Robert Pattinson: Ready for MTV Movie Awards

Robert Pattinson: Ready for MTV Movie Awards

Robert Pattinson chats it up with costar pal Ashley Greene as they arrive at LAX late Saturday night (May 30) in Los Angeles.

The duo plus leading lady Kristen Stewart are all ready for tonight’s MTV Movie Awards. Kristen, Robert and Taylor Lautner will premiere the official trailer for their upcoming flick, New Moon.

Awards Twilight is nominated for: Best Fight, Best Movie, Best Kiss, Breakout Female, Breakout Male, and Best Song. The awards air TONIGHT @ 9PM ET/PT.

10+ pics inside of Robert, Ashley and Kristen arriving at LAX…

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Credit: MAP / AVM; Photos: Michael Wright/WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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    never seen :

    - vote for twilight + hsm3

  • natalie

    yay :D

  • mel

    kristen’s wearing a tna sweater!

  • http://jjj miley

    can’t wait for the awards! yay!! ;))))

  • Gina

    aww..cant wait for the trailer <3

  • sefora


  • Susie

    He finally shaved and had a bath! Lmao He looks so hot now! I hope he keep up his apperance!

  • heather

    i didnt know the awards were 2night yay!

  • kim

    i hope they win best kiss !!!

  • kamilah

    soooo excited for the awards tonight!!!

  • joss

    can’t wait to see the trailer tonite!


  • Kristen fans ♥;)

    so excited :) i love them ♥♥♥
    add -

  • tyler

    zanessa and hsm wont beat twilight even though they are 10 times BETTER but twilight rocks!


    i live two blocks from michael angarano’s house and saw kristen leaving there in those same clothes this morning!! i left my house around 915 and its around 11 now so i just got back.. but it goes to show they still are together.. i hate when people try to tear them apart or say one thing when they have no proof that they broke up.

  • istar

    can’t wait 4 the trailer!!!!!

  • Dani


    I’m so freaking out
    can’t wait until tonight

    r&k ♥

  • roni

    Still trying to understand how HSM is even got nominated for any award?? It is so not deserving of any award. Hope it gets smoked but it may very well win something because the young kids just keep voting over and over again.
    Sick of all the Zanessa crap and if HSM is to win I hope it goes to Ashley Tisdale. She is so much better then the lovebirds and does not get the credit she deserves.

  • arst

    they should win the best kiss category.

  • Anonymous

    @READ ME:
    I agree with you, i feel bad for Michael i mean some people have taken the whole Rob/Kristen thing to another level bashing the poor guy and insulting him..Michael Angarano is a great actor and i think him and Kristen are perfect together.

  • Cat


    This is not Zanessa tread! But I think they deserve to win because it took like 6 weeks to learn all the moves for the film. Then again a lot of people like Twilight too so good luck to them all!

  • aw

    Twilight has no credibility but considering the obsessed fan girls it has it will win everything. But its just the MTV awards, nothing life changing either way.

  • letizia

    @READ ME:


  • nathalia

    i can’t vote ): whhhhhyyyyyyyyy????

  • sarah

    @ roni
    HSM got nominated for the same reason Twilight got nominated
    b/c it got a lot of visitors.
    So if HSM shouldn’t get nominated , Twilight shouldn’t either!
    But I agree with you on the Ashley Tisdale part!
    I so hope she’s gonna win Breakthrough Performance Female
    She’s the one who deserves it the most!

  • cami

    @roni: you’re so right! Ashley is probably the only one who deserves to win

  • Susie


    Are you a member? Or maybe it’s already closed!

  • sarah

    @ nathalia,
    either you haven’t singed up
    or you’re voting for a category other then Best Movie,
    wich you can’t vote for b/c those categories are already closed

  • Nala


    I’m a HUGE Twilight fan, and I agree to say the movie was not the best thing ever. But the actors deserve at least the best kiss, best song & breakout male perormance awards, to me, cause they were great in those categories. Kristen was not that bad, but I love her much more in some other roles, though I’m definitely one of the soldiers of the KStew army ;). HSM’s been rewarded enough for the next century.

