Taylor Swift is BamaJam Brilliant

Taylor Swift is BamaJam Brilliant

Taylor Swift gets the crowd going wild as she performs at the 2009 BamaJam Music and Arts Festival on Thursday night (June 4) in Enterprise, Alabama.

The 19-year-old Fearless female put on one heck of a show, filled with “feisty onstage banter, dramatic moves, and wardrobe change.”

Taylor has a full weekend ahead of her — she’s in Detroit TOMORROW night and Fort Wayne, Ind., on Sunday.

25+ pics inside of Taylor Swift jamming at BamaJam…

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Photos: Rick Diamond/Getty Images
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  • kiara

    man im so mad i could have went to that concert but the tickets was sold out man im so pissed

  • virgiii :)

    i love taylor :D

  • britney

    Can’t wait for 8/29 :)

  • saudia

    gorgeous !! Love Taylor

  • Libsss

    awesomely beautiful! completely beautiful, she was soooo much 4 Joe

  • emma

    I hate her she only got the fame cuz of the jonas brothers
    without them she has a little of fame gonin on in her life
    and she knows that ..and knows that whenever she stops
    talkin about them the fame wont be the same thats why
    when she got a little bit down she said something
    about prada thingy….but i am soooooooooooo
    not a fan of the jonas sisters

  • Carolb

    @emma: who cares if ur not a fan she looks stunning and her fame is well earned i’m from the uk and even i can see that

  • katie

    @emma: What the hell? I’m form the UK, and the first time I heard of Taylor, I didn’t know she had anyhtign to do with Joe or the others. My friends sent me one of her songs and I’ve loved her music since then. So her fame obviously isn’t from them considering I’m not even from the US I know her.

  • emele

    I didn’t even know who the Jonas brothers were when I bought her first album. She’s going to have a career which is alot longer and more successful than that of the Jonas brothers. As she grows up her music will change and her audience will adapt to her music as they too grow up. Whereas with the Jonas brothers that won’t happen, they will fizzle out much faster. I’m not a hater of the Jonas brothers, but am just calling it how I see it.

  • http://jjj miley

    she is so talented and beautiful!

  • abi

    @emma: How can you be such a bitch!? We didnt even know Taylor went out with Joe before!! She writes her own stuff, she doesnt give a flip about the Jonas Brothers!
    You should think who your talking about before you write anything! Look whos getting the most fame now!

    Taylor is amazing, i met her in Topshop in London! So everyone who says she nasty, think again! Shes one of the nicest people ive ever met!

  • katelyn

    The first time i heard her music was on the radio, I never knew the Jonas brothers had anything to do with her. I think she is amazing, and writes beautiful songs :) xo

  • Masirissa jane

    Im from England and when i fist found out who she was i didn’t know she dated joe jonas i only found out like a month later

  • Don’tmesswithme

    @emma: Ok listen girl. If you haven’t noticed Taylor is a lot more succesful than JB before she dated Joe. If you did your research, she got triple platium on her first album! Like she hardly had any adversting and she did amazing! Only country fans knew her and then when she was in the media people started to regonize her. Taylor is more succesful then JB

  • lokomotor


    In the US, the Jonas Brother’s 2007 album sold 1.82million, their last album “A Little Bit Longer” sold 1.52 million.

    Taylor’s first album, which came out in 2006, sold 4.1 million(and is still selling well) and her second album Fearless has sold 3.3million after only 7 months.(and is still in the top 10 Billboard Albums)

    In the US, Taylor’s first album sold more than the last 2 JB’s albums COMBINED–and that’s before she even met Joe Jonas.

    So Taylor never needed the JBs in order to sell albums, she was selling WAY MORE than them.

    Taylor was popular long before the Jonas Brothers and she’ll be popular long after the JBs have faded.

  • Heather

    im going to her concert today!

  • Carolb

    Lets not forget that taylor was rated higher than camilla on maxim hotlist 2009

  • MILLY56

    love taylor swift she always looks really pretty

  • Kayla

    soooo just jared in alabama never would have thought it haha. BTW I live in Alabama!

  • erika

    there’s a JOE AND YAYLOR LOOK-ALIKE in the background???
    she always uses JOE. When wil she get over him? probably he’s the
    hottest guy she’s ever dated

  • lokomotor

    You probably mean that Joe is the gayest guy she’s ever dated and will ever date!


    PS : have you seen his dance to Beyonce’s song??