The Naked Brothers Crush On Kristen Stewart

The Naked Brothers Crush On Kristen Stewart

Naked Brothers Band members Nat and Alex Wolff take a load off backstage at the AOL headquarters on Thursday afternoon (April 23) in New York City.

Nat, 14, admitted to BeRed that he has a crush on Twilight star Kristen Stewart. He shared, “Kristen was really hot and amazingly sexy in that movie Adventureland.”

Alex also shared a crush on Kristen, saying, “Yes, she’s amazing! I saw Twilight, but Nat didn’t. I’ve seen more of her movies, so she’s mine. Kristen Stewart for me, Jessica Biel for Nat. Hear that, Kristen Stewart? I’ve got dibs on you!”

25+ pics inside of The Naked Brothers Band performing at AOL…

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Photos: PNP/ WENN, Kiyoshi Ota/Getty
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  • kc

    First! Two years ago these two dissed the Jonas Brothers by saying “unlike the Jonas Brothers, we write our own songs.” Look where the Jonas Brothers are now compared to them lmfao!!!

  • Sarah

    Who can blame them? K-stew is gorgeous.

  • riana

    eww she is hideous!

  • sam

    JB have written their own songs, so that was a lie. Atleast JB is respectful and don’t start cursing on live chats.

  • arantxa

    She is beautiful
    Nat is 14 :|

  • http://jjj miley

    kristen is really amazing but…..14 year old!?!?

  • b chick

    like they have a chance with her …. lol!

  • kc

    @sam: The Naked Bros cursed on live chats???? woooooooow. pre-puberty boys cursing like they’re rockstars. lol

  • mia

    thesetwo arenot even real artist why are we writting comments againg

  • anna

    hahhahaa, wowww what is he like 12? XD
    kristen is wayy outta his league i mean she is stunningg!
    ahah, i love kristen

  • Kirsty

    wow, they look so much older..

    I think Kristen Stewart is very pretty personally.

  • Sarah

    Who cares if he curses, he looks cute LOL

  • briana

    awhh their so cute! I LOVE THEM! :]

  • Meagan

    Okay, for 9 and 14 yr olds, they look like they’re already using drugs or losing sleep. What are these two doing that is making them look like this???

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    omg nat is growing up so fast!. alex i such a cuitee!.

  • Michelle

    EW. They’re creepy.

  • WhatChoNameiz


    Because the JB are overrated unlike these two.
    Over exposure = MASSIVE FAME.
    Durr. De. Durr.
    They both suck, so..

  • cc27

    They Dissed The Jonas Brothers? ‘o’
    When? !!

    But Seriously, Nat Looks Hotter than Before LMAO.. xD

  • camz

    haha i loove this!!! nat and alex are the sweetest boys ever. they always make me laugh. =]

  • camz

    also people need to stop talking crap about NBB or comparing them to JB. they are both completely different bands and they play different music. i looove JB but seriosly they are huge and everywhere! try giving NBB chance and let them have their share of fame…. also dont think i’m like some 10yr old writing this iam actually 21, but i have a sister, cousins, and friends who are in their teens who are actually fans of NBB. so iam very familiar with them and their music.

  • pALOMA


    I agree! The naked borthers are crap! They dissed the jonas brothers, claiming they don’t write their own songs but look at where they are now!

  • briana

    @camz: i agreee! stop comparing them to JB their toatally different

  • natalie

    take a number and stand in line buddy lol

  • Ami

    Um… who cares about them? Sorry no offense but they are laaaame. Well to me. I actually used to really like them a long time ago lol. But now I don’t. I freakin hate their retarded, pointless show and sucky songs. Nat just got kind of uglier….and it’s pretty funny when they dissed the JoBros a while ago, I remember that. Lol. Like they can even say anything.

