Fashion Faceoff: Opening Ceremony Backless Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Opening Ceremony Backless Dress

Sara Paxton looked electrifying last month in an Opening Ceremony backless blue dress at the premiere of her horror flick, The Last House on the Left. The 20-year-old actress finished off her red-carpet look with an ebony clutch and black strappy heels.

Ashley Tisdale stepped out last night with BFF Vanessa Hudgens at the LG Rumorous Night. The 23-year-old actress/singer looped her dress with a black belt and completed her look with a black purse and Christian Louboutin Mary-Jane 120 platforms.

Who wore Opening Ceremony best -- SARA PAXTON or ASHLEY TISDALE?
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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Juan Rico/Fame Pictures
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  • http://jjj miley

    ashley wore it a lot better! her shoes are gorgeous and the black belt looks really fantastic! ashley rocks! :)

  • Maria-Chiara

    Ashley is better!

  • mikday

    Sara wore it better. I like Ashley’s shoes better, but Sara wore the actual dress better. i feel like, when people vote on these, they’re voting for who they like better, not who wore what the best :/

  • seldemijonas

    I think Sara is so much better.


    Ashley, no question.
    And Sara made it look trampy without a belt.

  • Grace

    yh most of the time its just who people like better but i think Ashley made it looke better because of the belt but besides from that, nothing different.

  • miley cyrus supporter


  • Jerk

    SAra 4 sure

  • Hugh jass

    oh whoops caps lock.
    but yeah, sara looks natural without a bunch of accessories
    people only voted ashley because they’re still stuck in the whole “High School Musical” phase.

  • Laura

    Ashley looks so much better in this dress, the shoes and the belt match awesomely :D

  • ivanka

    saraah , besides she wore it first

  • Bruna

    Sara , for sure !!

  • bianca

    i don’t know…. i love Ashley and all but Sara in my opinion carried it out better!!!

  • V

    Love Ashley, but I also felt Sara wore it way better!

  • stephanie


  • funny

    Ashley 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times
    shes Hot
    ashley wins :)

  • Katie

    You people are saying we vote on who we like best. That isn’t the case for me. I hate Ashley and love Sara but I voted that ashley wore it better. SARS’s outfit looked a little boring but Ashley made it more modern by throwing a belt over it. I also want to mention that Ashley did wear it second but she probly didn’t notice that sara had already worn it.

  • Katie

    Sorry about calling sara a different name in my last post. I have a iPhone with automatic spell check and it doesn’t beleive that sara is a word…

  • Nina caplan

    Ashley wore it so much better than sara.
    Here you can really realice that details matter :)

    sara looks boring and kinda naked

  • dsgdgdf

    Sara looks elegant. the dress on ash doesnt really work with her orange complexion. are people voting for her because they really think she looks better or because they are a fan of hers?

  • Ruchi

    Sara wore it wayyy better!

  • http://OMGPOP.COM cOLD

    I love Ashley more, but I think Sara looked waaaay better.

  • pop86

    The dress fits Sara much better. Ashley’s dress balloons on the top because of the belt and Ashley looks like she holding her breath; however Ashley’s shoes are much better than Sara’s.

  • sophie

    ashley is much better

  • Stella

    Sara 100%

  • Michelle

    I honestly think Sara wore it better, it nice and simple on her, and it flatters and complements her skin tone and hair color.

  • Nancy

    I definitely think Sara made it look more classy and elegant. While I’m usually a fan of belting dresses, I think Ashley’s belt actually takes it down a notch.

    Sarah isn’t going to receive as many votes in “who wore it better” because she doesn’t have the same fan base Ashley has, and these days, it’s about who you like or whose name you recognize.

  • dany

    ashley is much better

  • ash rockz

    sorry, ash wore it better <3
    she looked really great!
    but i think sara looked good, too.

  • Claris

    sara 100% +1

  • ashley tizz truefan

    Ashley of course <3 she looks so good!

  • ashleyiluvyou

    ashley cause the shoes are CUTE and sara’s is just ewww!

  • iloveamtandvah

    ashley all the way
    ashley is way better than sara(;
    i love you ashley

  • Imogen

    I personally think that Sara wore it better. Ashley’s belt doesn’t quite tie in, however I’m not so sure about Sara’s shoes….hhmmm.


  • Louberry

    Sara wore it better! I liked Ashley’s match, but Sara looks more elegant.

  • ali12345

    sara just have alot make-up onn that’s why everybody thinks she wore it better. Like ashleys make-up is so more natural.

  • amanda

    sara 100%

    it’s soo much better on sara

  • amanda

    it’s sooooo sooooo much better on sara

    sara 100%

  • princess

    1,000,000,000% for ASHLEY TISDALE!!!
    She wore the BEST!!!
    Sara is so UGLY..!

  • . . .

    . . . to be honest, I dont really like the dress that much….

  • aaa

    off course ashley she is the best!!