Demi Lovato's Got A Subway Stomach

Demi Lovato's Got A Subway Stomach

Demi Lovato totes around a Prada handbag as she heads into to a recording studio on Wednesday (May 13) in North Hollywood.

The 16-year-old Sonny with a Chance star stopped at Subway before heading to the studio.

Demi tweeted at the studio, “One of the hardest things about Hollywood is learning the difference between true friends, and co-workers.”

She added, “Going through and making final notes about all of the new songs for my album…. YAY!!!”

10+ pictures inside of Subway eater Demi Lovato

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Credit: Jones, Sharma; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • lovebug :]

    all these disney girls are beautiful

  • Sam

    Sorry, I feel like I don’t even know who she is anymore. I know she says she is going to stay true to herself, but if this is who she is now, I really miss the old Demi. She was different from the ‘cookie-cutter popstar stuff’, lol. But now she has a Prada bag? No, just . . . no. Lost me as a fan.

  • Valeria


  • kc

    @Sam: She acting more like a “celebrity” more than Selena is. Or even Miley. Out of all Disney girls, she is the one that developed a big ego the fastest. She seems to love the attention of the paps and all expensive stuff on the celebrity world. Seriously, unless she is a 45 millionaire entreprenuer like Miley or Britney, this girl needs to spend wisely because with all the “changing” she is having and all the stuff she is carrying around, she will lose many fans and become broke.

    At least America’s beloved Selena Gomez is still a virgin to tanning. So far, she is the only one with a wise head on her shoulders.

  • swe3t23

    so what if she has a prada bag…she worked hard for her money.
    Same with Miley, they deserve to buy luxury items. They work hard for their money and they are always in so much scrutiny

  • Sam

    @kc: Totally agree! I really like Selena, she seems really down to earth and sweet.

  • ness

    @Sam: oh shutup
    stop being so dramatic..she is allowed to change up her style!
    and every girl lovesss bags and shoes!

    and she works hard for her money!

    demi is gorgeous and i love the outfit!
    she is really coming into her own!

  • ness

    @kc: and who the heck do you think you are!
    you’re just a hater who is making herself bitter!
    shut up.

    demi just loves her music.. and you can tell.
    miley cyrus and selena gomez are publicity seekers.
    unlike demi lovato!

    miley cyrus and britney spears cant even sing.. atleast demi LOVATO can!

    so shut up you haters.

    shoot if i had their money i would be spenging it like crazy! ahha
    they’re teenagers.. what do you expect??????????

  • sjs

    @Sam: She earned the money to buy that bag. Just cause she can afford nicer stuff doesn’t mean she’s changed. I remember when my family was bankrupt and all I had was hand-me-downs. I’m still the same person I was then, except I’m older and can actually afford to buy clothes. She still goes out in sweatpants.

    Man, the girl gets some sun and people freak out. She buys herself a nice purse and people freak out. Miley and Selena both own expensive things. They get spotted shopping a hell of a lot more than Demi, and Demi is the one who is vain, egotistical, and changing for the worse.

    Stop acting like you know these people. YOU DO NOT. Leave the girl alone. She’s freaking 16 years old. Geez.

  • ness

    @kc: and p.s selena gomez.. likes being pale.

    demi was but she didnt feel healthy.

    dont compare best friends.

    you idiot.

  • .paranoidgirl. :]


    you’re so true.

    demi might as we say it “changed” her style and appearance. but atleast she’s still the sweet and humble girl that we all know.
    so why do we have to be sad or that she has changed. she deserve every little thing that she’s getting now.

    and as for all those haters. i think you guys are just jealous that demi has achieved all this stuff in just a young age.

  • Sam

    @ness: Lol, I wasn’t being dramatic. I just don’t like how she acts now as much as I did when she first came into the business. And yeah, every girl loves bags, but are you aware of how expensive Prada is? If she works so hard for her moeny, why is she wasting it on something so materialistic? Anyway, I’m not trying to insult Demi, I used to really like her. All I was saying is that I miss her old, less Miley-esque style. It wasn’t like how everyone else was dressing, like she wasn’t afraid to be different. I never said she wasn’t incredably pretty nor untalented. So, yeah. I think you’re the dramatic one, haha.

  • bailey

    as much as I love her I do agree that fame is going to her head a little bit. Selena Gomez seems to be the only one in young hollywood who is still a totally normal girl. Oh well. I guess thats what fame and money will do to you! Cant help but have it go to your head a bit. But have you seen Demi’s mom?! she seems like the epidemy of famewhore. So I can see where her daughter gets it. Then you see Selena’s mo who pretty much seems like the most normal, down to earth mother around.