  • Nala

    * I’d have loved

  • OWEN

    That funny README!!! because she stayed in hotel last night!!!!!!

  • aw


    Each to their own. I don’t think there’s anything good about the movies, acting or otherwise. ( The actors themselves might be good people but that’s it) They’ll probably win tonight just because of the fangirls/MTV’s asskissing with this movie but it’s not like Twilight is over. It doesn’t need to win this year since it will probably also win everything Mtv has to offer for the next three years.

    & serious lol at ashley deserving anything. Her win if it happens will be due to others hate not her own fans.

  • D Manak

    WOO!! I am beyond excited!! I really hope they win in the catagories they are nominted for… I definatly voted for them!! =D I think they deserve to win because it must have been difficult to create with the constant media coverage and the fan frenzie, and with all that pressure on them to live up to the fan expectations, so I think they did a really good job! I am pro book all the way so I was nervous when Twilight came out, and to be honest I was not dissapointed at all, I walked out of the theatre really excited! I hope New Moon lives up to the expectations =D and I wish Twilight and the crew the best of luck!

  • carolina67lover

    i cant wait til’ the MTV movie awards

  • Courtney

    ZANESSA 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they deserve to win all of the awards tonight.
    hsm rocks and twilight sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diana

    I’ve been voting everyday. They better win! Also, I voted way before just to get them all nominated!

  • rachael

    love rob pattinson thionk he’s the bomb go rob

  • George

    @READ ME:

    I’m not even a fan of the Kristen/Robert relationship but I can tell you that this is 100% impossibe. Kristen was no where near Michael Angarano’s house last night and I highly doubt she travelled there this morning, just to leave at [as you suggest] 9.30am.

    Seriously, why even make this stuff up? Do you get kicks out of disappointing people or something? Strange..

  • willow

    I have that tna sweater!

  • zanessa love story

    Zanessa will min!!
    for best kiss!
    for best movie!
    for best actress!
    for best actor!
    zanessa 4 ever!

  • kamilah

    @Anonymous: im glad to see other people supporting kristen and micheal. i completely agree with you and the other comment. fans are truely buying into the rumors and its out of control.

  • hola!

    as a HUGE twilight supporter, i dont think it should win EVERY award its nominated for. i doubt it will get best movie even with the huge fan base and i dont think it should. the other movies that its up against are much more worthy (slumdog). i do think it should win best song for decode, best kiss, and male breakout performance. its going to be interesting how things playout though. all i know is if any disney affiliated person or movie wins any category im going to be highly upset. its the mtv awards for crying out loud!! :)

  • http://deleted leslie

    they definitely will win i hope : )
    im a robsten fan 1OO% .
    i know they might not really be dating
    but i hope they are or eventually do .

    & is she wearing his glasses again? :P
    wtf is a tna sweater? Lmao im lost

  • lora

    Sick of HSM, so you go TWILIGHT, win them all. Super movie and great cast. Pattinson is so much better then Zefron and deserves to win in all categories.

    As for breakout female….all the way with Ashley Tisdale or Freida Pinto.

  • no comment

    @READ ME- your such a desperate liar. Kristen was probably tired and jet lagged to go to his house so early when her and Rob have an award show to go to. thats dumb to make such a thing up so people would THINK theyre together when theyre NOT. Robsten Lives!!

  • ATwilightKiss

    I really hope Rob and Kristen win for Best Kiss! I’m looking forward to your pics! Will be hanging out here to watch out for them… :-)

  • Alison

    Not sure if Twilight would win best movie, but I really hope Rob wins plus the other categories.

  • Cathy

    please, tell me, qhen are the MTV movie awards ?????

  • :))

    OMG they won almost everything….I LOVE ROBERT PATTISON !!!

  • :))