Robert Pattinson: 'New Moon' Munchies

Robert Pattinson: 'New Moon' Munchies

Robert Pattinson scarfs down a snack on the set of New Moon in Montepulciano, Italy on Tuesday afternoon (May 26).

In case you missed it, check out the reunion kiss between Edward (Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart)!

Robert, Kristen and costar Taylor Lautner will present the premiere of the New Moon trailer at the MTV Movie Awards, airing THIS Sunday, May 31 @ 9PM ET/PT. Then at 10:45PM ET/PT, the high-definition video will debut online. Be sure to tune in!

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  • zanessalovin’_happenedsofast(:

    i love his eyes like that
    that’s how i hope to meet him, lol

  • tameka

    1st!! I’m so excited!! I thought that they said that they were premiering a clip from the movie, but the three of them are actually premiering the first movie trailer!! I am soo excited!! This is not really my favorite book because Edward is gone for most of it, but he’s still in it and i am getting excited for this trailer!! :)

    If you have a myspace profile, please add my NEW MOON Myspace page!!


    Im not sure which one it is, but try both if you’re interested!! :)

  • xoxo


  • helen

    He’s so good at putting it in the bin.

  • Juuli

    I don’t Likee you Eyees Buut he iis Soo Hoot ♥

  • SAL


  • lily

    Whooop <3 Rob

    Cant Wait For Them to Present
    The First New Moon trailer XD
    Soo Excited About That

    n Them Contacts Are A Bit Scary =P

    Cant Wait For NewMoon

  • mike

    love him!!!

  • Leah

    Contact look really evil. I don’t like it. It’s too obvious.

  • georgia

    i love how they made him look so much more like a vampire in this film.
    its frickin’ awesome ;D

  • :)))


  • EAC

    love love love him!

  • saudia

    <3 yum .. trying to resist the urge to look at all the set pics .. I just want to be surprised and yeah .. damn paps!

  • sara

    he is not that attractive at all, if he wasn’t in this movie noone would have noticed him. He was terrible at acting in that volturi scene

  • twix

    heyy vampires arent suppost to eat!!! lol jp..hmm arent his eyes suppost to be black for this part of the story..

  • caroline

    wow.. his eyes look frightening ! and it looks like he’s eating a chocolate !

  • zebra


  • Tay

    what volturri scene?
    None of its been realeased =/

  • ATwilightKiss

    I’m sure a lot of people are going mmm… ;-)

  • yup

    not a fan of twilight, and never seen the movie, but i cant deny that this man is one fine piece of eye-candy. idk. his jaw is just so sensual!

  • lala

    his eyebrows look more thick in new moon
    but yah he is S E X Y
    damn he has big feet

  • mel

    yaaay, thats the way i like his eyes. much better than in twilight :D

  • mel


  • callie

    I really don’t know why he has on his light contacts here. In the book he was very “thirsty” while in Volturi. I really hope they don’t screw up new moon like they did twilght. Why can’t the writer just stick to the books. Its not like she had a lot of rewriting to do if she just stuck to the books. Why would stephenie let this happen. But OMGoodness WOW is he ripped. I am so shocked that he has abs. For someone who is not athletic WOW. I am impressed. He is alot hotter in these photos than the others I have seen. Go Robert!!! Who cares who is dating who, let them live their lives in PEACE. Why can’t the world just let them be people.

  • steph

    is that a candy bar hes eating? lol hes so cute i cant wait for this movie!!!! and omg i am loooovin them sexy abs!!! me and him are gonna be so happy together one day! lol

  • steph

    how do you know if he was terrible at acting in the volturi scenes? nobody has seen them!!

  • Savannah

    This man just keeps getting hotter, how is that possible! Can’t wait to see the movie- things look good so far!

  • topi

    Airbrushed abs or not I LOVE HIM!!!

  • kim

    so hot.
    i really can’t w8 for new moon

  • Nik

    He looks mad creepy.

  • mamamima

    is he gained weight?? he looks chubby

  • trix

    Looking vampiry !!! Love it !!

  • Robsgal

    @sara: Rob is beautiful and I liked him way before he ever starred in Twilight!! I was one fan who first become obssessed with him when he starred in the sci-fi movie Ring of the Nibelungs so :P Also out of all the Twilight stars Rob is the only one who can act!! He is brilliant, so if you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut the f*ck up!!

  • thetizzforever

    my love <3

  • Vanessa

    Hey Sara if you haven’t seen the movie go see Little Ashes, get How to Be – the Bad Mother Handbook and the Haunted Airman on DVD, when he wasn’t so sexy yet, just adorable. Then you’ll be able to judge his acting skills. Not to mention the coming Remember Me, Unbound Captives and Bel Ami…
    Agree on the black contacts.

  • suzanne

    if the’re both straight then for sure they are dating ! to be so close to someone that you like and attracted to , to spend so much time close by that person … anyway not my business but I’m still commenting on it ,none of them will read this. I work in the airline industry and we spend lots of time away from home in close quarters with each others and things do happen so… only normal .

  • Emileide Tavares ♥

    Robert o mais GatO desse mundO’

    Te AmOo MtO meu lOiirO

    I Love You ♥

    Mi sz’ Rob

  • Emileide Tavares ♥

    SOnhO de ConsumO, veem pro Brasil vem…

    Go Brazil ♥

    I Love You Robert

  • artiaston

    yeah. he is so hot and i love him too. but do you know? in my country there are boys, realy hottest and better than him.
    any way. i am a girl and i like good movies with good actors. like him. so i waite for the movie.

  • bellasbookboys

    his eyes are so hot.
    they are suppose to be frightening to humans,
    but yet again i find myself acting as bella would, the desire for them.
    u could totally get lost within those eyes, and thats what im hoping for. ;)
    New Moon cant get here fast enough!!!

  • niki

    uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i just died.

  • lisa

    oh come on people remember that all cast of twilight are people like you and me might get paid more lol but still people so give them a break
    myself i think they are doing great job and working very hard to give the public what we want so try to be a bit nicer
    please can all the book lovers out there stop going on about them messing up YOU cant fit everything from books in a movie and so it is normal that they have to change some parts to make it all work
    i love the books and i loved the first movie and im sure ill love the rest that are coming
    well for all the cast have fun and try to remember just as long as you feel you have done your best for yourself thats all that matters thats what i was told when i was growning up
    so have a great time and ill wait to see you all in the next films from lisa in holland

  • rhona

    wow…. i love robert pattinson and kristen stewart i really in love…..

  • arezoo

    I Love U RABERT

  • zulfiana rossa

    waawww” i love you new moon movie :)