Miley Cyrus is a Nail Garden Girl

Miley Cyrus is a Nail Garden Girl

Miley Cyrus keeps it comfy in a sweats and a tee as she and momager Tish have a girl’s day out in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (April 18).

The 16-year-old actress/singer stopped off at Nail Garden to get a manicure before heading off to Sunlounge Tanning.

Miley recently tweeted, “long flight ahead of me! off to Germany! stopping the rumor before it starts – no i don’t drive an Audi! i borrowed my moms car today!”

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus having a girl’s day out…

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Photos: BJJ/WENN
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  • nicklovesemily:]

    love miley:)

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    OMM Miley
    is soooo cute. The glasses…not
    so much. But still she

  • carly

    miley looks soo cute there!

  • Annette

    yay milerz! shes so pretty =D

  • whatever

    always wearing push-up bra !
    oh miley stay CLEAN !

  • patsyy

    wooo; shes just boarding the plane with Brandi!
    i can’t wait till she gets to London;
    i want to meet her again! <3

  • Jess

    She always looks pretty. Love her.

  • patsyy


  • Rachel

    I feel like she is tanning all the time.

  • megan

    Where is fame whore

  • jo

    She looks cute! And um, its not a push up bra.. its called- natural assets. Girl cant help it! Her body looks fllyyy.

  • jo


    All celebrities tan.. they just dont all get followed as much as Miley.

  • ivanka

    ew tanning, i personally think is really bad for skin, maybe in some years she will regret that when she finds the early wrinkles..

    oh and stoping the rumors? sounds like you are checking gossip sites just to check what they write about you.. not all the celebrities like to be in the spotlight, except miley

  • lily

    has anyone noticed that she hasn’t been seen with her boyfriend Justin since the awkward date they had last time ???? I think they split hope she goes back with Nick J

  • Natalie

    Is it just those sweats or is she gaining weight?

  • Sofia

    i love heeeeeeeer. she’s so cute (:

  • Jung

    She is verry beautifull I love you Miley!

  • Jung

    Natalie she is not gaining weigh and she is slim.

  • samantha

    OMG.! i love Miley; she is beautiful.. and the best!

  • jo


    Selena, Demi, etc etc have all admitted to going on OceanUP…Meaning, they all check sites.

    Stop finding reasons to hate.

  • jo

    I cant believe people make comments are her weight. Miley has an AWESOME body. I LOVE that she is not stick thin, and im sure she does too.

  • riana

    i love miley shes awesome

  • chloe

    miley’s figure looks a little fuller in the first picture..but come on she’s still thin!

  • casey

    she a fat fugly girl

  • amele

    She seems to have changed alot recently, I find her to be more down to earth and I think she’s acting like a really good role model. I don’t think she needs to get tan’s all the time, but ahwell.. her choice haha. btw saw this on youtube…very cool song. The band reminds me of hey monday but they are kiwis.

  • me

    and people stop hating..she ISN’T fat
    the girl has a nice body; better than the other teen
    girls her age

  • rii

    dood no offense to those who are fat… sometimes it is part of genetics kind of… but isnt america the fattest nation in the world or something? like it has the highest percentage of obesity? miley is no way near being overweight at all. so stop saying shes fat. girls are very insecure, especially with their looks and even have tendencies of suicide because of it. and shes still a teenager… if anything, we should be worried if she isnt gaining weight and developing =/

  • = ]

    guys leave miley alone! , im NOT a die hard fan but i like her show & some of her music. but sheeeee is NOT fat! SHE IS PERFECT!

    who ever thinks she is fat then YOU have problems!

  • mrsefron.

    true that @= ]

  • kylee.

    wow, people are SICK if theyy think she looks BIG.

    Miley, Your Perfect babe! don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

    stay true to who youu are.

  • Victoria

    love her always <3

  • alexandra

    she is so cute.
    i love herrrrrrrrrr


  • http://jjj miley

    miley is awesome! i love her! :)

  • arantxa

    Okay , did you saw the KCA ? Did you saw Demi !
    she was like darker than Taylor L ! Sorry Taylor :(
    Stop saying things about Miley & she is not fat

  • arantxa

    I love when she has a girl time with her mom
    & when she puts something comfortable to go out

  • Jon

    @megan: Does the person you’re talking about have a name that starts with a D and ends with an “emi?”


  • TV

    Where’s fame-hungry Demi Lovato? I’d expect her to be tanning with Miley so she could finally get that rotisserie chicken look.

  • rock00

    push up bra, just fyi^^

  • rock00

    she should gain weight, she’s too skinny. no hips.

  • Miley you are soooo pretty don’t listen to the haters!

    What city is she going too? Will it be a concert?

  • Johnny


    you never met her anyway so stop lieing and only a few people are going to the little performance so you wont be going

  • m

    would u people STOP analyzing her so much! it’s wayyy to creepy!!
    she’s 16 and is still developing!

  • mileyfan

    Miley i the Best <3

    Pretty :D

  • Megan

    will you people stop being picky about her weight! miley is fine and she looks awesome….so chill…shes only getting her nails done, its not a hollywood event so stop finding stupid excuses to hate on her!

  • lola

    UGLINESS!!!! miley’s overrated

  • anon

    what brand are those trackpants??

  • lola

    if it was demi, u wouldn’t say to stop, would u??? miley is getting fat and uglier every second, i guess!

  • alice

    Miley’s beautiful!
    What is wrong with you haters… shes not fat at all, and you all know that!

  • …DDD

    i mean she is shopping,gooingle somewhere bla bla.
    she is at covers on magazines and she is stylish.
    it’s bored.
    she is still ugly and annoying.

  • maggie

    @…DDD: someone’s jealous…