Ashley Tisdale is Barney's Beautiful

Ashley Tisdale is Barney's Beautiful

Ashley Tisdale holds onto a full shopping bag as she leaves Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon (May 7).

The 23-year-old “What If” singer tweeted earlier today, saying, “Recording my animation Phineas and Ferb…. Then off to rehearsal.”

Ashley will be performing at KISS Concert 2009 in Boston on Sunday, May 17th. The Black Eyed Peas, The Veronicas, and Jesse McCartney will also be performing. You can still purchase tickets from

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  • a.l

    yay first

  • ashRocKS

    luv luv luv her!!! no one can take her place shes unoque and awsum lookin kute!!

  • nop

    wow! she’s pretty!

  • christine

    he’s so hot !

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    “What If” singer ? …I want to hear that song. ..Like now. Ashley’s new album is just a month away !! SO excited. Oh, I love her sweater, and her hair. OH !! And her shoes !! Fabulous.

    Vote for Ashley for Breakthrough Performance Female !!

  • zacefronishot

    chicken legs! hahahaha :D
    i love zanessa!<3

  • crazyi

    vote for ash!!

  • ladysdsandiego


    just cause she’s performing at the kiss concert and in germany doesn’t mean she’s a successful artist or her album is gonna be a success. i’m not hating on ashley cause i like her and i plan on buying her album. but
    you never know her album may flop too despite the promo. just saying.

    and like ash vanessa is doing things too so don’t say she’s not.

  • tizzfan

    both fans are sad when they try to compare ashley and vanessa…
    they are just too immature to handle such friendship that they might never going to have..

  • Solange

    As the #7 said that Vanessa had more fans than Ashley, i have to tell her something again. Sorry, that’s not true. Vanessa doesn’t have and will never have more fans than Ashley.

  • Scashley Loveer ;x

    She looks awsome!!
    I love her outfit!

    Wow hater are sooo annoying. They hate somone but still take the time in their life too comment. Its all about “Zanessa”!
    I remeber time ago when their wasnt a Zanessa people didnt pay much intrest you Vanessa. But now their a couple people praise them because somhow they look good together. Its okeay you have a favourite couple….. But zanessa fans turn evil. Your glad their a couple so why do you bother telling us to vote for them on an ashley post??
    Some ov the reasons i dont become a Zanessa fan is because their so rude. All i see if “zaneesailu” or “zanessaforever” on ashley threads and its all negative comments. And i dont wont to be become a fan and vote for them because of their rudeness.

    But thier must be thousands of vote’s lost now.
    Hope Ashley wins. She’s doing an amazing job! Shes going to go far.

    Loveyouu Ashleyyyy <3 x

  • jas

    this is quite funny
    on monday my mates and i and a boy ended up tlking bout the Hsm kids. and they all said they liked ashley better. one said that they liked Vanessa. but most of them said ashley. one of them even said vanessa dosnt give her fans a lot ov attention and she drives around LA wid zac! and one said her personality wasnt real enough.

  • mykamicks

    Like her shoes …

    Na a… Hope she didnt pick up same things with her friend Vanessa has ( she was there last May 1, 2009). and would see one of these days that she will have same item/s that Vanesa has again….

  • RTTloveeer ;

    I really don’t get why Zanessa fans bother coming here for. Don’t they see it’s a ASHLEY thread? Not a Zac &Vanessa one. So Ashley fans come here to discuss about HER, not to see Zanessa fans bash our idol up. And if you have nothing nice to say about Ashley, just don’t say anything. We are not interested in hearing your thoughts.
    Thank you.

    Love Ashley :D

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    vanessa doesnt have more fans
    actually no one can know this.
    vanessa has more fans at this web site ! in the other web sites ashley wins at every polls.
    and i have to tell it ashley fans ashley because of she has an azaing personalitty and very different than the other stars.
    but v fans love vanessa because of she’s pretty and dating zac.
    they say it everytime.
    sorry foır bad english,i’m from Turkey.please come here Ashhh <3

  • nina caplan

    shes soo prretty… i want that hair!

