Kristen Stewart: Santa Monica Sassy

Kristen Stewart: Santa Monica Sassy

Wearing a protective wrap around her twisted ankle, Kristen Stewart takes a mini-break on the set of a new photo shoot in Santa Monica, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon (June 2).

The 19-year-old actress recently sat down with Interview mag and Zathura director Jon Favreau and revealed that she never sought out to be an actress.

Kristen shared, “This is never something that I sought out. For most actors, it’s such a struggle to get work. Once they have it, they feel that there’s an enormous amount of pressure on them to make it work, and have everyone love them. In my case, it was never like that. It was just about working with the people that I want to work with, and telling the stories that I want to tell, you know? And, you’re right, it was also because my whole family is involved in the entertainment industry in some way. My brother’s a grip. My mom’s a scriptwriter. My dad’s a director. So it’s like, at heart I’m a below-the-line girl.”

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Credit: Oliver; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • janster

    she didnt deserve the best female performance award! she freaking dropped it :L so she ddnt deserve it, right?
    & she seemed soooo nervous and er… awkward on the stage xD
    im embarrassed for her <_< lol

  • pan

    she totally deserved it. she’s the sh^t :)
    well it shows that she is only human and people make mistakes. im just happy she’s not one of those cookie cutter disney girls…who are so involved in themselves. yuck.

    shes badass…she the real deal :) i love her! she’s dorky ^_^

  • Leila

    ks cant act cant dress cant speak w/o using cliches “” every 2 seconds, flips her hair every second she is flat-chested, flat-assed, buck teeth & big ears. BEST ACTRESS? her only accomplishment is kissing drop dead gorgeous & talented pattinson (he is certainly on his way up as a serious actor) . ks needs a major transformation to be a real actress: education, drama & acting lessons, coaching in style and then maybe…. very big maybe

  • Peaches

    I think she´s one of the best actress, wheter young or old, she belonged to the best.
    And i think she deserved the award, i like her very much, and i think she was just nervous.

  • .

    she’ll really get lung cancer soon.

  • asq



  • Lovethatdoll

    No one should be embarrassed for her, she wasn’t. Kris is a down to earth girl, and doesn’t feel pressure to be a ‘celebrity’. I thought she looked lovely, and if you can laugh at yourself – you’ve got it made. As for her acting, try watching something OTHER than Twilight. Watch “Speak”, or the “Cake Eaters”, “In the Land of Women” – just to name a few. She was awesome in all of them. I hate the fact that there are so many haters out there – and most of it because or Rob – who happens to adore her. Those two – I have a feeling – have a future together, so try dealing with it!

  • janster

    pfffft, i dont quite agree with all of u xP

  • Orls

    I love Kristen.
    She’s inspirational;
    She’s down to earth and doesn’t care what people think of her, she just does what she wants.
    That’s what we should all do :]

  • calliope

    Love this girl. Down to earth, gorgeous, smart, and real. I can envision her directing films one day.

  • In

    @Leila: soo pretty much most of the celebrities then? she’s the best of her generation for sure. dont hate…haha

    dont be jealous just coz she gets to kiss rob pattinson. haha you only wish.

  • trish.


    i’m going to ignore those lame comments dissing Kstewart. CLEARLY she doesnt belong in the JustJaredJR website.

    Granted she was against Kate Winslet or Angelina Jolie whatever, it’s the MTV movie awards it isnt the Oscars.

    Kristen will get there one day.

  • Leila

    ks will never move beyond twilight, harry potters, kiddie movies or B list films – without education in acting & style – she is lacking in both of them greatly. take a look at how a ANOTHER YOUNG ACTRESS commands herself act on PUBLLIC STAGE ks should observe & learn

  • lalal

    I never used to like Kristen, I always thought she came across as stuck up and arrogant, thinking she’s better than everyone else, but now I’ve realised, I think she’s just awkward and shy and not very comfortable with the whole fame situation.
    The MTV movie awards when she dropped the award was so endearing she came across so cute, and you really got to see that she just is a clumsy and awkward person with a bit of a geeky side, rather than being stuck up – she’s just shy.

    and by the way – that interview was when she was 15, it’s not recent :)

  • In

    oh yea btw…i love kristen. she’s soo awesome.
    shes very beautiful without even trying and very smart. she’s def. real.

  • In

    @Leila: LAME

  • Rachel

    I think she is a good actress though I have only seen her once in a movie and that’s Twilight. I think that it’s sad that she smokes but other than that she is amazing,
    Not everyone is perfect.

  • katie

    @Leila: what has someone’s looks got to do with their acting?

  • mine

    @Leila: go help palestine hun

  • mine

    why does JJJ always lie about interviews? that interview is over 4 years OLD! and in a brenda song post, it said ”she recently sat down with scholastic news” when that INTERVIEW was from September, why lie? liars go to hell.

  • http://jjj miley

    i love her work and i wish her the best with her acting career! :)

  • http://jjj miley

    all the best*

  • Leila

    Palestine should ber free

  • Leila

    it’s the whole package: looks + acting. ks has nothing to hold on to except her hair flipping fetish addiction. evey time she opens her mouth in public – she destroy the image of Bella which was flawed in the film to start wtih

  • cristina

    i think kirsten is good actress but i don’t think she is that great of a role model! walking around smoking a cigarrette is not cool! and i like her awardness, it shows that you dont have to be this fake hollywood glamour girl to be famous!

