Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: Beastly Bunch

Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: Beastly Bunch

Has Beauty found her Beast?

E! Online reports that Burberry spokesman Alex Pettyfer is in talks to join Vanessa Hudgens in Beastly.

It was announced earlier today that Vanessa, 20, had been cast in director Daniel Barnz‘s modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast, based on Alex Flinn‘s young adult novel of the same name.

Alex, 19, most recently starred opposite Emma Roberts in Wild Child.

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, WENN
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  • Giovanna

    I love vanessa!Diva!!!

  • mishyB

    WHAT… gorgeous Vanessa and this dude/nobody …. I hope there are no sparks between these two. BUT there could never be its all about ZANESSA FOREVER.

  • Nel

    Tell me more about this Alex felluh! lol Like does he have a girlfriend??? He’s gorg! I don’t usually go for blonds…

  • ladysdsandiego

    he is cute.

  • mishyB

    i do not find him cute lol. LIKE AT ALL.

  • mishyB

    He looks like Robert Pattinson ugh!

  • kY!

    this movie sounds kinda good. I love Vanessa. She is beautiful. Her and zac are amazing together!

  • Marie

    This even True.

  • gracemarie

    Full face vire from E.

    I don’t think Jill can take a pix from E and just post it on the site but as a poster I can

    Very cute but not Zac

  • gracemarie


    he looks nothing like Robert Paatinson. Check the link I posted

  • Nel


    Are you blind?! Pattinson looks like a scraggly dog! This Alex guy is hott!!!

  • Katty

    Dude, I’m def for it now… damn. He’s almost as hott as Zac.. .ALMOST.. Zac is still my num 1 man!

  • Katieee

    it would have been cool if zac played the beast :) x

  • Sophie

    Is he the guy/kid from the film Stormbreaker?

  • kami

    hope this dude gets the part. like his british accent.

  • Kate

    Everytime I see his name I would always thought his lastname was pronounced “prettyface” and i’m like is it a stage name? not until now have I really actually read out his lastname, lol.

    he’s cute, now i know who he is.

  • may

    he is cute!!!! :)

    go vanessaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • taya

    he is so gorgeous and dorky. and a sweetheart, actually. he’s perfect

  • Lorena

    he’s cute.

  • V…4ever

    Ok now we all know he looks like a prince….. damn is he hot or HOT? Not pretty or handsome but he looks like a man, he’s…. only 19? Am I right? whoooeeee

    But can he act? The whole story will practically be built on him and he will need to carry the whole movie. hummmm so can’t wait. I am happy and excited and jalous…… of V. Did anyone notice that so far she’s had the chance to star with very, very haaaawt guys? Hope he signs on for it.



  • yuri nogueira

    vanessa, the best ♥ forever

  • Lyca i guess, is it just me or do u think they should’ve attached a, a bit more well know guy

    **** i heard that zac efron was offered to role but he turned it down
    can someone put some insight on if it is true or not please

  • listen to mayday parade

    pretty cliche hiring her, but im sure she will do well!

    that boy though, damn lets hear more about him! total hottie

  • Michelle

    Oh my gosh if Alex is in it…..YAY!!!!!

  • http://jjj yankeejetsmomma

    wouldn’t it be cool if zac played the beast? he did say that he’d love to work with v again. that would be so perfect! love them

  • adry

    this movie is the big screen on tv?

    i hope big screen

  • Zanessa Forever–x

    way to go vaanny !!!!!!! x

    i love her so much! x

  • zanessahater

    zaneessa won’t work together again thats just too corny and hsm not to mention STUPID!

  • me.


    awhhh he’s gorgeous…

    is this big screen or tv?

  • sam

    LOL hes hardly a nobody
    he was with emma roberts for ages
    he IS stormbreaker

  • Maila

    Don’t hate on Alex people! He is gorgeous, Zac best watch out! lol.

    He wasn’t with Emma for ages, just while they were filming Wildchild, which is a cute film btw.