  • lm


    what if they have more fans.
    people love them because of they’re good couple.
    but people love ashley because of her music and movies and personalitty

  • team tizz

    team tizz all all the way
    vanessa and zac can kiss my ass.
    To the person who said V has more fans than A.
    You must be living under a rock, ASHLEY HAS WAYYYYYYYYYYY MORE FAN THAN VANESSA.vanessa has more fans at this web site BUT in the other web sites ashley wins at every polls hands down.

  • awurbii

    Will everybody stop stereotyping everyone!! What’s up with all of this nonsense about how vanessa fan’s are rude or ashley fan’s are rude. If two people decide to write a rude comment about ashley it does not mean that everyone is like that. Not all vanessa fan’s hate ashley. I definitely don’t. So give it a rest.

    Ashley and Vanessa have just as much of a chance at winning this award as each other. Guys, we don’t know who’s going to win. It seems the majority of you think you has some freak psychic ability to see into the future.

    You guys do realise that there are other nominees. Miley and Frieda are pretty top candidates and to be honest i doubt that ashley or vanessa will take this award. They might but Miley fanbase is huge and Slumdog Millionaire is an incredible film.

    I’m sorry to say this but wasting your time saying things about how Vanessa’s only famous because of Zac and her album flopped will not make her any less famous. You all sound like you’re in some seious denial and are trying to make yourselves feel better. You all sound pretty ridiculous ot be honest. Vanessa is famous and so is Ashley. We don’t know who has more fan’s or he will pick up this award on may 31st but it won’t be a victory for anyone. It will not prove that ashley’s more talented than vanessa or vanessa’a more talented than ashley because the award is voted. So, whoever wins it won’t make a difference!

  • ash rockz

    @#5 and #7
    Gosh, get a life!

    You’re absolutely right!
    Vanessa fans just like her because she’s dating Zac.
    They ARE NOT real fans.

    Ash is amazing.
    She’s beautiful, funny, talented and has an amazing personality!
    I love her (:
    btw: She looks so pretty.


  • awurbii

    @ash rockz:

    i just wanna say that WE ARE real fans. We don’t like her just because she is dating zac. You don’t know what you are talking about so don’t make declarations based on your personal opinion because its not relevant. I said it before and i’ll say it again, saying all these things about vanessa will not make her any less famous.

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks awesome! ashley rocks! :)

  • ZJ207

    OMG! She’s looking really gorgeous these days <3 :D

    and vanessa fans: WHY do you come here? like seriously, don’t you have something better to do then come here and insult Ashley and then make us reallyyyyy mad??? STOP IT!!!

  • Steffi r

    yeah her hair colour really suits her and id kill for her bod!

  • Leah.

    @awurbii: I just need to say this, I agree on everything you said! (:

  • dany

    she’s amazing !!! i love her !! ash have more fans of vanessa
    ( i’m a italian fan ) *__*

  • Mili

    awurbii: I AGREE WITH EVERY SINGLE THING THAT YOU SAID, that’s true, I’M A HUGE FAN OF V, and i love her, but that doesn’t mean that I hate Ash, or think that she’s ugly, or wish that her album flops and all that…
    NO, I LOVE HER TOO, so PLZ, ASH FAN HAVE TO STOP, AND REALLY S-T-O-P TO BASH V FANS, NO EVERYONE IS THE SAME, you don’t have to be a psycologist to know that there are as many opinions as people in the world, so PLZ don’t put all Vanessa’s, or Zanessa’s (I’M A FAN OF THEM TOO) in the same bag…

    (sorry for my english)

  • ZanessaSupporter

    I’m sorry but saying that V’s fans only like here because she’s either pretty or because she’s dating Zac is not true. There are a lot of Zanessa fans who like V better. And you all don’t know why they like her. Even if they say it on internet, it’s just commmenting on pictures, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like her for who she is. You can’t say that. And saying Ashley has more fans or V has more fans is ridiculious. I doubt that you know every single fan of them. SO saying that is just stupid. And V has many movies coming out and an album. The fact that her cd didn’t do really well, isn’t her fault. It’s HR’s fault. So don’t talk about that.

