Robert Pattinson: Spin Doctor Dreams

Robert Pattinson: Spin Doctor Dreams

Did you know that New Moon hunk Robert Pattinson wants to be a spin doctor?

The 22-year-old British actor recently caught up with Moviefone to chat about his role as Salvador Dali, other career opportunities and his pal Taylor Lautner. Check it out:

On playing Salvador Dali in Little Ashes: “A lot of it was quite hard. I guess in a lot of ways, the more I read about Dali the more I kind of liked him, and liked what he tried to make himself stand for. I guess the hardest thing was that I didn’t want to disrespect his memory, especially when I met a lot of people who he knew and stuff. People were very, very fond of him, so that was probably the hardest thing. [Laughs] I didn’t want to mess it up!”

On what he’d like to be if he weren’t an actor: “I’d quite like to be a political strategist and like a spin doctor. [Laughs] I’d really, really like to do that. I think I will end up doing that at one point.”

On the craziest fan experience he’s seen yet: “There was one quite weird thing, I was in a Blockbuster the other day, and I hadn’t realized it was the day the [Twilight] DVD was coming out, and there were these two — no one recognized me in that place — and there were these two 8-year-old girls who turned up with their parents. They were picking up their pre-ordered DVDs, and they were just shaking and crying just because they got their DVD. I thought that was pretty incredible, I hadn’t seen anything like that before … I mean, I have when it’s in person, when it’s meeting me. But just to pick up a DVD, that was kind of crazy.”

On pal Taylor Lautner keeping the Jacob Black role: “It was weird. When I came back, I hadn’t seen him in ages, hadn’t seen him since the summer and when I saw him, I saw him just before he got casted, and he put on like 100 pounds! I was like ‘Jesus Christ! If he doesn’t get it, it’s ridiculous.’ But what are you going to do? There was a video of him on set the other day doing all these kind of fight stunts. That kid is incredible; he is one of the most stunning athletes I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know, I think it’ll be interesting. I haven’t seen any of his stuff yet, but everyone’s going a little bit crazy over him.”

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  • camila

    he’s so cuuuuuute and funny and hotttttttt

  • ivanka

    he is so handsome when he shaves, maybe he should work out like taylor!

  • Katie(:

    2nddd! ALMOST 1st!

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  • diana

    Dont you realise he’s being sarcastic. Its in reference to the front he has to put on for Summit. Hiding the girlfriend etc. Witty comment from him.

  • hannah

    Pattinson doesnt mean spin doctor in the way you think. He means he has to be a spin doctor when dealing with journalists

  • caz

    He’s incredibly handsome

  • cal


    Can the guy do anything wrong !!!

  • http://jjj miley

    rob is awesome! can’t wait for New Moon to come out! (:(:

  • sarah

    He’s said he’ll be playing the lead in the film of Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassant. I am so excited.

  • caROLYN

    Rob has just said he’s playing the lead in Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassant. YIPEE ITS A GREAT ROLE

  • jane

    Rob chased down alleyway

    Twilight babe Ashley Greene feels for her costar Rob Pattinson. After all, it’s not easy being the world’s sexiest and most sought-after vampire.

    “Me and Rachelle [Lefevre] were sitting at a bar waiting for Rob and we’re texting him ‘We’re gonna leave. You’re taking too long,’” she told me at the For Joseph launch at Kitson last night. “And he comes in with his hood on and his eyes…he just looked so terrified!”

    “We were like ‘Do you need a drink or something, are you OK?’” she adds. “And he was like ‘They were at every entrance of my hotel and they chased me down alleyways’ and these people are chasing him down the street.”

  • jane

    He’s my favourite actor

  • fran

    i want to see him in another big franchise

  • joanna

    Luv him so much

  • joanna

    In one interview he talks about one part he’s considering in which he speaks a foreign language he doesn’t know and another in which he plays “an incredibly abusive, terrifying character.” He certainly seems to like playing characters who are tormented, or at least struggling with who they are.

  • emily

    He’ll be amazing as Georges Duroy in Bel Ami

    Now I want him to play the Lone Ranger opposite Depp as Tonto.

  • emily

    Mike Newell is making the Lone Ranger and he worked well with Pattinson on Goblet of Fire

  • Shawnie

    Such a charismatic man. No other in Hollywood ccomes near to him in talent, looks and charisma

  • Shawnie

    He should play Houdini in the new franchise. He’s awesome as Dali

  • erica

    The lone ranger is a great idea. Love to see Pattinson and Depp together.

  • helen

    He’s the perfect Hollywood star. A top actor, charismatic, sexy, intense, funny, musical, the guy has it all

  • tania

    He’s yummy

  • caris

    Most adorable actor working today. he;s so funny and cuddly.

  • musei

    I want him so much. He screams SEX.

  • joan

    I just heard about the new roles. So exciting.

  • olivia

    my friend thinks hes kinda gloating that people cry when they meet him. i dont think so though. or is it just me. hes so amazing

  • twilight series

    I’ve never seen Little Ashes, which is a real shame, being a major fan of RPatz :S

  • newport beach, 92660

    robert pattinson :
    sex me .

  • dany

    loves rob!!!

  • dany

    love rob!

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    Rob is all I want from a movie star

  • arantxa

    He wants to be a guitar player

  • me.

    i could’ve at least like him if his fans weren’t being so obsessive and crazy.

  • Ashley

    ilove him! He is sooo gorgeous!

  • sarahh

    ele é muito gato!!!

  • RebecaLOVESROB


    I ADORE HIM!!!

    ps. sorry, i’m pretty obsessed.

  • Steffi r

    i noticed his interviews have changed a lot. before he used to be heaps more quiet and didn’t say as much. looks like he is easing into the whole celeb thing quite nicely

  • monica

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute