Joe Jonas Dances to 'Single Ladies'

Joe Jonas Dances to 'Single Ladies'

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it

Joe Jonas dons a black leotard as he dances to Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” in the newest video from the Jonas Brothers.

Bros Nick and Kevin stood on the sidelines and convinced Joe to dance for two hours!

The JoBros new album, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times, drops later this month, on Tuesday, June 16th!

Joe Jonas Dances to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”
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  • Diana x3

    omg GREATEST video ever :D:D:D
    sooooo funnny :D I laughed the whole time and I LOVE the Jonas Brothers <3

  • listen to mayday parade

    hes so hot, ive already watched this twice one twitter lol

  • delsy

    sooooooooooooooooooooo funny lo love them he looked so gay but then again anyone would look gay wearing that and dancing like that lol

  • Victoria

    OMJ That is hilarious!

  • ange

    love himmm!! he´s so hilarious! love the video my favorite video everr!

  • Anonymous

    Look at those thighs.. D:

  • sarah(france)

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!! video

  • beetin


  • listen to mayday parade

    @Anonymous: he has ripped thighs! i totally dig! how can you frown at those sexy thighs lol

  • victoria

    he is so gay! but this is funny too haha

  • nicole

    I love him!! And here’s to all the Camilla’s haters…see? he’s not CHANGED!! They love each other and she loves him for who he is!
    A hot thighs dancer!

  • Elsa

    OMG ! xD i can’t stop lauuuuughing each scond of it! xD and i didn’t stop looking at his ass :X damn! that guy is SO hot! X:

  • VZ


  • Sarah.

    It’s pretty funny but Justin Timberlake dancing to Single Ladies way waaayy funnier!!

  • Jonas 09

    That Video has to be The Best (even though it was kinda embarrising), it was still Funny … LOL :):):)
    LOVE YOU JOE & NICK and KEVIN … <3<3<3

    Ohh, and is Joe still Datin Camilla Belle ?

  • lovebug ;)

    that was soooo funny.

  • tereza

    he is so crazy :D:D

  • fan

    hahahhahaha EPIC! watch out beyonce!

  • m

    that video is hilarious!!!he’s a brave guy,no doubt about that for
    wearing that outfit!!toooo funny!!!

  • Leah.

    hahahah omg, this is hilarious! :D
    love him!

  • joana


  • ryanefron

    wow that was so stupid…..

  • Vanessa

    hahahahahahahah! this is sooo fuckin hottt and funny at the same time!!!XD

  • Meggg

    i love how none of them take themselves too seriously, like they can always poke fun at themselves. the album comes out june 15th here in the UK. :D:D

  • brunela

    He’s so funny!
    We’ve been waiting this video since the ‘You decide’ video and he give us a great gifty!
    He’s awesome, incredible and as funny as he can be!
    I can’t stop laugh…even heels! LOL

  • maichi

    MY EYES!

  • Meela

    It’s not funny! I think it’s stupid! Justin already did this. Joe could of danced the real dance not just look like a tosspot tryin to dance!

  • kim-kim

    you know what is stupid….the people who actually take the time to comment and say something bad….thats stupid. if you dont like JB why watch it.

    he did this because thei fans asked him to and he came through. he dont say he gonna do something and not do it. he keeps his word. haters hate on.

  • Megan

    wow. joe. wow. LOL!!!! that was hilariouss!! omjjj!

  • Meela

    @kim-kim: Many people who commented something mean didnt say they didnt like the Jonas brothers! For example I didnt say I didnt like the Jonas brothers I just said Joe looks stupid!! Everyone has there own point of view!

  • Paige

    that was hard to watch

  • Gerty

    OMG soooo hilarious! love the jonas brothers :D

  • Nazeefa

    Pretty much the highlight of my life. Joe is sooo awesome. I can`t believe they did this for the fans. proves how much they care.
    Joe… You`re my hero.

  • Bria

    Didn’t think Joe could get any hotter, but he did. I love the tightness of that outfit, nice thighs ;)

  • Twilightloverr!=]

    hahaa! woww!

    go joe woohoo!
    OMJ! I never knew he could
    dance, aswell as being extremlely hot,
    a great singerr! hahaaa! woot woot,
    watch out beyoncee!!

  • Ariel

    i cant believe that you all think this is funny its actually pathetic

  • Mrs. Nick Jonas!

    Lol soooooooooo funny.
    I love JB. They ROCK!

    @kim-kim: I agree. Haters
    are stupid. When they hate, they
    just give him attention and make themselves
    look stupid. It’s hilariously pathetic

    I <3 JB!
    :D :D :D
    :D :D :D
    :D :D :D
    :D :D :D
    :D :D :D

  • jeah

    it was a dare he had to do it bc ppl voted for him to do tat on their youtube!! lmao that was sooo funny!!!

  • jeah

    it was a dare he had to do it bc ppl voted for him to do tat on their youtube!! lmao that was sooo funny!!!

  • magie

    he s so funny i cant stop laughing

  • ruchi

    idk. i didn’t think it was funny.
    i think he was trying way too hard
    i think i like it better when joe is funny, and not trying at all.
    ..but there album comes out on my birthdayy…interesting

  • Scheetah

    r u still luving this …(i don’t know what 2 call him),GIRLZ???????!!!

  • mehness

    Not going to lie it was better when Justin and Andy did it…………..

  • Marion

    OMG he is SO crazy!!!! i love this video!!!!

  • Amber

    And he swears he’s not gay.

  • kris

    OMG! this is too funny. i voted for him to do that!

    so here’s a play by play:
    -i had to stop the video and started rolling on the floor laughing when i saw him wearing heels!
    -i was like what the halo is he doing with his face and body, it was just physcotic.
    -you could tell he was watching the actual video as he danced, so i’ll give him a pass.
    -he has thighs bigger than mine!
    -when they would do the close-ups on him, i was laughing hysterically.
    -he definfitely gets like 10+pts in my book for doing this!!

    you know what would’ve been amazing?
    kevin and nick coming out in leotards and heels at the end.

  • cami

    hahahahaah OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s crazy + so hilarious
    i like nick better though

  • mrsefron.


  • cami


  • Eve

    SO funny!! That has to be one of the funnist thing I EVER saw. yep he has to be crazy!