    Alex is so hot, and is a great actor, from Tom Brown’s school days to Stormbreaker and wildchild, and his new movie Tormented looks brilliant!

    check it out

  • ivanka

    @Nel: he worked with emma roberts in wild girls i think… he is so hot and has a sexy accent…

    thats a hot couple, cant wait=)

  • helen


    he is ugly

  • ivanka

    vanessás new photoshoot.. she looks amazing

  • lol

    Why you making this about Zac? He was offered the role and turned it down. It would be stupid for them to act together in a movie so soon after HSM. They need to establish themselves indvidually first. Otherwise they will always been seen as Zanessa….

  • hunny

    This picture doesn’t do him justice. He is gorgeous and sexy as all get out. Love the accent. Good for Vanessa with this and Sucker Punch. Ummm, can I have Vanessa’s life?

  • pop86

    Damn, he’s hot. Zac better watch out(and I’m not kidding)

  • saamthefishh

    I LOVE ALEX! he’s georgeus!
    better than vanessaaa
    shee doesn’t deserve him… really!

  • de

    He’s hot but Zac is sooooooooo much hotter!!!!

  • tizzfan

    see him one -> cute
    see him twice -> hrm….. gorgeous
    hear him talk –> HOTTTT

  • Vfan

    This guy is hot …hope Zac does’nt get jealous lol… maybe it’s just me but Zac seems VERY possesive of Vanessa. Vanessa is very beautiful and this guy is gorgeous, wacth it Zac ! lol

  • Karen

    This young man is very attractive and seems just right for the part. Everybody needs to stop hating on him as you all know exactly why you are doing it. Vanessa is beautiful and will be working with a lot of hot guys and Zac is handsome and will be working with a lot of sexy ladies. So get used to it. If their love is strong the fact each will be working with attractive people of the opposite sex will have no bearing on their personal relationship. So don’t get trouble started where there isn’t any and give the people that Vanessa and Zac work with some credit too for being professional.

    I believe Vanessa and Zac will work together again but not for a while. It’s too soon and they are too well followed over their relationship. Aso, I would want if they work together again to be able to do something more adult and powerful than some teen movie. So, they need to get established this next year with their separate careers. Brad and Angelina worked together ONCE and you have not seen them in anything together since. BUT they obviously still have a private and personal relationship.

    This movie looks like it has casts the right people for such a story. I wish both of them the best and hope it is successful. But as everyone should know ahead of time there will be all kinds of rumors. I mean if people can make some big rumor about Zac and a 37 year old Leslie Mann—who is lovely—then I have no doubt what kind of stories will be going on about Vanessa. So, everyone get ready for a bumpy ride.

  • sunny

    Hey this is the kid from Stormbreaker! Dang, he grew up nice.

  • Bee

    He is hot.

    I hope he does end up being Vanessa’s leading man.

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    @yankeejetsmomma: Yes. Yes it would. Awesome !!

    Whoa, ok. How come I haven’t heard of or seen this Alex character ? ..He is BEAUTIFUL !!

  • vanny14

    Wow baby v he is hot!!!!

    He has David Beckham’s resemblance!!!

    woot woootttttt

    Wow they can also be Calvin Klein’s undergarments MODELS!!!

    Can’t wait

    Congrats V!!!

  • mhay

    im so excited for this thanks to CBS.
    we love vanessa so much.

  • hititquitit

    he is FINE
    i mean wow
    i LOVE zanessa and everything and so want them to get married
    but i didn’t even read the headline and just said
    ‘ Zac who?’
    i hate myself for it but damn
    white boy is fine

    but idk if they’d have chemistry anywhere besides the screen if he gets the role
    but he is Fine have i said that? yes i have.

    Just tell me if he has a girlfriend. ;)

    i love this movie btw it sounds like it’d be good but the first thing that came to my mind was Disney and such.
    Now i’m calm and have to say i LOVE zanessa
    alnessa or whatever just doesn’t make sense.

  • lai

    im so happy for vanessa.