Demi Lovato is a Pampered Princess

Demi Lovato is a Pampered Princess

Demi Lovato looks calm and relaxed as she exits a day spa in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (May 27).

The 16-year-old Sonny starlet tweeted last night, saying, “I’m so cranky right now. I feel like a 5 year-old. I want ice-cream and a nap. And some advil cause yo girl gotz a headache.” Here’s hoping the spa relaxed her.

Demi and BFF Selena Gomez will premiere their new DCOM, Princess Protection Program on Friday, June 26. Be sure to tune in!

15+ pics inside of Demi Lovato

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Credit: Jones, Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • jo

    I didnt care for her for a while, now I ADORE the girl.
    I’d love for she and miley to do a song together. Theyre unique voices would blend well!

  • sarah

    I love her sweats, and that shirt is cute, and those sunglasses. Her whole outfit is cute!

  • smiley

    demi looks so gorgeous here. i’m in love with her entire outfit.
    i LOVE demi and selena! can’t wait for PPP and the video for their song One and the Same! :)

  • Diana

    DEMI ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea


  • anon

    aww she’s adorable! can’t wait to hear those new songs of hers!

  • Lyss

    She’s so Gorgeous!
    i love her style

  • Glimh

    she is so frekaing cute.
    i love her and can’t wait for her tour.

  • Toni and Angela :)

    Oh my gosh, I love Demi! :) She always looks so gorgeous!! Her outfit is so cute too! I want it, hehe. I’m honestly a HUGE fan of Demi. I look up to this girl and I think she is an AMAZING role model for kids. She’s the sweetest girl in the world! I love her music and I think she’s super talented! So… GO DEMI! =) Haha.


    She is even hotter than Oprah.

  • Jenallee

    i love how demi could like wear the simplest clothes and yet make it look amazing :) shes def. my idol i look up to her.
    DEMI YOUR AWESOME keep on rockin!
    cant wait for your concert so excited….

  • brendis

    she must be tierd after performing so amazingly here in Southamerica, Seriously she stole every one of the shows here! It´s simply amazing live!

  • brendis

    I meant “tired”

  • brendis

    SHe really deserves to rest a bit

  • francesca

    demi is by far the best actress/singer to ever come out of disney.
    her comedic timing is perfect and she’s just a natural in front of the camera.
    her voice is so powerful that you can feel the emotion pouring out of her.
    but what i like most about demi is that she’s real.
    she’s a normal, funny, down-to-earth, free spirited teenager.
    she isn’t afraid to show her insecurities and she isn’t a fame whore.
    she’s just demi. and that’s why i love everything she does!

  • ilovezanessaxo

    You know, i am really unfamiliar with her show, movies, and other projects, but wow! She sure can belt out a tune, now can’t she? Very talented young girl. She seems very laid back and chill, and down to earth. I’d like to see her have much success in the future. I am glad she seems to be developing her own fashion style, and making a name for herself among young hollywood. Good job Demi Lovato-
    KICK MILEY’S ASS. (OK not necessary, but ugh Miley Cyrus, really?)

  • riana

    dat was selena gomez who tweeted that.

  • flora

    @francesca: REALLY RIGHT!!!
    she ROCKS! she is the best girl in disney,love u loads demi <3

  • casey

    well Demi is the better singer
    BUT SHE CANT FUCKIN ACT i mean swac suckkks so did camp rock


    miley?well she’s just a hoe who like to suck her pedophile bf & got famous cuz of freakin dad AHAHHA

    demi&selena = epic wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
    miley = EPIC FAIL !

  • courtney

    i wish i could look like that with no makeup

  • team tizz

    miley= epic win
    demi and selena= EPIC FAIL
    miley can sing,act and dance better then stuiped demi and selena.
    miley>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>demi and selena
    P.s miley is 100times more famous than her dad was or is.
    she is the most talented disney has ever had.
    that way she is soooooooooooooooo successful.

  • Adam

    I think Demi is a FTSK fan too. She just twittered advertising the duet they had with Selena.

    about 5 hours ago from web

  • vane

    @team tizz:
    Demi is better than Miley
    And stop putting Miley in this thread

  • m

    she looks soooo pretty!!!

  • Sarah

    Why is it that every one of these posts has to include an argument as to who is better from Miley, Demi and Selena? It’s SO LAME.

  • Sadjida

    Hey!!! i saw princess protection program it was aired on 21st may in FRANCE!!!! i really liike it!!!!! <3
    bY the way ! i love demi’s Outfit

  • DemiFan

    Miley Cyrus an Epic fail? No sweety, Everything with Miley goes straight to number one. Everything with Selena FLOPS. Notice how Selena only gets major press if she’s dating someone two times more famous than her? (HINT HINT: TAYLOR) but I do agree about the actress part. But I’m starting to like SWAC more than I used too. I’m getting sick of Wizards. Cause it’s always the same plot.. Alex learns a new spell, gets in trouble with, and Justin always has to fix the situation. It’s like sitting at homne watching re-runs. Selena should leave Disney and just join some real acting buisness cause she’s horrible with Television acting but will be better off w/ just movies.

    @vane: I agree, This is about Demi and not freakin Miley. But you know there is always gonna be a bad apple who has to find some way to trash talk Miley in every Selena & Demi post. This fueding needs to stop cause they are all bestfriends and we should be too.

  • http://jjj miley

    i love demi! she is reallyy talented and looks really awesome! go demi! ;);)

  • nessa

    she is so cuute!!

    she must be soo tired from performing in south america!

  • unknown

    shes so beautiful;
    ii wish i looked like her;
    i love her bag;
    but she doesnt look 16 she must be older than that koz im basiclly 16 and just as glamours and fashonable but i dont look like i bluddy 18 or 21 loool

  • Monica

    OMG I have tht exact same shirt! FYI, they sell is at urbanoutfitters for $24. You’ll looooooooove it. :)