    V has many great directors wanting to work with her. Zack snyder anyone? and her name is mentioned a lot in possible roles for new movies. So that kinda proves how popular she is and how much potential people see in her

  • hsmzanessafansite

    Hey, stop with all of the hatred, ppl…
    Ash an V are best friends, wait scratch that, they r like sisters…
    Not all Vanessa’s fans hate Ashley, I don’t..
    actually I <3 them BOTH!!

    i cant wait until i see the mtv awards…

  • Sarah

    People if you want to say anything about a star but not Ashley save it and go to there posts!
    REMINDER this is an Ashley post, where you can comment on ASHLEY.
    Negative or Positive say what you want just don’t mention any other star.
    This is starting to get really annoying…

  • jane

    yay!! she looks awesome!! i love her!!! seriosuly everyone should vote for her at mtv…!! she definitely deserves it!! love you ashley!! cant wait for your tour!!

  • ZJ207

    @Sarah: I totally agree :)

  • ZJ207

    and btw:
    oh look! she didn’t twitter about her going shopping and paparazzi were there!
    see haters? paparazzi don’t need twitter to follow the stars.

  • Marie

    Ashley looks wounderful.

  • marisa

    ashley i love you but do you do anything else besides shop and go get your hair done?

  • jas

    @marisa: ummm yeaa… shes doing a lot ATM she made an album 2 up coming films or somthing lyk that. going on tour….. she has been doing a lot. im sure if u had the money like that u wud go shopping its everygirls DREAM. i noe its mine lol.
    soooo yhhh… let her be shes been VERY BUSY and has everyright too go shopping when she wnts; its her money she spends it how shes wishe’s…….. :D

  • Nikki

    If U don’t like Ashley then don’t comment on anything about her. Same for Vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!! They really don’t care about what a handful of people think of them anyway. They’re are MILLIONS MORE who love them. One is not better than the other, they have their own things going from them and are headed in different directions. So why don’t you all grow up and keep your negative comments to yourself, cause all of this childish hating on Ashley and Vanessa is unnecessary and getting VERY old.

  • maria

    when it comes to voted awards, it doesn’t matter who won…

    just like in dancing with the stars for those of you who see the show, not all the winners are the best dancers, but merely loved by the fans… or voted for the worst thingy….

  • Ashley


  • jas

    @Ashley: she dsnt need to dress up for the paps! im sure ur fashion sense aint the best either! its wot she wears to premiere’s that matters!

  • Jake

    I LOVE HER!!

  • ivanka

    this girl is a stick!

    no curveees!


  • Solange

    #47: just accept the fact that Ashley hasn’t done any promos. Vanessa got TRL. But now TRL is over so STFU. It’s Alright It’s Ok is wayyy more better than Sneakernight. And when she starts promoting it, it’s gonna climb fast @ every charts. Brainless.

  • ashRocKS

    i love the remix of its alright its ok!!

  • totallytizzy


    so ur voting for vanessa only cause she has curves and is not a sticK??
    hahahahahahhahaha what loser!!!!! u guys r sooo dumb all u care about is the beauty, the body, and the boyfriend when it comes to ur idol, well thats stupid us ash fans care about personality which vanessa doesnt have she is soooo fake, the hard work that person puts off and just overall of attitude and everything of that person in the inside not outside!!!!!
    so just rush to zanessa where they dont give shit about u or any fan for that matter and stay with them cause they are not stick they curves hahahahhahahah LOSER!!!!!!

  • ZJ207

    @totallytizzy: exactly! lmao

    VOTE FOR ASHLEY!!! This girl is amazing <33
    I really wanna listen to her album.. I wish she’d come to Lebanon for her tour..
    She’s going to miami on Monday!! There she’ll perform new songs from the album! Miami fans are soo lucky!!!!!! haha

  • awurbii


    The level of immaturity displayed by your post is ridiculous!! If ivanka says something about ashley and you get offended, i am sorry about that but trashing vanessa fan’s in general is just low. You are no better than ivanka if you are going to do exactly what she does.

  • Live Laugh Love

    @awurbii: i agree.

  • zanessalova

    vote for Vanessa she is way better than ashley in every way.. and sorry ashley fans but deap down inside you all know who has the more fans so whatever..
    Ashley will never win anything in her life except for HSM awards so get over it

  • jane

    @zanessalova: now thats being overconfident, okay?? heard about modesty?? i guess not..
    love ashley!! vote for her like crazy!! she definitely deserves it!!