Vanessa Hudgens: Floral Skirt Flirty

Vanessa Hudgens: Floral Skirt Flirty

Vanessa Hudgens brightens up the day in a pink floral mini skirt as she visits a friends home in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (April 30).

The 20-year-old actress also paid a visit to the Film Colony Studios with a male companion.

Vanessa, who has also signed to star in the upcoming Beastly, has found her “Beast” in Alex Pettyfer. E Online reports that Alex has been cast to star alongside the brunette beauty.

Beastly starts shooting this summer in Montreal, Quebec.

25+ pics inside of flirty Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens at Film Colony Studios, 04/30

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Photos:, RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • joanne

    alex pettyfer is way hot! lucky

  • jjjissick

    cute!! she is so pretty<3!

  • bruna luiza

    vanessa beutiful.. firts

  • lol

    Not a huge fan of the skirt.but the rest if the outfits cool.

    she has good future prospects coming and a busy summer.

  • eLiZaBeTh:(

    2nd!!!tHaNkS jArEd jR fOr MoRe V .sHe iS cute and her new hair and love her outfit!!!V rOcKs

  • zanessa misser

    wooooooooow she look sooooo hot she have to viset zac not a friend

    i hope i see her with zac in this dress or wt ever it was

  • amy


  • casey

    i love nessa :)

  • cresaaa!

    awwww yay she’s gonna be in another movie!(: oh and jared her hair is black not burnette.

  • Bradley

    Vanessa looks so beautiful.

  • Leah

    love the outfit, and are wanting to where she got her shoes. I love them and her.

  • lover

    love the outfit. she’s really pretty :)

  • Lorena


  • Kelly

    Has Zac dumped Vanessa yet.

  • vanessa fan love

    sooo cute!*-*
    PERFECT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • melissa*

    she looks great! (: can’t wait for beastly & bandslam. vanessa can work just bout anything. lol. you ROCKKKK. x3.

  • V…4ever

    I really love color on her. This is one of my fav outfit for her. She is trutting like in a runway or whatever they call it. I love her hair. She is extremelly beautiful Aw aw aw. And I love that she wore those sandals. They go well with the whole look. Ah let me shut up. . . No I can’t. . . the girl is F’amazing. And look at the photogs running after her. ahahaha lololol.
    Go V. go V.go V. I love you.

  • dots

    She looks so gorgeous!
    I love her outfit, its beautiful, and her hair looks amazing.

    Yes, Alex is finally confirmed! Love him! They’ll be one hot couple!

  • Katty

    I like her outfit, and her ring is on so all is good in Zanessa land, because some people were talking about that blond rep and stuff.
    Anyways, she looks pretty, love the new hairdo, and I can’t wait for her movies, this is going to be a busy summer for her.

  • suzy

    she is just too hot.

  • http://TeamHudgens Bradley


    Why don’t you and Zac is a Rat get a life.

  • lore

    love her style :D she is really pretty!!!

  • V…4ever

    Me too. Oh I wish I knew where they were filming. I would so go see her although they would not let me get in lol lol. Maybe they will be filming downtown. . . I will so go through every corner of Montreal. I am so exited for Beastly. I wasn’t that exited for a movie since HSM3. Can’t wait.

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    Gorgeous Baby-V (:

  • Claireee


  • jessie

    OMG V YOU LOOK STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    Loves it. She really needs to design

  • aw

    What a cute outfit.

  • hihi

    I’m glad I have’nt seen her with Zac. I do not like him and he does’nt belong with her imo.

  • http://TeamHudgens Bradley


    get a life.

  • gabrielle

    Montreal, I live there!! Wish I’ll see her and get a picture and autograph!!! I’m so excited. If you’re reading my comment V, I’m a big fan!!!

  • VANESSA123


  • lovebug :]

    do we know when and where her LA premiere of bandslam is? i have a client whos daughter is a huge fam of vanessa and i would love to take her to the premier.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    she looks soooooooo awesomee!!! wowwww,that girl has a lot of stylee!! xD,she always brings a smile to my face =)

  • Zanesa4ever

    Okay sombody explain 2 me where montreal, Quebec is??

  • maria

    She’s looking gorgeous and summery!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    @Kelly: so funny! jerk…of course no!

    @hihi: get a lifee!! or just,get lost..who cares if u like him or their life and they can choose with who they wanna be…
    i cant wait for her next movies! i`m soo excited! she`s really talented..i`m so proud of her =).baby v supporter XD
    i wish zac was her costar.haha

  • meme!!

    she look so cuteee!!
    love her style :D

  • yets

    i love her looks!!!!!

  • Lyca

    OMG she looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good

  • ginia

    does anybody know WHY she looks so tall in her pictures, but is really 5’1.5 in real life? It amazes me.

    If someone can explain this, thanks.

  • Kirsta

    aw shes soooooo cuuuute.
    does anyone also think she’d be cute w / ryan sheckler
    cos in a 17 mag interview, ryan mentioned she is his
    celebrity crush but he said zac’s his friend.
    just curious!
    but wow i wish v didnt wear glasses so we could see her eyes :(

  • ivanka

    omg so lucky to work with alex..
    vanessa looks great as always

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Flirty Vanessa Hudgens ? Oh JJJ… more like Sexy Vanessa Hudgens. She kinda looks different here and I love it. ..I love her legs.

    @casey: ..I am so jealous.

  • pop86

    Like the skirt

    Did the paps follow her to her friend’s house? I hope Vanessa taser one of them

  • justjaredfan

    beautiful as always
    love her
    she always has the cutest clothes and SHOES.
    she amazing.
    cant wait for beastly

  • KB

    diggin the skirt

  • Courtney

    I love her style, she always looks great.

  • dani

    i agree with you vanessa doesn’t need zac dam she is hot and find a better guy than zac
    i’m tired of zac he is a cheat

  • candace

    shes lost ALOT of weight. like alot.