Kevin Jonas: Bye-Bye Big Apple

Kevin Jonas: Bye-Bye Big Apple

A weary looking Kevin Jonas makes his way into JFK airport in New York City on Sunday night (May 3).

During the week, the 21-year-old musician and girlfriend Danielle DeLeasa enjoyed their mini-vacation by catching a few shows on Broadway — including Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Kevin was seen toting an Insignia digital picture frame box. Here’s hoping he and Danielle captured all their memories on it!

The JoBros premiered their new series, JONAS, last night. Did you tune in? What did you think?

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Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • harmonygrace

    Aw he looks like he needs some rest!

    But as for the show, i loved it!! And I can’t wait for the next episode!!

  • ella1170

    First? Yay!
    I think kanielle is cute and for the first time it’s just kevin!
    Also I watched the series it was AWESOME! And cute! ;)

  • ella1170

    Poor Kev he needs some sleep!

  • martha

    aww he needs to sleep!!!

  • duddeee:]


  • Catherine

    I wonder why he is so tired ;P I’M JUST SAYING… a week alone in NYC with your GF (I love he and Danielle btw)

  • LALA

    i bet if this post was about the other bros like nick and joe there would be like 298372 comments on it already LMAOOO

  • cc

    OMG! it’s kevin!!! :D

  • Lo

    Maybe he’s not tired but just missed Danielle already? It has to be hard to leave someone you really care about, even if it’s just for a little while.

  • tara

    he looks so tired ;( go to sleep! ppoor baby!

  • tara

    i missed JONAS yestredya so i watched it on UTUBE :) amazinnnggeeesssttt thing ever :) i lvoe love love it :) (3 loves for my three loves….the jonas boys ) I LVOE U GUYS :)


  • mrsefron.

    MMMM <3kevvv!
    he was in a new jersey at long branch pier village this past weekend my friend met him & danielle! I hate her! & i was gonna go with her too! but i didnt because of familyy issues :(


  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Kevin Jonas is sooo HOT!
    I loved JONAS. It was
    super funny. It will last.

    JONAS 4 EVER!!!!

  • Courtney

    Kevin is awesome and so is Danielle!

    I watch Jonas with My Mom and I love it! It is amazing!

    Best Disney Channel show, ever!

  • tara



  • = ]


    & i loveeee Kevin — the end part, “WHO ARE YOU!?!?!” LMAO!

  • daaniiela

    kevvv needss sleepp!
    righhtt nowww!!

    love you jared:)

  • gi

    kevin meu futuro cunhado, velho o kevin é muito lindo, ele seria meu futuro marido mas é muito velho pra mim :D ae é nois do brazil no JJJ :D

  • Andrea

    awww he needs sleeep!!
    boooozle wears ya out =)

  • sarah

    These pictures are about a week old. He was in New York last weekend with her.

    He was not in New York on a plane tonight. They tweeted saying they were shooting a new video earlier today.

    I wish this guy would get his shit straight.

  • DemiFan

    Here’s what I don’t get
    The show is based on their real life right? Then if that were true, they would be put in a private school cause girls would be running them down everyday of the week and no girls would be able to do their work w/o concertrating on their looks, And the wierdiest part, there’s only one girl who is crazy about them when in relality there are trillions of girls dying to be in the same room w/ them. The show is not like their real life at all. Disney has failed with that. And plus, the songs that they sing in the show dose not sound like the songs they sang on their albums. To be honest, it’s more like a JONAS version of Hannah Montana. The only diffence is, they’re not living a double life.
    Way to be orginal. They should stick to music.

  • http://justjaredjnr laurenj

    what a babe kevin jonas is.i hope he had a really great break, he
    certainly deserves it and more.TEAM KANIELLE……..FOREVER….

  • Katrina

    Jonas, was great i loved it. Joe was funny, Kevin was well hahaaa no comment but he was funny also! Nick was lovley he has the greatest smile.! I really don’t like that Penny girl to much, I think she was only in that one episode! Let’s hope haha, Stella was awesome! And that other girl that riped Joe’s stuff off LOL i fell off my chair after i seen that!! Geeze Jonas is going to be the number one show on disney channel just wait and see!!!

  • Bridget Haddix

    Aww Poor Kev:(
    He Needs Some Sleep.
    I Love Kanielle!

