Miley Cyrus Runs for Revlon

Miley Cyrus Runs for Revlon

Miley Cyrus snuggles up to her mom Tish as they arrive at the 16th annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women held at The Los Angeles Coliseum in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (May 9).

The 16-year-old starlet tweeted from backstage, saying, “At the Revlon run walk for women! And I’m doing magic tricks backstage!”

The Revlon Run/Walk benefits and brings together a united effort to help rid of women’s cancers.

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Credit: Kiley Bishop/London Ent, Juan Rico/Fame Pictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Miley Cyrus
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  • Elsa

    her moma is so cute! and she wears all stars!! modern moma!! :D
    the two of them look gorgeous, happy to know miley participate into it! :D

    lov’ya miles!! (L)

  • Elsa

    1st! =DD

  • ray

    aw (:
    was miles running in the race?
    and why wear boots?

  • hailey

    @Elsa: yeah do you noticew how miley never wears all stars anymore? always boots or heels ):
    i guess she’s just growin up..

  • http://jjj miley

    they are both awesome and so alike! :)

  • Britney

    Aw, Miley looks so pretty!

  • mileyfan

    She looks so stunning! LOVE YOU MILES!

  • listen to mayday parade

    man mileys ister really does look like her mom… no wonder the papz always mistake the sister for the mom lol

    love miley

  • nessa

    she has chubby cheeks.

    but she is a pretty girl

  • soph

    miley looks healthy :) glad to see one young celeb that looks healthy. keep it up miles. cool mom btw

    love u Miley

  • emmy

    Is it just me, or is Miley wearing less makeup? Because she looks younger now without all that makeup on.

  • EMI

    they’re so cutee :D

  • me


  • rqel

    Miley es la mejor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    te queremos!! (L)

  • Rosa

    lookin good miles ..
    have to agree ..
    miley is the type of a girl that looks way younger and prettier with less or even no make up at all ..
    also it is good that she has a healthy body
    way to go miley =)

  • lolzzzzz


  • me too

    if she took time to go down there and pose then why didn’t she do the actual run/walk? i mean she can’t really run in what she is wearing especially the boots!

  • ivanka

    she looks like the daughter of sarah palin =|

  • Zekemaster

    Her mom actually looks better than her. Ever since Miley hung out with Demi, she’s packing on weight. Miley, lay off Demi’s food, she’s poisoning you with all that fat.

  • Victoria

    aww they are both so pretty!

  • rii

    @me: uhh when you get on birth control you are not supposed to miss a day even if you know you arent having sex. once you are on birth control you have to take it everyday and try to take it at the same time of the day too. if you dont take them everyday and you miss enough pills, ur gonna have to start a new pack cuz it messes up everything.

    i take birth control pills. i take it as acne medication. but my face hasnt bloated, i havent gained weight, and although my breasts have gotten a lil bigger that may just because im a girl going through puberty. tell me then, if im on birth control why havent i had the stereotypical side effects that you are putting on miley?

  • RACH

    She actually looks like a 16 year old girl.
    Not loaded with make-up.
    Good :D

  • 251458


  • katie(:

    she’s gorgeous! :)
    I like that she participated in this, my grammie had breast cancer ):
    -but she’s better now!

  • liss


    that’s what i thought!

  • Vay Nay Nay

    Her mom’s eyes resembles the exorcist.
    She’s scary looking.
    As for Miley’s weight, come on people. Get a life.
    I’m not a Miley fanatic but some of the things people
    say are ridiculous.

  • billythekid


    I really think you are either out of your mind or you are on something. It amazes me to no end to see the sort of rubbish that people will try to invent to justify their idiotic opinions.

    You already called her ugly in an earlier comment, and now you call her fat, and then tell Demi to add a few pounds? Are you by any chance schizophrenic? Curious because the last time I noticed, both Demi and Miley seemed to have the same body types. Honestly Jenny, it’s enough if you have to hate someone, you don’t actually have to believe they are fat and ugly as well. I am very sure you have friends – IF you have friends? – who are the exact same weight as Miley, and I am certain you don’t think they are fat. In case you are wondering, that makes you a hypocrite.

  • sabrina

    she looks awesome, i love that shes not wearing a lot of makeup, she looks very natural.. about her weight, please, id love to have her body, she haves curves all the right places.

  • Zac F Ron

    She’s fat. Her mom’s not. such a shame.

  • TV

    Whoa! WHAT HAPPENED??? Miley was sooo hot but now her body looks like Demi’s, manly and chubby! What the f*** did Demi do to her?!!

  • me

    she’s fat?!?!
    NO she isn’t
    she has an amazing body.

  • lessonslearned

    she looks soo pretty.
    just like her mom.

  • erika

    i love miley and she and her mom both look so cute and pretty! :) but yeah miley needs to stop hanging out with demi. i hate demi. ;)

  • Jay!

    Are you KIDDING me?! She looks healthy! Sure, she ways more than she did before, but back then you would call her anorexic! I mean SERIOUSLY, LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE!
    And stop making Demi references, Demi isn’t fat either!


  • celebrityobsessed.

    You can tell her mom has had ALOT of plastic surgery…
    Miley said on her Twitter that she has had McDonald’s four days in a row, so maybe thats the reason for the extra pounds?

  • BillyGoat:)

    OMG Ew. This girl was really cute. Really hot actually. But she really looks like that Demi chick now. gross

  • lo

    I think Demi and Miley are both extremley beautiful and I think anyone that calls them fat is either anorexic or a thousand pounds

  • steffi r

    LOL they look exactly the same!!!
    happy mother’s day all :D

  • watajoy

    @emmy: totally – watajoy

  • jimmy

    Gosh I don’t how girls are thinking but Miley looks really healthy and has chubby cheek , which is so gorgeous and HOOOOT! to a guy like me. She’s perfect and ripe now…. muahahaha :)

  • me

    Love her
    I can’t see where she’s fat -.- Neither Demi..
    It’s sooo good that she does this kind of stuff :’D When people really get famous they usually stop (cough cough *jonas brothers* cough cough) but she’s purely sweet and amazing!

  • lovebug ;)

    extra punds? fat?what????
    is it me or is it you?^^
    i think she’s superskinny, too skinny..
    i like her moms body more cause her mom has curves..but miley looks like my 12year old cousin..

  • Ashlee

    she looks better without all that makeup she wears,
    but she looks like she has gained weight

  • winnie

    shes super cute there!!!
    i love her.
    i think shes wearing less make-up.
    she looks like a baby.super baby-face and really healthy.
    i love her like this :)

    please follow me at
    thanksss :)
    miley rocks!

  • winnie

    you girls need to stop dissing demi.
    she didnt give anything to miley.
    miley and demi are the way they are right now.
    both of them rock!

  • Jonas Brother Fan!

    Wow Miley is cute.

  • sean84

    well theyre both beautifulls nd espeshally miley lol nd her mom looks lik my age bye the way nd am 31 lol

  • sean84

    bye the way those who r sayin miley is fatt r fuckin assholes cuz mileys body is perfeck nd i want a girl wiff a body lik hers lol well i want miley i dunt want any1 else lol

  • sean84

    those who r sayin miley is fatt r idiots her body is perfeck nd well i want a girl wiff a body lik hers lol well i want her i dunt want any1 else lol

  • The Monster Under The Bed :}

    OMG haters
    you guys are just
    gross! Obviously you
    have enough
    intrest to even say anything
    about her. If you
    guys really want to show
    your hate for her, DON’T COME ON

    She’s not fat she’s
    very cute and
    I <3 Miley!!!!