The Jonas Brothers Rock Radio One

The Jonas Brothers Rock Radio One

The Jonas Brothers sign autographs and take pictures with fans outside the Radio One Studios in London on Tuesday (May 12).

Kevin, Joe and Nick helped promote their upcoming album Lines, Vines, and Trying Times, set for a June 16 release.

FYI: JB makes a special surprise appearance in the new film Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian, and the brothers are set to walk the red carpet at the movie’s premiere in Washington, D.C.!

20+ pictures inside of the Jonas Brothers rocking Radio One…

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  • Veselka

    Cool I mLove JB.and I can’t wait to hear the new album

  • Rachel

    1st! and I’ll be at the premiere in D.C too to hopefully meet them again :) haha can’t wait! They look really good in this pics :)

  • lynn


    they are so incrdibly sexy!!!
    i really dont like how Nick and Joe are the center and the default picture, and Kevin is in the corner…i mean, its not their fault, but i just cant help to feel really bad…
    oh and the girl in the 1st picture looks so ready to kisse joe….IF she hasnt done so already…


  • mrsefron.

    mmm, i looveeeeeeeee kevin! <3

    JB IS AMAZING ;; super excited for the album & too see em’ again!


  • nikonata

    ILOVETHEM!!!!! <3

  • annie

    Nick Jonas! oh my god!. why are u sooooooo HOTTTTTTT???!! and u’re only 16 years old??? I can’t believe it….sexy little boy!!! :O

  • rosie

    oh god. joe, you are perfectttt<3 seeing jb nov 17!

  • Michelle

    is it me, or… does kevin looks really tanned?

    can’t wait for november 13th! jb is coming to holland, AWESOME!

  • Laura

    WHAT? they’ll be in th movie? i heard only their song “fly with me” will be in the credit at the end

  • ivanka

    is it true that joe is movin to camilla to an apartment? i heard that rumor and idk, it dissapoint me how much joe is managed by camilla, because the article says camilla need more space alone with joe, you know what i meaan..

  • NAdia

    no the rumors not true. i mean theres no way his rents would let him… one know when they are coming to dc i live close and wanna go!

  • ilovejoenas

    Just Jared – could you put up some photos of The Jonas Brother’s when they were in Australia around a week ago? I heard that they were on Hamilton Island – if you could put some photos up and get the background details. Thanks!

  • cc27

    Joe Jonas Looks soo FRICKEN SEXY !!!

    Nick Looks soo Skinny? :O But At the same time he’s HOT!! :) haha
    Kevin too was HOT :)

  • Ms A/i love nick j

    jb keeps gettin’ better!!!!! cant wait 4 their new album!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    Seriously Jared! This is one of the all time hottest looks on Kevin and he gets a small picture? Do you have something against him now?

  • Yvonne

    And also, why so few pics of Kevin too? That bites! :(

  • listen to mayday parade

    Joe has the raybans I want!

    I see Demi picked up a pair of yellow ones… I have had yellow for over a year now, they are hot. But teal, pink and black with pink arms are the best ones for sure.

  • Mandi

    God, joe is so unattractive now with that hair! eww…. lol

  • Trishie

    It kinda looks like Nicky J has some dandruff !! Who cares though!!!
    I HOPE the rumor about Joe getting a condo for him and Camilla ISN’T TRUE!!! his attitude has seems to have changed quite a bit since he’s been with her! he doesn’t seem as happy, goofy, and as care free as he used to be! i know they all need to grow up but i don’t want to LOSE the “Joe” we ALL LOVE SO MUCH!!!

  • lily

    Whooop <3 All the Jonas Bro’s

    Wish They Went to Manchester
    So Wanna Meet Them !!!

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    OMJ I love them
    they are soooooooooo
    cute. I can’t wait to see “Night
    at the museum: Battle of
    the Smithsonian.”
    It’s gonna be so cool!

    And Yvonne
    no offence but seriously, No
    one has anything on
    Kevin so can you please
    quit making it worse?

  • c

    awww the love of me life joseph adam jonas♥
    hes allllllll miinneeeeeeee[[:

  • Courtney

    I love those boys!


  • Tarynd

    If you ask me i think the jonas brothers are so over rated. ya shure they were cool before disney but now disney has made them in to babies. FYI disney is for kids and like all kids they need to grow out of it.

  • Yvonne

    #21—No, I wont stop. I am sick of how Kevin is treated by the media dn the so-called :”fans”. If you dont like Kevin, I dont care

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    FYI Yvonne Kevin’s
    my favorite Jonas and when
    do you ever see the media
    say or do something
    bad to Kevin? Thats
    only the pathetic

    Btw they’re on
    the street at a radio
    station not a
    photo shoot so obviously
    they could’nt get a picture of
    all of them let alone just
    one of them.

  • imzeajonas

    whaaa!! joee ,, i love youuu!!! ^~^

    you’re so perfect

    jonas brothers is so COOOLL!!

  • me.

    ya know, i may/may not be the only one noticing this but…. i really admire how hardworking they are. never get tired of the promos and touring. but, boys, when you try TOO hard to promote yourself, people (including your fans) will eventually get tired of you.
    …idk, just saying.
    and if someone starts saying “IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM, DON’T COMMENT AND GET A LIFE” i’ll just laugh at their stupidity. i like the jonas brothers, i used to be obsessed, but i’m just really tired of them. and i miss the old jobros ):

    btw, out of all the three boys in the main pic, kevin definitely looks the best there. and i never think he’s hot, especially compared to nick and joe. lol

  • annamarie

    does it come out the 15th or 16th!?!?!??!?!?!??!?

  • amanda

    they look GOODDDDDD! i can’t wait to hear their new album!!

  • shaked shneider

    he is without the necklase that Camilla gave him!!!! does it means they broke up?!?!

  • nicklovesemily:]

    omg i wanna go to the preimiereee:) when is it?!?! im 45 min away from dc!