Zac Efron Quanantined For Swine Flu Scare

Zac Efron Quanantined For Swine Flu Scare

Zac Efron attends the 17 Again press conference at Grand Hyatt on Thursday (May 14) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 21-year-old actor was forced to wait an extra hour on the plane after landing in Tokyo to clear quarantine. Zac shared, “[A few people from the hospital] had what I guess was a heat sensing camera and they took pictures of us – everyone was different shades of yellow and orange and green, it was pretty funny. But I cleared and made it in. I’m okay!”

“The [face] masks are awesome,” Mr. Efron added. “They decorate them very creatively here and I think it kind of works, it’s cool. The only downside is that I don’t get to see their beautiful smiles!”

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Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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  • Liv

    1st, Zac looks kinda sloppy here.

  • zane

    cute lips. kissable lips!

  • Nathalia

    Zac, so cute *-*

  • katie

    You had me worried, I thought you were saying he had it :S

  • Sofia

    jared, i thought he got it!:/
    but he’s cute, but this hair omg…-.-’

  • honoush

    love him so hot

  • Anna

    .-. Zac *-*
    so beautiful!

  • Marie

    Zac looks hot and sexy.

  • miss_uk

    he looks hot – but def needs a haircut! is it true he might be missing the KCA’s? coz he might be in mexico over that date promoting 17 again?

  • Marie

    It is already friday in Japan.

  • belinda

    belinda’s career advice for zac:

    1. cut your hair. so you get the boys to watch your films as well.

    2. do the #2 role – be leonardo di caprio to johnny depp, robert redford to paul newman, brad pitt to george clooney. do a cool role where you can make fun of how good looking you are and play against type.

  • svenja**

    he should seriously go and see a hairdresser.. but he looks hot anyway

  • NiNi

    hes looks so freaking hot … damn ,.. come back to germany :]

  • mhay


  • pink sugar

    Wow, he looks great in plaid.


    hahaha awww I’ve been missing you zaccc!


    and he’s not wearing the ring. :(

  • Marie


    I don’t believe Zac will go to Mexico because of This Swine Flu.

  • nativenyker

    I’d luv to quarantine him!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Skylar

    I almost had a heartattack! I thought he had it too!
    He looks so amazing & can do whatever he wants with his hair. I personally like it long, stop telling him to cute it. =( I don’t think Zac reads the comments anyway lol.
    I know me, Vanessa, & my bff Ciara miss Zac so much!

  • Mary

    he looks amazing. As always. Lovely smile.

  • Skylar

    And don’t forget to vote Zanessa for the MTV Movie Awards!

  • Nani

    How could you put a headline like that?
    he had to wait FOR AN HOUR, he’s not quarantined, for God’s sake!
    You are trying to get hundreds of teenage girls killed!

    Swine flu is not a joke.

  • Marie


    I was most ready to cry when read this lol.

  • Marie


    so true..

  • katerina

    A.A.A. Awful As Always

  • Bradley

    JJJ This was not funny at all.

  • zanessa misser

    when he is gonna back to LA i wanna see him with vanessa ?
    i really miss them togather and is he gonna go to any city after japan ?

  • Skylar

    Zanessa misser
    I don’t think he is going anywhere after Japan, I could be wrong but I really don’t think so, I want him to be back with Vanessa in LA too. =)

  • pink sugar

    ) Don’t cut your hair until you’re ready to. People can handle your long messy-hair. Too damn bad. If someone wouldn’t like you because of your hair that person is jerk. Life is too short (fame in Hollywood is too fleeting) to worry about what other people are thinking about you.

    2) As MLK once said,” never down play who are to make others feel comfortable. The world does not benefit from you playing yourself small”. If someone can’t look passed your appearance to see your intelligence, talent and character then that person is small-minded, and can’t help you anyway. Being humble is one thing, but never apologize for being yourself

    Brad Pitt never plays down his looks or his intelligence to make fans feel comfortable even in the Ocean 13 movies. Leo, Halle, Angelina, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, etc. don’t do it. The only person who does is George Clooney because he thinks audiences are too insecure and can’t handle a smart, successful, good-looking man which is an insult to fans.

  • Cindy

    Zac looks like he is fun in Japan.

  • Stina
  • zanessa misser

    is he go to japan or he back from jaban coz they said back 2 japan

    in this link >>>>>>>>>>

    and now he is in japan ??????

  • Lily


  • Susanna

    @belinda: Good advice. A good buddy film would be great for Zac. Also, Scorcese is making a film based on Frank Sinatra and, no joke, I think that Zac would be great in the part. I just want Zac in more movies and I hope the producers and directors give him something good to show his talent. Love you, Zac. Have a good time in Japan.

  • Sofia

    @Nani: ahah so true!XD

  • Marie

    @zanessa misser:

    Zac will be in La by sunday or monday.

  • Karen

    zanessa misser:

    Zac is in Japan right now. Just got there yesterday. It talks about back 2 Japan because he went earlier this year—in January—with Vanessa to promote HSM3 and now he is back again to promote 17 Again. So, he has gone back 2(to) Japan. Next he will go back 2(to) LA after the promotion is done. The 2 and to is a play on words.

  • emma
  • Shannon

    I agree with # 30 some smart stuff said in that post and needed on this board im happy wit the way Zac looks and carries himself who am I to tell him what he should do or change in his career kid made some smart decisions so far I dont think he’s gonna mess it up

  • Jason

    @pink sugar: ….wut the hell r u on about?

  • belinda

    @Susanna: he’s talented and not given enough credit. totally agree.

  • marie

    love his long hair! haha
    it is definitely for a new money, that’s why he isnt cutting it a bit! :D

  • undiscovered


  • marie

    i meant move, not money lol

  • marie

    i meant movie, not money lol

  • Kay

    Omg! I miss Zac Efron!

    love him.. <3

  • susan

    oh zac its already long flight LA to JAPAN and he was forced to
    wait an exra hour on the plane to clear quarantine remenber
    Tokyo is very strick country you have to follow their rules.
    well still look hot!!!

  • carrie

    omg I totally freak out when I read zac efron and swinne flu on the same sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love him, he looks cute as always, please take him back to the U.S we don’t want him to catch the virus! :(


  • cutie

    lovely smile zac!!!