Demi Lovato: Happy For Hannah

Demi Lovato: Happy For Hannah

Demi Lovato shines in a silver dress at the premiere of Hannah Montana The Movie held at Odeon, Leicester Square in London on Thursday evening (April 23).

The 16-year-old actress immediately got a hug from gal pal Miley Cyrus as soon as she hit the carpet.

Demi was seen out and about this morning, making a stop at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

10+ pics inside of Demi Lovato premiering Hannah Montana

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Photos: Tim Whitby/Getty Images, WENN
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  • Rosa

    awww ..
    that’s cute ..
    matching colors too ;p

  • rachel

    true bff

  • hun98

    So cute!! My two favorite girls musicians! :D Love them! They’re both so gorgeous!!!

  • http://justjared shamilah

    that’s so nice the both have the same colors on!
    i think demi’s is better though.
    but they both rock! ;)

  • Maria-Chiara

    They are so sweet! **
    And I love Demi’s dress! <3

  • Lauren

    i think demi looks great.. but miley looks absoloutely stunning – she looks amazing, everything about the outfit hair an make-up looks great! im so jealous

    i like demis hair but she’d look even better with a sharp-cut side fringe i think it’d look nice

  • Rosa

    yea .. demi’s dress is really adorable ..

  • cC :]

    Demi and Miley are both soo pretty and i love both of there dresses :)

  • Keirah

    they truely made my day.

  • Mary beth

    Love Demi’s outfit not so much the shoes Miley and Demi should switch shoes then Miley can have those shoes with her ugly dress..maybe it wouldn’t be so bad without those huge shoulder pads

  • kayla

    miley! gorgeous as always!
    nice to see them happy :)

  • jo

    Those Demi&Miley pics- TOO CUTE!!! They’re so silly and fun together.

  • CaptinCrunchRokcs

    aww their adorable!
    Love Demi and Miley!

  • listen to mayday parade

    Demi is a fame wh.ore
    But I love her dress.
    Ugh I wish I could stand her but there is just everything about her that I don’t lie/ respect. She is completely fake. That giant smile isnt fulling me.

    LOVE Miley though.

  • mellissa


  • kathrine


  • lol

    @listen to mayday parade:

    Demi is less fake than Miley. Mileys nice dont get me wrong. But Demi is genuinely nice all the time.

  • makaela


  • http://jjj miley

    they are both awesome! :) i love the pic number two! :)

  • listen to mayday parade


    See I refuse to believe Demis over the top giant smoke is real. It’s hideous and it hides who she really is. Sorry I just am not a fan lol but I’ll stop hating on her …. Now!

    Seriously, great dress though! Silver. Strapless and the front top is amazing. I wonder who it’s made by!


    right now people love demi-miley more than demi-selena.
    demisel is great friendship because it wasn’t on papparazies.
    i really love selena goemz very very much i think she’s awasome but these girls(demi and miley)are really affectation and annoying!!!!
    liked miley’s nhair but she doesnt look well.
    like demi’s look ;]

  • :) Smilleeyy

    AWWWW :)
    I definitly Love those 2 together, They’re adorable.
    Love Demi :D

  • saudia

    they both look fantastic !!

  • josephine m

    wow their adorable and im a huge fan of demi fyi 20 years old here ,oh haters gtfo you dont matter

  • Meela

    Seeing Miley and Demi made my day. I think they are amazing! and I’m glad that Miley met up with Demi because Mley was missing home and her mommy and everything, so seeing Demi and friend from her home town must of made her day =]
    I’m just gutted I couldn’t get down to London to see Miley =[

  • whatever

    omg this bitch (miley obviously) needs to stop the “bff” thing with Demi. its not like they are bff. HELLO SELENA IS DEMI’S BEST FRIEND

    but ofcourse since Miley is jealous of Selena she is trying to steal Demi away from her (cuz Selena is in Canada shooting a movie)

  • Ally

    DILEY or MEMI Rocks! they are both sososo talented, they are both pretty, they can both SING AND ACT! they are BOTH PERFECT!