  • Hannnaaahhh

    @Ami: seriously shut up you suck :D

  • SamiJo

    i loveee the naked brothers band!! nat & alex are so grown up now. especially nat, hes 5’11 or 6 feet now. not little babies anymore, sorry haters ;)
    keep posting on them JJJ!!

  • kathy

    I’m sure she’s already worried

  • Dani

    Aww, they’re soo cute. And yes, Nat has def grown up since the last time I saw a pic of him. I love Kristen, too! Whoo!

    Kristen Stewart FTW!!!


  • Dani

    @kathy: Already worried about what?? Lol

  • sara

    get in line buddy, She’s mine!!!!!

  • sara

    I actually think these would be kristens type of guys, except for the age barrier of course. Their cute

  • Nikki


    No you stfu. She was expressing her opinion idiot.
    And she was right because they are effing lame.
    What kind of name is The Naked Brothers Band anyway,,,the fuck?

  • nea

    Nat looks so hot in this concert!!!
    and alex too (her braces are off)…

    i wanna be kristen stewart!!! k(

  • camz

    HI SAMI JO!!! haha

  • gigi

    aww (: haha.

  • anonymous

    They write their own songs? Bahahaha. Okay, sure, they may write their own songs but their songs are meaningless and childish. Cmon, it’s a band with a 9 year old kid in it…
    FYI, the Jonas Brothers DO write their own songs. They are more talented and deserving than the NBB ever will be.

  • Rashley24

    nat is so hott.. luv him =]

  • knenadov

    umm…ewe…disturbing much?

  • Julie

    Lolzz Brooklyn Beckham has also a cruch on her! Haha!

  • sarah

    kristerns a fugly crack whore
    can’t they someone like miley or vanessa

  • angelita

    that`s so swet!
    who can blame them?
    i mean she is so beautiful :)
    I love Twilight

  • lauren

    nat is WAAAAAAAAAAY cute. ive got dibs on him. SO BACK OOOOOOOOFFFF :)

  • red

    natt’s hott in the main picture…

  • Sarah

    @sarah: Normally, I would repsect people’s opinions but when they use immature insults like an “fugly crack whore”, I have no respect left for them. Come up with some REAL insults that don’t make you sound like a 12 year old.

  • Mikaela

    @Meagan: uhmm, hes 11. turning 12 thank yuu very much miss.

  • nbb is sexy

    THESE KIDS ARE SO TALENTED! GIVE THEM A CHANCE! they have changed so much since they first came out, if you listen to their newer music and watch some of the newer movies, i bet you will like it!

    YA NBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    C’mon NBB is one of the best groups ever , they’re like my age & their songs are inspiring! PLEASE STOP HATING THEM!

    Maybe the Jb are even more famous but I don’t like them but Im not insulting them right?! ;]

    NBB is my favorite group , im 14 years old and .. c’mon don’t be inmature please , don’t insult them because they’re not saying something bad right?!!

    Nat&AlexWolff♥ ILYY


  • allie

    nat and alex didnt curse on a live chat…..ive been on every live chat….stop making things up.
    they look so cute!
    nat is hooooooooooooooooot!

  • Sam Hanngan

    Yes but the Nat and Alex have gotten thus far, because the have talent. They have alot more potential. You may not like them but do not confuse that with having no talent. I have seen as much Jonas Brothers clips as I can, to be honest, they are only as big as they are because of the overzealous Disney machine. They have some talent, but I can not really see any potential. They are bland and boring, their music does not seem to have that spark that some other bands have. I am a critic, so I will tell things as I see them. Wow they curse in live chats, I curse all the time big deal…. cursing is just words.

    In the talent department Nat and Alex win hands down. In the potential department Nat and Alex win hands down. In the exposure department the Jonas Brothers kick ass. I’d rather they not, they have not yet that level in which the actually deserve the attention they receive. They may do so, but they are well of the mark.

  • Caitlin


    fyi, alex did not curse, someone cursed at him and all he said was that he wasn’t one. he was defending himself, and he didnt curse back.