  • http://- Bella_

    Who does not like Kristen or Rob only they are on 1 side they arent real twilight fan -.- pathetic get a life and don`t judge her like this!I bet she`s a better person than every one of you haters…

  • mine

    @Leila: woah.. are you syrian, lebanese, turkish, armenian or something? go free palestine instead of wasting your time dissing kristen stewart… go do something useful with your life because dissing twilight stars will do nothing to your life and wont change anything!

  • mine

    @Leila: hun, this is for the best! let go on the hatred and start spreading peace! go free palestine! peace, peace & peace! I LOVE PEACE! haters go no where in life, the truth can not be spoken on just jared jr and hollywood/celebrity obsessed sites, Fame addicts go no where in life. I sound really weird.. lol.

  • Kk

    I just love her!! She is great!! She is different to the other girls u see usually on stage. that makes her special and cool! i love her as she is. I hope she wont change =)

  • Leila

    mine – i dont need yo advice. i have many interests besides stephanie meyer books & fils based on them. but this isnt the site to discuss my other interests such as palestine or my ethnic origins (i am a product of 4 religions) i dont hate ks – just dissappointed with her mis-act. i expected better from Bella or from actress who plays her

  • ames

    great actress. but she should quit smoking.

  • nathalia

    i like her but i think that smoking is DISGUSTING ewwwww!

  • krista

    I try not to judge her as a person because I don’t know her (which does anybody here actually does? Doubtful). She comes across as stuck-up and harsh at times, but I think that’s just her personality: shy, tell it like it is, i don’t care how you see me. If that works for her, more power to her. I didn’t like her as Bella and I’m not wowed by her acting skills (or lack thereof depending on one’s opinion). But in general I’m not a fan, mainly because if we met in the real world, i doubt we’d be friends.

  • In

    @cristina: no one told her to be a role model. she’s kristen stewart. she can do whatever the f^ck she wants :)

    but yea shes awesome :D

  • izzy

    Get the look? Are U kidding me? Why would somebody dress like a homeless person? :D Just sayin’…

  • joss

    gorgeous girl and talented too!

  • uroldersis

    i hope her young fans do not imitate her she is not a good example to young people, i’ve seen her picture that she’s always smoking and tmz caught her using drugs with her boyfriend

  • petey

    love haaa!!

  • francesca

    she shouldn’t have won the movie award!

  • janiece

    at first i was going to defend kristen with all the hatred shes getting, but then i thought about it. my opinion isnt going to make a difference when dealing with closed-minded people who gain self confidence by tearing others down. im a fan of kristens so im just going to continue supporting her work and let the rest be. other fans should do the same. arguing back and forth will get you no where


    twilight isnt the only movie kristens been in people. if you havent seen her other work, maybe you should be quite. “cake eaters”, “into the wild”, and “speak” are just a FEW of the MANY movies where her acting is great.

  • Leila

    this is not about hatred. this is about criticism. ks lacks substance in performance compared to other actresses. she CANT SPEAK, CANT DRESS AND FLIPS HER HAIR CONSTANTLY. this isnt even about dropped popcorn. if she wants to be taken serious – beyond teenage world – she needs to learn how to speak & act. i dont care if she smokes cig or pot – and she doesnt need to be a role model either. BUT SHE NEEDS TO PRESENT HERSELF AS AN ACTRESS NOT AS THE VALLEY GIRL. when u get up in front of millions worldwide – u have to act the part – not be saying “and.. like… and…like”. for God’s sake – hasnt she taken any acting classes? her parents work in Hollywod – could they have advised her?

  • Chelsea

    I think Kristen Stewart is so cool!
    i can’t believe some people say she didn’t deserve the best actress award she’s so much better than what some people think! She’s only 19 and she’s been is so many award winning movies!
    Kristen is so natural and down to earth and most celebrities are not like that at all.
    I mean people always say she’s so nervous and scared, but hey i’d be the same if people were in my face with cameras every day !
    She’s an inspiration to most girls my age (im 16)
    Kristen is awesome!!!

  • Leila

    and what exactly did ks do in INTO THE WILD? strip and sing a song? u call that “great acting”? yes – that’s what her role called for – but it was very minor and not very significant part.

  • lydia

    LOVETHATDOLL IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!!! She was awesome in The Cake Eaters, Into The Wild, Panic Room, In The Land Of Women, Adventureland. She can friggin act, so shut the hell up. So you didn’t like her portrayal as Bella. You would be complaining no matter who did it! I think she did great embodying Bella. Bella is strong and unique just like Kristen. You guys don’t like her cause she’s not a trendy fake barbie.So she’s akward-i think it makes her real and damn cute. She was so damn cute when she dropped that award. I love Robert pattinson and i love her too. I think they are both gorgeous. I hope they get together-I hope they are together-and if they are they have excellent taste!

  • cara

    KS definitely deserve her award. She is beautiful, talented and very reserved and not after publicity.


    so because the role was small it wasnt good acting? okay your not fan of kristen youve made that loud and clear. oh my god get off already damn

  • lydia

    You’re right Cara! She ROCKS! I’ll take her any day over those Disney Dumbasses!

  • keN

    . . . . getwell,behappy,stayyou . . k

  • Jackie

    why does she smoke? shes killing herself. kristen please dont smoke
    I love her i dont think shes the BEST actress I think shes good but not the best.