    I Watched JONAS last night.It was great!

  • Oliv

    JONAS sucked. The acting was terrible, the dialogue was choppy, and the plot was practically nonexistent. The Jonas brothers should definitely stick with music… Or at least find something other than Disney to work with.

  • swe3t23

    OMG HOW GAY HIM AND HIS louis vuitton luggage and least he should of got the men’s luggage.

  • Cals

    JONAS was soo lame and cheesy! But i LOVE the jonas brothers so im going to watch it anyway!!! haha :D Kevin does look sleepy!

  • Crazyfor JB

    he needs some rest…poor Kev…

  • Yvonne

    Aw, poor baby! Kevin does look so exhausted. He has been going heavy with Danielle for 2 weeks now.


  • Nicole

    Kevin is by far the funniest on their show!

  • kimberly

    Nick and Joe get more credit in their music, but Kevin more than makes up for it in the show he was by far the best. i wish him and Danielle the best.

  • Ady

    I hate Danielle!! but if he’s happy I think i’m happy too

  • Ady

    either way I love him!!

  • mileyfan1223

    @Katrina: they are in a private school….did u not notice the uniforms? they have their fame, but they may have been at that school before fame, so people grew up with them and wouldn’t be all over them. i do agree, however, on it being a “hannah montana part DOS”…

  • mileyfan1223

    i’m confused…didn’t nick tweet today saying they were filming a dessert scened video today? how were they doing that if kevin was in NY?

  • MAndyluv

    Ummm hes still 20 his bdays not till November and he does look really tired:( The show was hilarious!!

  • beautimagnet

    I didn’t get to watch their show, Jonas because i don’t have their channel. =(

  • Becky

    He does look a little tired. Must’ve been the red-eye flight he was taking. i hate those flights. Sounds like he had a great weekend with Danielle. I love them together! Their so cute! Man, broadway shows and bamboozle all in a weekend would be draining on anybody.

  • MariaFromPanama

    awww he looks soo tireed..he haas an uniqqe babyy
    lovee hiim
    im from Panamá
    & ii saaw JONAS on utube with a couple friends..&
    it was soo freaking amaazingg
    i eveen saaaw..the 2 episoode ;)
    it roocks :)
    aaww i love daniellee(:
    she’s my fav. GF..hahahaah
    just jocking she’s cool :)
    iLLUUU JOEE <3
    its likke my dailywebsite :)

  • MariaFromPanama

    btw i LOVED NYC &NJ!..:)

  • J
  • Kirrily

    @MAndyluv: Umm no, he’ll be 22 in November. Joe turns 20 in August. Joe and Kevin are just under two years apart.

  • Ashely


    Idiot, that IS men’s luggage. The female version is white and pink. I have it, my brother has Kevin’s. Know your stuff before you open your mouth and let your stupid fly out.


  • lYNN

    AWWWWWWWW Kevin is sooo good to her!!!

    she is such a lucky girl! i actually like her, shes the only girl that a Jonas is currently dating that i actually like. shes true to Kevin (unlike Camilla to Joe) and she is very nice, shes full of life, she seems like shes so much fun , and i bet she doesnt make fun of his (Jonas Brothers) fans (like camilla did with Joe) and Kevin also has his own mind and WONT MAK E FUN OF HIS FANS LIKE JOE DID!!!!

    but i love Kevin!!


  • a friend

    AW Kevin please don’t be weary. as for DANIELLE take care of him or i’ll break your face. Kevin you need rest your goin to crash…….

  • identified

    @DemiFan: @Oliv:
    gotta agree ..
    JONAS sucked ..
    i mean the videos that JoBros used to put on their Youtube were way much better than the show ..
    acting is stupid .. plot is silly .. full of non sense ..
    i expected much more better than that ..
    big failure .. it was like a story for 3 years old kids ..
    what a shame ..
    what happened to u disney ..
    copying urself and repeating shows with different cast??
    now that’s really ridiculous !!

  • J
  • Maddy

    @MAndyluv: he turned 21 in november this year he is turning 22

  • samarlovesjb

    KEVIN! yay hopefully coming back to LA :)
    I LOVE their new show..its really cute and i cant wait to see them on tour!

  • Jerry

    He could have at least bought a good digital frame like Kodak.