish, it’s true, he’s growing up, he had done and is doing right choices about his job and he’s not only doing only the death and life of charlie st cloud,me and orson well is gonna come out (seriously, do u know whp’s orson wells?a genius, this film is not something easy and silly, the plot is interesting and also now the reviews are saying it’s such an awesome movie!) he had signed for jonny quest and who knows how many works he’ll get!=)
    btw he got always the main roles (except in hairspray, but it’s ok, it was his 1st ‘serious’ film), and sorry, u can’t say it’s false, vanessa has not. she’s not the main in bandslam, not the main in SP, maybe the main in death@17, but it’s not even sure she signed it…i don’t want to offend her, i’m just saying, i’m a huge fan of zac but also of vanessa…but i can’t hide the truth!he was called to present a golden globe, not her, he was called to present an oscar, not her, he did a funny or die vid, she was just in cuz of him…but peace out, this is my opinion, so please do not attack me!

  • Sofia

    oh sorry, about the SNL part…i meant:he’s doing such huge things for his age, how many ppl have u seen hosting the SNL at 21?^^’
    sorry i forgot a part!XD
    and…i see that u guys didn’t take really well what it was said about vanessa…oh well…we’ll see how u’ll attack and destroy me, right?;)
    btw i don’t care, those are my opinions and it will be really difficult that i’d change it cuz of someone i don’t even know!

  • katyloveszac

    @Sofia:i totally agree!read this part of a review of 17again:
    “Friends” alum Matthew Perry bares mention for a fine and grumbly performance as the adult Mike, but it’s Efron who is at the center of it all and he doesn’t miss a beat. Even more impressive than how he mimics Perry’s infamous expression of disdain is his apparent struggle to remember he’s only 17 and behave appropriately. He also truly seems to get it when he looks around during basketball practice and marvels at how young and healthy they all are. And whether names like Thomas Lennon and Leslie Mann are enough to lure you to the theater, they certainly up the game once you’re there!

  • ivanka

    they look fresh and cute.. aw the two have a crush in angelina.. i dont like her but whatever haha

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    Zachary did such a good job on the interview. He was so cute. :D Vanessa looks really pretty too. As always.

  • camie

    As I know where you are coming from, u have got to admit that it’s very rare to get a leading female role, but its the characters in the movie that make it a whole. In bandslam she has a very good role, and we have seen her acting skills only in hsm, we haven’t seen anything else, so maybe if all goes well she may have a successful career ahead of her, but her singing in mediocre, she is in industry with full of aspiring artist, if she changes her recording label she has hopes in becoming very successful

  • awurbii


    Sophia, i understand where you get that from but i think people are trying to say that this is zac’s moment. he does get a lot more attention than vanessa does but he was the main in high school musical. he also did hairspray and that boosted him but vanessa hasn’t had her moment yet. people always seem to underestimate others but you and i both know that vanessa is talented.

    on her acting..she’s played one role. in thirteen she was great. give her a chance to do a real role (i’m not talking about bandslam, another teen movie) before you judge her acting skills. she’s not the best actor out there but she’ll learn and pick up skills as she goes along.

    all i’m saying is don’t base your judgments on now. the people disagreeing with listentomaydayparade are the one’s that can see her potential. zac’s career isn’t guaranteed because at the moment he is as much of a teen star as vanessa. in my opinion their on the same boat. just cause she isn’t on a billboard doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a career.don’t get me wrong, i totally get where you are coming from but you really don’t know what the future hold’s for vanessa and neither do we. but from the outside the outlook looks good.

  • awurbii

    on by the way, sorry for spelling your name wrong. i’m used to spelling like that. that must happen to you a lot :D

  • Shannon

    yo i stayed up to watch him on jimmy and he was hillarious crikets zac really! and how cute he borught Vanessa with him love these 2

  • fan

    I could see some claws coming out to bash Vanessa again and using the cliche’ “it is just an opinion”. That ‘s fine, however, if Vanessa is not good in acting? How is it that she has been getting many movie roles offered to her by directors & producers without having to audition for it. Yes, Vanessa’s movie offers maybe for supporting roles, but these supporting roles are mostly for rated “R” movies that involves with action and killings. Bandslam was last year, and Vanessa probably decided to do it for fun and adding something more to her resume’ instead of using HSM as reference. Plus, as I recalled, it appears that she did Bandslam at the last minute decision because she was really working on her 2nd CD at that time. Also she was filming Bandslam in Texas and on her off days Vanessa flew back and forth from Texas to LA to finished recording her 2nd CD. Therefore, by taking a supporting role for Bandslam is less filming demands, and it allows Vanessa to do both filming in one location and recording in another. By filming in Texas and recording in LA at the same period of time, it’s telling me that this young actress can multi-tasks her works, which is difficult to do. She was filming HSM3 and doing photo shoots for magazine covers, filming Sears commercial Ads, and filming her music video, all around the same period. She must be very talented to be able multi-tasks her works and increased her salaries much more than any of us can ever get.

  • gracemarie


    What are you talking about outside of HSM 17again is his first leading role-he was supporting in MAOW and he will be the lead in Charlie St. Cloud.

    V was a lead in Thunderbirds before HSM, she’s a co-lead with Aly in Bandslam (read up), she will be what is a big supporting role in an mutlimillion dollar blockbuster, she will be the lead in Dead@17 if she signs and we don’t know what else has not been announced.

    I’d say they are both doing pretty well.

  • hannahhhh

    @listen to mayday parade:
    your sayin not everthing is negative but even then yur dissing her n sayin negative stuff.
    gosh just cuz yu like one doesnt mean yu have to bash another.

    they both have skills, just there making their careers their own way
    which is good cuz they dont have their jobs exactly the same just cuz they are in a relationship tgether.
    good of V t go out to supprt him n tha cnsidering she has sme free time. cnt wait for her movie also which is EQUALLY as talented as zacs.
    their both greatt xx