  • maggie

    demi & miley look STUNNING!!!

  • demiselenamileylover

    whoa. they’re cute together like that. and the look on mileys face is priceless. love it.
    plus i envy demi’s shoes. they’re HOT.


  • demiselenamileylover


    excuse me… grow up?
    just becuase demi and selena have been best friends since they were very young don’t mean they can have other best friends? they may be best BEST friends, as is mandy to miley, but it don’t mean they still can’t be best friends.

    i have said my piece. thanks

  • georgia


    right. because miley only invited demi to the premier. pretty sure demi was in london on her own doing press conferences so she went to the premier. miley isnt stealing demi away from selena. good lord. miley is obviously doing something right or she wouldn’t be as popular as she is. get over it.

  • ashtisdalelover1905


    agree with u !
    they’re not bffs i think,they’re annoying and it’s more like show for papparazie!
    i like demi and sel but miley is just a sassy,spoilt and stupid teenage girl…!!!

  • hahah

    it’s so funny how people are flipping out that Demi and Miley are friends.
    ever heard of having more then one best friend? I have.

  • kristen

    ok demi has worn those heels everywhere… isnt that like against celebrity code? haha

    but anyway demi annoys me i cant stand her she seems like she is entitled to so much & also she insulted taylor lautner so i dislike her ! haha

  • Courtney

    They both look genuine. prefer Demi’s looks over Miley but both look good. I like how there is not more feud within Disney…I just hate all their friendship with Taylor…now that is fake

  • sabrina

    i like demi”s dress, but i dont like her shoes. and i like miley’s shoes but i dont like her dress. aww, its cute how they are friends. :]

  • Shannon

    i love them!! i love them even more together!!! im just sooooo bummed that they’re both so close to me and i cant go see them…. stupid school

  • Rochel

    I wonder if they planned on wearing the same color of dresses?
    They both look really cute.
    You can tell they are happy to see each other.
    Touring is hard and so is being away from your family and friends.

  • nessaacosta
  • billythekid


    Yeah you said it all, and even I can’t add anything more to it.

    Some people I take with a grain of salt. I have seen your hate comments before, so I take you with even less consideration. As Demiselenamileylover above said, Grow up. If that’s at all possible? We can always hope!

  • nessaacosta

    FYI she never insulted taylor lautner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so be quite..

    and she looks gorgeous!
    and those shoes are super cuutee

    the dress as well..

    age appropriate :]

  • jo


    Haha. You’re SO immature! People have have MORE THAN ONE BEST FRIEND!

  • ariana

    they both look AMAZINGGGGGGG


    I love see Miley with other Disney stars, this proves that there is no dispute. They are friends. Miley is so sweet …

  • Victoria

    aww thy both look amazing, and they match haha

  • Andy

    She looks GREAT!

  • e

    they look like genuine real friends
    who says you cant have two best friends?
    i have two best friends that i woul die for.
    its the same with them
    stop judging a friendship you know nothing about.

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    Love Demi’s dress…….And Miley always looks awesome!!!!!!!!

  • ashleytfan

    Hah, you immature haters are so hilarious.
    People can have more than one best friend.
    Miley isn’t spoiled. She is like Demi & Selena,
    down to earth.

    They are just like us except known. Don’t hate on either of them.
    A lot of you seem to hate Miley more though.
    Everyone loves her.
    She has more fans than haters, which is nice.

    And fyi, all THREE of them are very very close.
    They wouldn’t fake a friendship.

    As for the premiere pictures, they look amazing


  • someone

    whatever, demi can have more than one BFF. and if you REALLY wanna go there, then what about taylor and selena? they’re like attatched to the hip. if miley stole demi, then wouldnt that mean taylor stole selena? you guys act like your freaking 5 years old! grow up

>>>>>>> staging1