Chris Warren Jr is a GBK Guy

Chris Warren Jr is a GBK Guy

Chris Warren, Jr. cozies up to his mom Brook Kerr as they attend GBK’s Pre MTV Pool Party in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (May 29).

The 19-year-old High School Musical hunk will star in the upcoming Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel as Xander. The flick, due out Christmas Day 2009, will introduce the Chipettes into Alvin, Simon and Theodore’s lives.

Fun fact about Alvin: Jesse McCartney voices Theodore.

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Photos: Michael Bezjian/WireImage
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  • Susie

    His mum look so young and Chris is so cute!

  • WOW

    His moms looks younger than he does!!!

  • emma

    i thought that was his girlfriend when i looked and then i read the post and it said mum and i was like what the hell she looks so young.

  • Roxana

    cute!!! his mom does look like his gf :P

  • Omg

    That’s his MOM?!

  • Susie

    @emma: @Roxana:
    I know right! I thought she was his girlfriend too. I almost said so here!

  • bert

    Loved her in Passions!! :)

  • dundies

    OMG is mom is from Passions !!!!!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Wow, that’s his mom !? No waaay !! I wonder how old she is ?

    Aw, Christopher is SO adorable !! His laugh just makes me want to die. :D And he looks soooo hot here too !! Lovin’ his hat.

  • kim

    holly crap he is sexxii

  • jo

    his mom is very pretty. she had him when she was like 16. i used to watch her on the show Passions

  • nikka

    the mom looks like Whitney from passions?


    Holy sh*t his mom is whitney from passions!

  • swac fan

    Brooke Kerr is currently 35. She’s very talented and beautiful :)
    I had no idea she was his mother until now!

  • krixtina

    mom? wooow

  • kamilah

    @TIFFANY: OMG!! i knew i recognized her. i cant believe she has a son thats my age. shes really pretty and so young looking.

  • makaiomadness

    shes so hot, i love passions..until they changed the damn channel! lol

  • Shannon

    OMG that’s his mom that’s Witney from passions! and wow at her age she could past in her late twenties! she must be proud of him i luved him as zeke in HSM

  • M

    Yeah she had him in her teens, like 16 I think. She looks really nice.

  • Duma

    hahahahaha and i thought i was the only teen that loved passions lol. and i found out that was his mom in 2007 when gave an interview saying his mom was a soap star and i found out it was her. anyway yeah passions will always be my favorite soap and theresa will always be my favorite character hahaha.

  • ki

    @jo thanks i was wondering if that was her she can pass for his girlfriend

  • Jordin

    He’s so hot! I love chris warren jr.! I know right it looks like his girlfriend!! Either she’s a young mom or she’s got a lot of pkadtic surgery! : p

  • Vicki

    His mom looks like Aaliyah.

  • kasey11

    omg i didn’t know that was his mom!!! i thought that was his girlfriend! lol

  • zacefronishot

    omg that is his mom!!!??
    i thot that was his gf!!

  • ZanessaLuvr

    Wow, haven’t heard about Chris in awhile! He looks great! & I thought that was his gf..

  • aw

    Aww glad for hm.

  • suzy

    he is cute and his mom is a hottie.

  • dundies

    LOL passions has been on for SOOO long!!!!

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    I thought that was his girlfriend. Dang his mom looks young. They both look nice

  • :-)

    i think she had him at 16, she looks so young.

  • saudia

    OMG NO WAY!! THAT’S HIS MOM??? She was in PASSIONS!!!!! LMAO this is like the biggest news I heard .. ever!! FYI PASSIONS was a soap opera that aired for like 10 yrs or something, I don’t remember but I stopped watching it after it got moved from NBC to DIRECT TV .. woww!! I didn’t know that was his mom .. looks like his freakin gf .. lol SO FUNNY .. okay I’m done :)

  • Julia

    wow! that’s his mom? that’s crazy, she looks so young. hahah. she was whitney from passions :)

  • Hey

    ~You are my passion for life~
    Passions was awesome!
    I remember when I found out Brooke is Chris’ Mom. I nearly flipped a lid.

  • Karen

    Chris’ mom IS still young and very attractive—I guess that is why Chris is so darn good looking! LOL Brook was a teenage mom after all. It goes to show she has a lot of motivation to have had a child so young and yet still go out and make it in the world for herself and her son. I bet she had some strong family support behind her too.

  • babyv

    he is hot

  • ashleigh

    black dont crack LOL. luved her in passions

  • minibell13


  • heeeeeey

    PASSIONS?!?!? OMG!

  • Issa

    wow. like everyone said. his mom looks so young! I even was expecting to read that Chris Warren has a new gf with him. BUT NOOO! It’s his mom! :o shocking.

  • Makenzie

    WOW! His mom looks soo young! Anyways- I love you Chris! Your laugh makes me smile… and laugh along! Your amazing. Love ya so muchh! xo

  • faizal


  • lvberly

    I think the guy in the striped shirt in the background is Chris Warren Sr.