Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift: Seattle Sweeties

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift: Seattle Sweeties

Besties Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift hang together as they wait for good friend Kellie Pickler outside Key Arena in Seattle on Friday afternoon (May 15).

Taylor, holding on tight to her SL McFadin fringe bag, couldn’t contain her excitement to see Selena. She tweeted before the show, saying, “I see Selena in T-minus ONE HOUR. Getting ready for the show with Selena. She says hi!”

Selena tweeted after seeing Taylor rock out on stage, saying, “There are 2 things I learned tonight. 1) I have such an amazing friend 2) love, friendship, work, family and fans are Fearless.”

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Credit: Tom Locks; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Julie Jonas

    I think they are the most beautifulest girls in the world!

    Love ya Taylor and Selena.

  • loreee

    first =)?

  • loreee

    excuses my english xd

    come to mexico please! we love u girls :)

  • Daniyah

    OMG. i was there! but i didnt get to meet them! : (

  • miss zanessa

    both are sweet girls ^^

  • reginna

    aw I just love them, they are so sweet together (lll)

  • TV

    We have paparazzi in Seattle??? Never knew that. And WHERE WERE THEY??!! I was around town and could not find them at all! Selena and Taylor are amazing.


    selena gomez and taylor swift have the most attractive features. poor nick and joe too bad that they couldn’t see what they had,
    Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez TEAM……. you girls rock my world thankyou justjared love

  • blackberry

    I was there too, and I didn’t see them either. I still can’t believe I didn’t even know selena was there too until after I got home! :P

    But the concert was amazing!

  • saudia

    gorgeous girls .. they look really pretty

  • melissa.*

    they both look ah-mazinggg! (: ahaha i love how there both so down to earth, not covering there beautiful faces, and waving hello to the cameras! xD love them both! x3.

  • :)


    first =)?

    noo ,


  • linda

    @TV: haha i live in seattle 2, but i wasnt @ the concert. but seriously!!

  • maddi

    oh man i live like twenty minutes from Seattle. i wish i was there when they were. that would of been so cool to see them in person.

  • ivanka

    taylena! i like this taylena not the other

  • tia

    god how effing cute do they look!

  • ATwilightKiss

    Oh, they’re so cute together! Could you please feature the cute pictures of Selena with the other Taylor? The ones with the hugging from the side? Thank you!

  • tara

    hahah :d They seem like really cute friends. but the only thing is….cant Taylor find some frinds her own age?

  • Leah

    I like Selena! Shes soo beautiful!

  • alison

    i absolutely love selena’s purse… anyone know where it’s from?


    Selena is way hotter than Taylor. And that’s the fact.

  • mary

    omg i love both girls

  • Zac F Ron

    It’s so funny how Selena looks so cute with both of the Taylors (Swift and Lautner, with Swift as a friend of course) lol.

    Btw, apparently Taylor Lautner kissed Selena on the beach.

  • http://jjj miley

    they both are awesome and look great! :)

  • Lauren

    does anyone know where selena got this bag from?

  • sarah

    I’m not holding my breath, but I’d like to see an article written examining why, as well-loved as Selena is, her show Wizards of Waverly Place doesn’t do as well in the ratings compared to other kids’s shows, like iCarly, where the stars are not nearly as well-loved, compared to Selena. It looks as though Selena sells magazines and personal details of her life for Disney but doesn’t pull in big ratings and I’d just like to know why her multitude of fans don’t tune in to her show. I would think the first thing that would draw you to an actress would be her acting and you can’t see her acting if you don’t watch her show.

  • Lo

    2 questions I have for this, 1) Taylor has no friends her age? 2) Taylor and Selena seem to be really close, Demi and Miley are too. so… what a friend mix-up or something?

  • Elsbeth

    Such Stunning Girls :)
    Love Them <3

    Please Follow Me On Twitter Peopleeee
    Thanks x

  • Lovethatdoll

    Gorgeous girls! I’m so glad they’ve both found hotties to spend time with – ones that actually don’t mind having their pictures taken with them! Go Lucas Till & Taylor (Lautner that is!)…

  • nada


  • daynahrose

    Hey NADA i have noticed that used to be Selena and Demi and Miley and Taylor who always hung out but now you mainly see Miley with Demi and Taylor with Selena..I dont think anything has happened between them,i mean they are all friends but Taylor has said before that Selena is her best friend in the celeb world.
    Anyway,,They both look super super pretty,,especially Taylor shes my favourite.Taylor is way way prettier than selena..and TARA so what if they arent the same age..They clearly have fun and enjoy hanging out with each other..thats a hell of a lot more important than a 3 year age gap.Love you rock,,Stay Beautiful…x

  • crazy for JONAS

    I love their outfit, where can i get those shoes???

  • shell

    To those saying Taylor doesn’t have friends her own age…Are you that stupid to think Taylor has no friends outside of Miley and Selena? They are waiting for Kellie Pickler in this pictures and Kellie is 21. Not to mention Taylor has hung out with Carrie Underwood as well. I have plenty of friends who are 4 years older or younger than I. It’s not a big deal. What is a big deal is Miley DATING someone whos 22 (or whatever age he was) not Taylor being FRIENDS with them.

  • Roger

    Two great girls. Why do some people assume that because Taylor Swift hangs with Miley and Selena, it means she has no friends her own age? Have you forgotton about her best friend at Kansas University? Why is the glass always half empty for some of you?

  • Tin

    in one of those pictures there is the person with the headband and plaid red shirt with skinny jeans demi. It looks like her somehow because that’s the kind of style she has…but i don’t know….just wondering

    other than that i think miley, selena, demi, and taylor are all friends but they just have a busy schedule….demi is now touring and so is taylor and selena is doing her own movie in canada. i bet they talk all the time on their phones like other friends would if they are away.

  • http://justjared phoebe

    @daynahrose- yeah i agree with u. Nothing probably happend with demi/selena. i think they’re just both super busy and havnt got much time to hang out. selena is shooting i think and demis on tour. but im sure since theyre best friends they keep in touch. but that dosnt mean they cant have other close friends to.

  • andrea

    @sarah: your crazy.. wizards is the second best rating show on disney..

  • andrea

    gotta love what she’s wearing..

  • Dr. Leroy Green

    They could only be hotter if they started making out with one another.
    Oh to dream…

  • angela

    Selena and Taylor are the BEST and NICEST girls in the HOLLYWOOD world!!! they always look great and are always friendly to their fans!! i love them SOOO much!!


  • sweet girl

    Nice this is very beautiful

  • parnia

    i like selena she is biutifull tnx