  • ness

    @Sam: no sorry little girl.

    you act like you know her, it’s truly sad!
    have you ever had a conversation with her? no
    im not the one saying selena gomez that or prada bag this.

    what do you want her to spend some of her money on????
    she makes a lot of money and she works her butt off.

    get over it. or get out of here.

  • Anonymous

    Her mom is the scariest looking women i’ve ever seen and Demi is getting really skinny i’m starting to worry.

  • ness

    @Sam: haha i meant to send these at KC.

    she is only 16 dont forget.. a 16 yr old who is always surrounded by adults.

  • ness

    @sjs: i totally agree with you 100%!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw, Demi looks so beautiful !! I love her hair. And her sunglasses, and outfit !!!

    Ok, I’ll be honest, before, I actually did not like Demi. So, if this is the “new” Demi, I’m all for it !! She’s changed a bit since Camp Rock and now she’s like my 3rd role model. I love her. She’s being her own person and she’s doing what she wants to do. Plus it’s her money…so she can do whatever she wants with it.

    Oh, btw, this is a DEMI POST. Not Selena.. or..Miley ? let’s just stick to Demi. DEMI !! ..Come to B.C. please ?

  • K

    How much is that bag anyway?

  • Toni and Angela :)

    Demi is absolutely gorgeous, we love her! And haters, like I said before, stop being so jealous of Demi and get a life, please? :)

    God bless!

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks great!! (:(:

  • Nancy

    “ness,” I really hate to say it, but YOU sound like a little girl. Telling people to shut up and calling them an idiot for stating their opinion is immature, don’t you think? So what if they made a negative comment about someone you admire? Just live with it and move on.

    Why do people think that calling someone a “hater” automatically negates everything they said? Ad hominem arguments don’t work. It’s possible for two people with very different opinions to be right.

  • Ashleigh

    and here goes the fighting and stuff . Can we just stop it alrd ? thank you very much .


  • mayblue85

    i think she’s not change…
    she’s just growing up
    it happened to me as well

    i like to buy luxury stuff since it’s in our blood as a girl/woman
    she earned her money by herself so she deserves to treat herself, nothing wrong with that

    i always like her…since she’s humble
    and yet she seems not into the publicity actually

  • Geena

    I can’t believe you, Jared.
    It’s Miranda Cosgrove’s sixteenth birthday and instead of posting that you post about demi lovato going out to a fast food restraunt. I don’t think I want to go on this website anymore. It’s totally pathetic.

  • Lauren

    @geena: for as it being miranda cosgrove’s birthday, maybe jared is asleep seeing as its like 3.00am over in america right now, and maybe hes just not had the time to post something about her.

    as for demi; yeh, shes changed in her looks but ive realised as long as shes the same person does it really matter what she looks like or what she buys? oh come on, if you had the money shes making you’d buy a prada bag i wouldnt because id buy some balenciaga which can get just as expensive..and people saying shes changed, and shes not the same, i was saying that but she looks great, she’s doing what she loves in life shes having a life what many people cant even dream of doing – let her live it how she wants shes 16 shes got years to screw it all up just like regular people…geez people need to stop and think, because no one even knows the real demi and unless your best friends with her or actually met her in real life..then you need to stop “hating” because if she ever read any of these comments she’d feel so upset, like i said on a previous comment about taylor and selena dating an that all her fans shouldn’t care who she dates or whatever they should just support her no matter what because thats what fans do…then i think we should do the same with demi, because shes got great music and i wish her all the best out of life

  • leyla

    I love Demi Lovato <3 she is such a good acter in sonny with a chance. I think that she is a pretty girl, and I love her voice when she sings, and her songs are relly good! the only thing that i van say is..
    keep on doing songs and movies and series! couse U rock girl <3

  • Ella1170

    Haha subway. Eat fresh!

  • Ella1170

    @Lauren: You took the words right out of my mouth. Demi just has a different look that’s all. Like Oprah says, “I’m still me I just have nicer shoes.”

  • Mischa

    Wasn’t this girl “I listen to metal and I’m so rock n roll” before?
    Cuz now she seems to be like one of those designer freaks and nothing rock n roll at all!

  • jordanlvsnicky

    Agree with half the posts here. Demi is into the celeb thing now. The reason Miley is near billions is because she is authentic (look it up) and ppl love her or hate her but she is famous and ppl of all ages are interested her. The other disney kids better save their money. Miley haters she is here to stay, even nick jonas cannot get over her. Most ppl don’t know who demi is, you have to explain she opened for jonai and has a show on disney…. Demi you were better off being friends with miley but you and selena have such jealous hatred over her it will harm your career if you are not careful.

