Zac Efron: MTV Movie Awards Best Speech

Zac Efron: MTV Movie Awards Best Speech
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  • anop

    Ummm i think taylor has the best chest …. idk

  • Cam

    WORST SERIOUS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: Ashley Tisdale, High School Musical 3: Senior Year

    Oh Ashley, your speech was so earnest. It’s as though you genuinely believe that winning breakthrough female at the MTV Movie Awards means something.

    lol! true!!!

  • sean84

    well am relly happy miley sings 4 a 4th seeeson off hannha montana dats so cool lol

  • aw
  • Charlie JohnSon

    Mitchel Musso is gay with Jared! You heard it here first!

  • may

    Oh Ashley, your speech was so earnest. It’s as though you genuinely believe that winning breakthrough female at the MTV Movie Awards means something

    lol poor ashley is the first time that she won something!!!!!!

  • e

    I though it was funny, and I really didn’t like her speech at all, even zac looked bored when the camera showed him with his arm around vanessa looking everywhere but towards the stage and ashley.

  • billythekid


    I didn’t actually watch the awards so I don’t know exactly what she said. In fact, I don’t know what she said at all. I wanted Miley to win it but I wasn’t disappointed that Ashley won it. I think it may have been her biggest award she has won, and I bet it did mean a lot to her. So congratulations to her for that.

    Hannah Montana is renewed for another season. This isn’t actually news because I read an article many months ago where some Disney big-wig had already said it was coming back. The recent announcement just made official what most people already figured would happen. And why not? Whether or not the show has the highest ratings, it’s certainly Disney’s biggest franchise associated with a tv show. It would have made dumb business sense to shoot themselves in the foot. This way Disney is guaranteed two more holiday seasons selling Hannah junk while the show is turning out new episodes. $$$

  • Jessica

    Zac was great out there! We really didn’t think we would win! This was defenetly not a speech from a paper but straight out of his heart! Zac I love you and you are great! And Vanessa should have won too!


  • Jen

    yea Zac did have a great speech

  • nikki

    zac is ssoo CUTEE!! he did amazing!!! zac is love<33

  • maichi

    I’m not shocked about Ashle’s acceptance speech.
    With her best friends Vanessa and Zac a million times more popular than her, she must feel on top of the world winning a *scoff* MTV Movie Award *scoff*

  • mrsefron.

    Zac def had the best speech! He was adorable! Expecelly with everything that happened before he won, lmao. that was insane, btw, mtv admitted today it was staged. :]

    Anyways, Zac is an amazing actor!!! He is going so far! Love You Zac! & Yuppp, we keep voting for you because your that amazing!:] keep doing what you do babe!

  • mrsefron.

    Ofcoarse Zac won! He is an amazing actor! He has come so far, & def going places. CONGRATS BABE. :] We vote for you because your humble, sweet, amazing , & straight up perfection! <3.

  • ryanefron

    damned right he won that award.
    He was so sincere unlike crap for ass rob pattinson. Seriously someone give that guy a shower and other hygne utensils.

  • team tizz

    umm ashley is a million times more popular than zac and that s**t.

  • ookk

    zac did amazing! im happy for him, i cant wait till gayy stupid twilight the gaylight is over with!! eewww, im sick of all them!