Demi Lovato Gets A Spanish Smooch

Demi Lovato Gets A Spanish Smooch

Demi Lovato gets a kiss on the cheek from a Spanish fan as she signs copies of her debut album, Don’t Forget, at the El Corte Ingles store in Madrid, Spain on Monday evening (April 20).

The 16-year-old Sonny starlet and pal Miley Cyrus are in Europe at the same time and plan to meet up in London together. Demi tweeted, “Day off in London together. Can’t wait to seeee yoouuu!!!!”

15+ pics inside of Demi Lovato meeting her Spanish fans…

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Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images
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  • yo

    FIRST !!! omg i thought for a second it was nick jonas

  • Siik siinz


  • Iris

    Aww cute! The guy with the curly hair looks like Nick Jonas. What a lucky fan!

  • alskk;f


  • Bella

    LOL cute but must be awkward…

  • Anne

    haha, yeah!
    She is really beautiful, love her outfit, her hair, skin. Absolutely everything.
    She looks so happy and proud, but she deserves it!
    Love you Demi! <3

  • Cristy

    I know when I saw the picture I so thought it was nick. She is so pretty!

  • lesha

    is it bad how much this confirms that nick and demi would be super cute together, for me. oh well.

  • Robyn

    I totally thought that was Nick Jonas for a minute!

  • ashleeeeeee

    i love how shes all smiles and loving all her fans :)
    shes so pretty !
    i love demiiiii L<3

  • Joanna.

    I thought that was Nick too haha.
    Love Demi.

  • Rachel

    looks like nick, but this fan looks a bit thiner! ha , thats soo cute! i wish i met her!

  • Someone

    Spain Loves Demi!

  • cc27

    I Bet That Guy Was Like “YES!!!” lmao :)

  • milla

    HAHAHAH ! , i thought that guy was nick jonas hahahah lol XD

  • anon

    damn! lucky bastard! haha what i would do to kiss demi! *sigh*

  • trish

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! she is awesome,,,,

  • Rebecca

    Aww I live in Manchester!!! It’ll take me too long!!! =[ I thought the dude was Nick Jonas too!!! I was soo Jealous!!!

  • Jess

    I thought it was Nick Jonas

  • sean84

    shes so beautifull nd yeah am glad theyre planning 2 meet up in london cuz i lik them both lol

  • nikka

    at firsts i thought that was nick jonas

  • nessa

    her outfit is adorable!!!!!!!!!

    yah you’re right spain really does love demi!

  • Mandyluv

    I adore Demi!!!!! Seeing her concert July 16th yay!!!!!!! She is gorgeous!!

  • Zekemaster

    She looks plain with this hair. and the smile is creepy. but l like her voice. She and that new girl on JONAS really look alike. Disney always does this

    Selena looks like Miley
    New girl looks like Demi

    Love them all though.

  • Lyss

    Lucky Guy haha..
    soo adorable..

  • strawberrykiwiz

    she looks cute.

  • Anonymous

    WTF do they have any respect over there idiot.

  • lalaland

    i thought that was nick for 1 minuter! haha
    Go Demi !

  • Tweeter

    I love demi, she’s photogenic… right?

  • karina

    wow at first, I thought that was Nick Jonas. looks like him. She looks so pretty and I love her outfit.

  • LJ

    Haha I wonder if she felt wierd
    She’s so gorgeous & such a cutie as always : )
    I love her to death !

  • jonasssssssssss

    i loveee herrr.

  • mrsefron.

    LMAO, i thought it was Nick J Too!! i just saw the pic then i read i was like ooooh..


    i lovee DEMII <3

  • jay!

    I hope everyone knows this isn’t Nick Jonas and those dumb rumors don’t start about them ‘Secretly dating’ because of this picture!

  • Sparkie

    omg. omg omg omg omg.
    that guy looks exactly like nick jonas.
    ‘nemi’ fans are gonna go crazy over this!!!!!!

  • jennyy

    LOL, im not the only one that though it was nick jonas!
    if only it was =//

  • Chelsea

    My love for demi grows everyday.
    At first i hated her but everyday I started to like her just a little bit more and now it’s grown to fandom!

  • Jung

    Demi is verry beautifull!

  • Andrea

    love love demi she deserve everything that she got, she´s a really good girl, talented, humble and awesome singer

  • Michelle

    Haha at first glance I thought that was Nick Jonas lol.

  • I♥Jemi..:)

    hahah! I thought the guy was Nick! Would’ve been cute though..=]

    I know it’s good to know that Miley and Demi are friends but honestly, with them being close, I’m starting to think Demi’s ditching Selena..=’[

    I know DEmi wouldn’t do it but…sigh… I just can’t explain it! ;P

    I hope they won’t end their long frienship..

  • Rita

    In Spain and Portugal ( my country) when we meet someone we usually give a kiss or two on the check…it’s not like in the USA where you shake hands.
    Don’t make a big deal with it! :p

  • http://justjaredjr. madeline

    i love david archuleta :)


    haha, just came in here to see how many people would say it looked like nick :P.

  • dani

    @mICHELLE: wow, same! hahaha

  • Lauren

    Is it just me or does that dude look strangly like Nick Jonas from the back?

  • demi’s biggest fan!!!!!

    She’s amazing. She’s so cute in the picture! I wish I was her soo bad.. I can sing just like her! Of course, not as good as her, but, anyway.. The guy looks just like Nick Jonas from the back. Hauuhh… Nick. I love him, too.

  • Jaliyah

    i thought it was him too

  • alyssa

    wow. at first i thought that guy was Nick Jonas! haha! he is such a lucky guy… getting to meet one of the 6 most amazing stars in Disney…

  • demi

    its really cool my name is also demi first i saw it i thought it was nick and a mi. later i lokked and he wasnt ohh i t was sooo sweet when it nickn jonas was