Zac Efron is a Studio Stud

Zac Efron is a Studio Stud

Zac Efron keeps it cool as he backs out of a studio parking lot in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (April 22).

The 21-year-old actor and his 17 Again costar Matthew Perry played 20 questions with each other on Max 60 Seconds. When Matt asked if he preferred Chuck or Sloth from his fave movie The Goonies, Zac replied, “Hey You Guys…” Guess he couldn’t decide!

Hollywood.TV tweeted earlier tonight, “Zac Efron just walked into Vanessa [Hudgens]‘s house… Wonder what those lovebirds are up to behind closed doors?”

Max 60 Seconds with Zac Efron & Matt Perry

Max 60 Seconds with Zac Efron & Matt Perry
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Credit: JRS; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • ladysdsandiego

    this guy is just too good looking.

    hmm i wonder what him and vanessa were/are doing

  • ANa Paula

    zacc is awesomee
    i love you site jaredd

  • aw

    I love the banter b/w Matthew and Zac. & cute, they love spending time with each other.

  • Jazmin

    really scary that they actually watch who goes in and out of her house…. no wonder she carries a taser…

  • ZanessaLuvr

    He’s too hot. Love him & Vanessa!

    lol @ Jazmin, #4 xD

  • zanesssa/scashley?/ashnessa

    Aha, he looks so cute with his hate. :D And may I say that the shorts are hot ? They

    @Jazmin: LOL !! …Now that I actually think about it… …Do the paps like…stay close to celebs. houses until the celeb. comes out or something ? ..That’s just creepy.

  • Bradley

    Zac looks great.

  • Marie

    I wounder if this could be about his movie.

  • pop86

    IDK if the paps followed him or were camped out in front of Vanessa’s house either way it’s just creepy.

    Zac is laid-back and hot.

  • zanessa4everr

    he’s so hot its unbelievable!

  • kara

    it’s chunk not chuck

  • Cindy

    I bet this was about this his new movie.

  • daniyah

    OMg he is sooo hott! i love him! and zac and vanessa are just the best couple ever!! aww soo cute! He went to her house, i wonder what their doing…lol i love them they both are so HOTT! its my dream to meet them! :)
    Zanessa 4-ever! <3

  • Marie

    Zac is so hot and sexy. I wounder if this is about is new movie.

  • casey

    hes a hell of a lot better lookin thn those pansy boys,umm whats their name,oh yeah..haha the jonas brothers

  • ladysdsandiego



  • Staci


  • nikki

    WWOOOWWW!! i am loving the hat!!! HE LOOKS SEXYY!! i am in LOVE with zachary david alexander efronnn<<3<3<3!!!!

  • http://Justjaredjr Brittany

    Zac is soo hott LOVE HIM<3333

  • tizzfan

    i like ” I have lots of time ” phrase by matthew.. haha

  • dina

    zac you get hotter by the day, omg i can’t take it!!! Love you :-)

    awww i see in one of the pics that he has his ring on, he doesn’t wear it very much, its good to see him with it on ;-)

  • lai

    Zac is So Handsome no doubt for that, but i really care for vanessa.
    i love them both.

  • Bradley

    I wounder why Zac was at a studio. Maybe it had something to do with a new movie he is doig.

  • Bradley

    It looks like Zac is wearing a ring.

  • De De De

    sexy sexy sexy and SEXY!
    he is the most sexiest man ALIVE!! EVER!!
    my husband zac!!<3<3

  • mhay

    is that his Promise ring? this guy is so much in love w/ his GF.


    omgomg! THAT IS HIS PROMISE RING!!! how adorable! he is the perfect boyfriend XD! i wish he was all mine! i love zac efron!

  • gracemarie

    If it were a pap at Vs house would be pictures (which of course could surface) but I think the paps pay the neighbors in many cases to tell them stuff or the cleaning lady or the garbage man or the gardner etc..

  • jo

    @jUSTINE: i don’t think that’s his kuuipo ring. I think he lost his after his appendectomy. he hasn’t worn it since. but Vanessa still has hers

  • dina

    hmmmm i wonder what ring that is then

  • Isaac

    it could be a new one he bought!! AAAHHHH!!! i love zacc efron!!!!!

  • swac fan

    total stud :D

  • nicki

    4 days until zac is comes to berlin AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    he look really sexy ;]

  • jackie

    that so funny.. but a little creepy with zac and vanessa thing . Paps have no lifes.

  • Collyn

    SLOTHH!!! I love Sloth too!

  • Ashley

    Did he really lose his ring? That’s not really the type of thing you’re suppsed to lose.

  • jojo

    i totally love zanessa and i really hope they’re doing something nice and cuddly in there :) lol aw they’re so sweet
    we’ll see in the morning if zac comes out of the house ;) right? :D

  • Britt

    yea I think jo is right cause when it’s emergency surgery they remove jewelry and I think it was stolen or who ever took it off lost it

  • mia

    i hate denim shorts on guys. i hate it. even his good looks and talent can’t keep me from hating them.

  • Stina

    When is the MTV movie awards?

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    all zanessa kisses

    visit my channel fersken22

  • Athenais

    what do you see he wears his ring ?

    Zac is so amazing , I love Matthew perry

  • awurbii



  • Amanda

    Its CHUNK not chuck…and “HEY YOU GUYS!!!” is what SLOTH says…So I’m going with he chose Sloth…but hey…whatever.

  • Ash

    wat is up wit wearing hats and glasses, is it a new trend or summin.

  • V Factory So Cal

    awww…that was cute!

  • marie

    uuh sexy efron!

  • tisbreel

    thats cool…i also wonder what theyre doing behind the close door….
    hmmm….maybe spend time together…
    infact they love to spend time together…
    they are so cute….
    zac hot and vanessa beautiful….yeah!!!

  • Ellen—>Ellen

    zac is a total STUD fer sure. lol he is HAWT XD!! i wish he would visit my place ;)

  • jessie

    guys zac is spending his night at v’s house these days ’cause zac haven’t buy any furniture for his new home LOL if he’s hoing to stay at his house he’ll have to sleep on the floor LOL ofcourse baby v won’t let her love to do that will she? LMAO i wonder what they do at v’s house LOL oh home sweet home LOL
    anyway ZANESSA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Zanessa forever!!!!!!!