Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: La Loggia Lovers

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: La Loggia Lovers

Ashley Tisdale and new boyfriend Scott Speer share a laugh as they walk towards her car on Saturday afternoon (May 23) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The darling duo seemed to be very into each other as they left her house and made their way to La Loggia restaurant in Studio City. Ashley, 23, even tweeted, saying, “Hangin out with someone special ;)”

Scott was even seen opening the car door for Ashley. What a gentleman!

10+ pics inside of La Loggia lovers Ashley and Scott

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Credit: LA; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Bailee

    So Cute!

  • Mona

    i hate them

  • Elouisa

    aaawww really cute!!
    love her!

  • Sarah

    They’re cute,
    But it it looks weird, he’s really huge and she’s really tiny

  • Sarah


  • Caro

    he is ugly

  • igortizz

    no!,no!,no! ashley has to be my gf! hahahaa no i’m kidding! i really love her! and yeeeeeees! she”s awesome ans amazing! i love her soo much!
    and HE IS UGLY! hahahaa! she’s gorgeous!

  • Leah.

    Ashley looks great as always. They are really cute together! :) But omg , he is tall!

  • lil

    lol arent those the same jeans vanessa has?

  • popo

    jared is way hotter but anyway it’s her choice. and we should respect that

  • erin

    They’re really cute and she looks much happier now.
    I can’t get over how tall he is though. Does he have to like, get on his knees to kiss her?

  • rii

    she’s a midget next to him.

  • zanbells

    i agreee he’s toooo tall & jared was cuter butttt she looks so happy<3 so they’re cute together
    ascott? hahah i can make a good name for them:(

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    @Caro: i thought i was the only one that thought that lol

  • amy

    Ashley looks so gret here, I love the outfit and the SHOES!

  • emma

    They are percet, he can protect her from the paparazzis! ;D <33

  • alice
  • dany

    omg !! she’s soooooooo amazing and beautiful !!! i love this couple !

  • ivanka

    the title should be
    ashley tisdale: daddy and me time!

    that dude is all suepr huge , fugly and even jared was a loser he was better.. ““I am single right now. I am not jumping into anything.”yeah right…

  • jo

    they’re cute, but wtf with his outfit. who wears a white sweater with a blazer like that. he has no style

  • Zanesa4ever

    Aww how Sweet!!

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    I think Jared was cuter, but its her choice (:
    Arent the jeans she’s wearing the same ones Vaanessa has, the ones we wore to the basketball game with Zac?

  • ash rockz

    Aww, how cute!
    They look really happy.
    I also think Jared is hotter, but If Ash’s happy, I’m too ;D
    She looks gorgeous as always.
    But omg, he’s soo tall O.o


  • maja

    What a cute couple!
    Ash is so beautiful :)

  • huty

    OMG! they’re so cute together <333
    they’re the cutest thing everrrrr haha :D
    i’m really glad she’s really happy with him :)

  • huty

    @ivanka: what’s ur problem?? why do you come on every ashley post and comment about how much u hate her??
    have you ever thought that coming here is just no use?
    you’re really immature for doing that…

  • Daniel

    she looks good as always :D

  • ZJ207

    awwww. they look really cute and happy
    and it was really sweet when she wrote “with someone special”.. that’s really sweet :D <3
    i hope they’ll be happy together 4 everrrrrrr :D lol

  • flora

    he seems 2 be nice but he is waaaaay tall and i kinda miss jashley,anyway she looks happy,love her with any1!
    @zanessa•lover•2489: maybe,i know sometimes when they go shopping 2gether they buy same clothes,well they r bffs :D
    love V & A :)
    <3 ash is the best idol ever

  • ZJ207

    and btw, idk why u guys hate him… i think he’s wayyy better than Jared. sry lol
    scott is better looking, and ashley is more happy with him now

  • zanessalover

    awwwww, they’re cute together :)
    she seems really happy, so i’m happy for her
    i’m rooting for an ashcott (lol) and zanessa double date :D

  • zanessa xoxo

    wasn’t it just recently she said shes single then a few days later you see her with him. I kinda have a feeling that the reason why jared and her split up is because scott and her have been together 4 a while… but oh well whoever shes happy with. but in my opinion neither jared or scott is good looking :/

  • ZJ207

    @ivanka: STFU you loser! i bet you don’t have a boyfriend cz if you had you’d be with him not here, posting rude and stupid comments… but oh wait, you’re too ugly for anyone!!

  • bep

    she looks amazing! they are really good together
    it’s good that they’re having a good time even with the paparazzi around! lol :)

  • http://jjj miley

    i love ashley and her outfit is awesome! ;))) however i don’t like the guy’s face! dk why……

  • Katie

    I think he’s cute, and they look really good together, even with the major heigh difference! lol :) He seems really sweet, & I think she’s happy with him :D Best of luck to them!@zanessalover: Ashcott is a good one! haha :)

    & I LOVE her outfit!

  • kara

    he is far from being a gentleman, he ignores her in all the pics and pays more attention to the cameras than he does to her, he is useless scum who is using her to get known

  • lucia

    They look cute!
    If they really love each other is Awesome!!

  • jb fan

    Wow how tall is she? and how tall is her? Anyways, i love her outfit.

  • tamara


    yeah ivanka has no right to, but you’re just plain rude. she wasn’t even being downright rude like you are

    btw everyone here, ZJ207 just called you guys ugly people who have no life and bf because you’re all posting on jjj


    aw, he’s to tall.. and she is like very sweet.. he’s sweet too but not that sweet! .. :p

  • thelittlebadangel

    @ZJ207: I agree with you .. if U dont have something nice to saii then STFU!!

    and Tamara .. Get a Life .. Shut up .. U’re causing more problems .. and u’re the ugly without brain .. think once in yur lifee ..

    Well, I look her Happy, and if she’s happy .. me too<33 eventhough he is ugly as Jared M. is .. That’s my opinion ^^!

    Ashley Rockss!!
    Tizz Ruless :)

  • aw


  • vIOLET

    i’m glad she moved on fast O_O

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    @kara: i so agree. i think he’s oly with her so he can be known

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    @zanessa xoxo: i think so to it does seem like they been dating more then wat they lead on


    scott speer is way too tall 4 her ashley is like so tiny and scott is like so tall lol but anyway no matter how tall or how short they do look cute together (: i bet there the same age its just scotts taller.

  • Cindy

    Who cares!!

  • Tizzfan

    She looks beautiful. And even though I love Jared, as long as she’s happy I’m happy for her. She looks amazing and he’s a cute guy.

  • tamara


    hey littlebadangel or whatever it is, um how old are you? yeah i think my brain just dissapeared from talking to you. Of course i’m ugly, whatever makes you fell better kid. happy i can boost someone’s self confidence