Zac Efron is a Lakers Lover

Zac Efron is a Lakers Lover

Zac Efron chats it up with a friend as he attends Game Five of the Western Conference Finals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (May 27).

The 21-year-old actor will be on hand at the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday to present comedian Ben Stiller with the MTV Generation Award.

Zac himself is nominated for several MTV Movie Awards including Best Actor and Best Kiss with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

Remember, you can still vote for High School Musical 3 for Best Movie.

25+ pictures inside of Lakers lover Zac Efron

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Credit: WENN/Apega/Agent47; Photos: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images, Ghost/Fame Pictures
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  • selene

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I loveee him, is sooo cute!

  • selene

    first !!!!!

  • zanessa4everr

    aww yay he’s back. i missed him. i cant wait for the mtv movie awards. i hope he wins!! :D i NEED some zanessa soon!

  • Tiffany


  • Katty

    Glad he is out having fun. He looks good, hott as usual.
    Can’t wait to see him at the MTV awards, I hope he wins them all, especially best kiss with baby V, I would love to see them accept the award together! so cute.
    Hope to see more of you, Zac!

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    He would look better w/ a haircut

  • aw

    Aw cute, he loves his basketball. Good luck to both Zac & Vanessa in that category as well their individual ones.

  • me.

    his hair looks HORRIBLE.
    sorry zac. still love you, but you really need to cut your hair.
    i heard he’s keeping it for Death & Life.
    ugh, if they don’t do anything about his hair when filming starts, i effin’ kill them.
    they better cut it short. like during the Hairspray days. yumm!

    and VOTE FOR HSM3, guys!!!

  • Roxana

    voting is closed…i hope he wins best male performance. the only voting open is for best movie>>vote for hsm3 cuz it might be tight with twilight…..anyways he looks cute and relaxed. missed him and nessa, cant wait for the MTV awards. you go hottie!!!

  • drea

    hoping zanessa could win the best kiss award..

  • mary

    No one cares about this fuggie anymore. Bring on The Pattz!

  • Bradley

    Zac looks great.

  • daniyah

    HOTT! he sure loves b-ball! my cuzin saw him while watching the Game and we freaked! lol OMG LOVE HIM. wheres my gurl Van!? :)

  • Anonymous


  • Nikki

    omgomgomggggggg i was watching this and zac efron popped up i screamed and my family looked at me!!
    omg he is SSSSSSOOOOOO HOTT<33333!

  • ryanefron

    ah! yay! love you Zac
    im rooting for the nuggets, but Zac makes me rethink that :P

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh..yeah, he needs a little trim. ..Or a lot a trim. XD But he’s still so ADORABLE. I’ve missed him and I really hope he wins Best Actor and Best Kiss. @Nikki: Aha, I was watching it too and when he came on t.v. I screamed too !! =p He was wearing his aviator sunglasses. :D

  • marie

    oh please, dont you guys think he’s probably letting his hair grow for his next movie? actors do that every day for new characters. probably the director and the producers wont let him cut his hair because they need it bigger in order to think of what to do for the movie!

    I bet he’ll cut his hair when he’s allowed too…. and his hair looks sexy long! i wont be the one complaining! :D

    and go lakers!

  • me.

    @mary, if no one cares about this “fuggie”, why does most of his news/posts has more comments than that twatlight guy?
    and if you don’t care about him, why do you even bother to comment? hah, you’re just contradicting yourself.

    wow. some haters are pathetic.
    and I’M pathetic for even answering to them. :/

    anyways, VOTE FOR HSM3!!!!!
    someone posted the result last week, and HSM3 is like 1% behind twatlight. i don’t really believe it’s that close, but still… VOTE.

  • mARIE

    Zac looks Hot and sexy.

  • pop86

    @Nikki: I did the same thing and boyfriend just looked at me like I was crazy. He look so great.

  • lili

    lol…i live in sydney and i dont have espn at home but my firend does…shes keeping me updated on the scores….GO LAKERS!!!
    and she totally freaked when she saw zac on the screen…lol

    i cant wait to see who wins what on sunday…i hope all my votes didnt go to waste…*FINGERS*CROSSED*

  • ryanefron

    seriously everyone stop your complanin about Zacs hair.
    for gods sake its hot. and think…its just more of Zac to love :]

  • Ellyne

    hes gorgeouss

  • mrsefron.

    I Love You Zac Efron. <33

  • kim

    He is a cutie!
    Glad he was able to make it to another game. Go Lakers!

  • zanbells

    beautifullll<3 haha i loveee him

  • jackie

    he’s so hot!! im so exited for sunday i voted!! go zanessa!