  • saudia

    gorgeous girl.. love her style also .. she’s growing up too fast I think



  • Andy

    Looking fine!!!

  • :]

    @jordanlvsnicky: So true!.

  • Karis

    She’s the best
    She’s only maturing her style, that’s so normal in a girl of this age.
    She’s changing her clothes but inside she continous be the same girl…

    i love her

  • chels

    she was a bitch to people in school, because she had a big ego – that’s the real reason she was bullied. and now, it seems as if it’s coming back. can’t say i’m surprised.

  • chels

    and i honestly don’t think she’s that pretty. her forehead is like twice the size of tyra banks. i’ve seen girls at the mall that were prettier than her. she’s really nothing ‘special’ she lacks a wow factor in looks. she does have talent though.

  • Annabel

    I think she’s very pretty, but I do agree with some of the other posters that it seems like she’s letting fame go to her head. And, no, I’m not jealous of her. Just wanted to get that out of the way since apparently if you say anything even remotely negative about some of these Disney girls then their fans will pull the “jealous hater” card on you and completely ignore everything you say… even if it’s true.

  • Dee xx

    God i dont see what the problem is…. Demi is a normal 16yr old girl. Granted shes very talented and has got where she is today because quite clearly shes worked her ass off and followed her dreams. Everybody is going on about how shes “changed”. She hasnt shes just growing up and maturing like everbody else does, its life. You cant stay “that little 14yr old” forever. Obvouisly with growing up and maturing your styles gonna change. How many people can say that they still have the same style from what they had 2yrs ago? In my opinion not very many. And if she did have the same style then everyone would be on her back about “how she doesnt change her image” One things for sure it must be really hard to walk a day in her shoes. I know growing up is hard to comprehend for everyone but doing it in the public eye and being constantly scrutinised for silly little thing like “buying a prada bag” which is part of everyday life (i know i’ve got a few designer bags) it must be so hard for her. At the end of the day if your a fan, as long as your loving the music she is producing and enjoying every part of her acting career, then why does it matter what she buys with her well earned money or what she does in her private life!! Whether her image changes or not shes still gonna be the same Demi that everyone knows and loves. She still stays true to her fans. Oh and i noticed that while everyone is debating over what she wears and how she spends her money not one person has even mentioned that they were proud to see that she has became an Ambassador of Education or for the help she is trying to provide for people how are less fortunate than herself. In my eyes i see that as a very passionate and loving person. If she can put to use her talents to help other unfornate people….

  • Andrea

    I love demi´s smile,, she´s so beautiful, i can´t wait for her second album, it´s gonna be AWESOME

  • korinn

    please do not leave me with that selena gomez is normal ………

    we did not see how much money is spent on purchases, well I do not remember but if it was too, looking after it and say, now about half is just a bag, or perhaps to be bought is not something overly … not,

    demi is the most talented, and it is normal not skinny is normal, beautiful and unique, to my best and should move away from a bit of disney, it sure would be better and not be doing now as a 3 and a 4 seasons same thing, sosa……

  • FanOfTheOldDemi


    I’m so angry, so sad, so desperated. Changing, maturing, growing up, however you may call it – everybody does it, but THIS goes way too far!!!

    You’re gonna lose fans, many fans. I’ll always be a fan – of the old Demi…

    You’re promise was to stay the same. You broke it :(

  • Lauren

    @Dee xx : i totally agree; you said everything i said in much more detail lol….but yeah, everything you said is so true, and also, @Korinn i also, agree with what you said, demis not the normal, aswell as selena and miley and they’re all great girls and have great music (selena i hope will have in the future) and great acting careers ahead of them..if i was in there shoes id be doing the same thing…just hope they stay true to their nature…and dont change for anyone or anything

  • cdk

    some of you people obviously can’t tell the difference between “changing” and maturing. and Demi doesnt need any flaky fans. so if ur no longer a fan of her’s cuz u think she’s “changed” then good riddcance

  • CHristiniani

    @Sam: You don’t think Selena gomez has a prada bag?

  • CHristiniani

    @jordanlvsnicky: Dude, you don’t know her.
    So chill.

  • Tameka

    Demi Lovato is an awesome actress!! I don’t think she’s let fame get to her head. Her show Sonny With A Chance is sooo cool and funny!! :)

  • Tameka

    Demi Lovato is an awesome actress!! I don’t think she’s let fame get to her head. Her show Sonny With A Chance is sooo cool and funny!! :)

  • anon

    selena was like a tomboy before now she dresses completely different i guess she let fame go to her head too! see? you guys are so pathetic! its called MATURING! you guys are porb 10 year olds or seomthing!