  • Sofia

    omg i love him so much. a lot.
    he’s soooo beautiful, almost perfect! (L)


    he does need to get a haircutt!!!!but i love him!
    i was literally falling out of my chair the second i saw him!lol!
    hope he wins sunday voted 4 him i million xxxxxx’s and nessa:)

  • LSP

    ahaha…. i screamed too when i saw zac at the game!! my mom thought i was crazy! glad to know i wasnt alone though! lol

    he looked hott XD

  • zac is a rat

    Surprise Suprise Zac is at the game without Vanessa and is full of smiles and is sitting court side, when it was said there was a game I said that Zac would go on his own and leave Vanessa behind, must have been the site of the cheerleaders that put a smile back on his face, seeings as he has’nt smiled lately.

    This is the start of him doing what he’s been told to do and that’s distance himself from Vanessa, it’s amazing how often he sits courtside when she’s not with him then when she is.

    I would’nt hold your breath to seeing them posing together on the red carpet at the MTV awards or even sitting together, from the airport pictures and video, to the recent efron photo’s and now these it seems that he is more happy without her being with him than when she is with him.

    I hope that Vanessa wins what she is nominated for she deserves it.

  • jash

    i hope zanessa will win the best kiss category!



    first of all he wasnt even sittin near the cheerleaders caz they were on the other side!!!!!and secondly just because he doesnt smile when vanessa is around doesnt mean anything ,he was just making his way threw LAX like 10seconds………just because he didnt smile that second doesnt mean hes not happy with vanessa!!!!

  • francesca

    his hair really does look gross.
    he’s an okay actor…but let’s face it rob pattinson is the heartthrob of our generation who can actually ACT.
    i mean come on little ashes? zac would never be able to handle a role like that

  • Shannon

    I like the guy but damn he needs to cut his hair! i was letting it go in the beginning but now CUT IT!

  • shorty

    Just wondering… is that his dad with him?

  • Ellyne

    I personally love his hair liek that, suites him veryy well, hes so handsome, I Love him <33

  • Sofia

    @zac is a rat: you are really scaring me.
    your are not the common hater, you don’t just insult with silly comments zac, nope, you make for every post a huge story, like a soap opera.
    dude, you have to get a life.
    and by the way, breaking up is not the end of the world genius, you can try to insult zac as much as your little brain can but you are saying only banal things:
    1-your thoughts are just pointless suggestions, nothing is sure, because ehm…maybe you don’t know anything about thier life? you may think they only “live” inside the pics/vids you see, but i would like to remember you they exist also when you can’t see them…-.-’
    maybe after the game zac went to vanessa’s home to spend the night with her, maybe they have been together all day long till the game…maybe you have to realize you are NOT God, so you can’t know what people think or do in every moment, you can’t judge a situation only by seeing few pics…hellooo!
    2-it would be sad if zac and vanessa break up, yeah sure, but hey, i repeat, it is NOT the end of our worlds, AND usually when a couple split both the guy and the girl know it, reading your comments it sounds like zac is the bastard who goes to the games without his girlfriend trying to hurt her as much as he can while vanessa is the poor and innocente lamb who stays at home wondering about her future…oh please, where do you live, in 1845?
    you are soooo patethic and immature.

  • Sofia

    @francesca: little ashes isn’t getting good reviews, and by the way, the fact you do a “serious and difficult” role as a gay painter doesn’t mean you are actually good doing it…
    and it’s funny how people complaining about his hair…!
    obliviously he’s annoyed by his hair, but he hasn’t cute them yet…maybe…don’t know…he has to have long hair for his next project, life and death of charlie st cloud?!?they are going to start filming on june…

  • Bradley

    So true.

  • Sofia

    oh by the way, i guess the “friend” is his manager jason…just saying, i’m not sure…

  • Bradley

    @zac is a rat:

    you are no Vanessa fan. so don’r start trying to show us you are one because you are not.

  • Bradley

    @zac is a rat:

    Don’t strat trying to show us that you are a Vanessa fan because you are not a Vanessa fan.

  • staceey

    My baby! Ah, he looks so handsome. But yeah… He really should consider that hair cut. His eyes are amazingly incredible.

  • Marie

    @zac is a rat:

    shut up already you are no Vanessa fan and we all know it.

    Btw Zac looks great I am gold he want to a BB game.

  • Sofia

    @Bradley: thank you!

  • Bradley

    @zac is a rat:

    Shut up.

    Btw Zac look good and I am gold to see him with friends. I hope he wins on sunday.

  • ilovezanessaxo

    chillllllllll people
    mtv awardssss
    are comingggg
    hope evryonee
    voteddddd forr
    mr and mrs
    efron xoxoxo

    * This comment is intended for satirical purposes and too lighten the darkened mood ‘zac is rat’ bestowed on us, but is also very true. I hope Zac and Vanessa win their respective categorizes. Love them.

    -Zac fan, Vanessa fan, Zanessa supporter-

  • ZanessaLuvr

    Zac, sweetie, i love you & all, but you need a haircut..