Selena Gomez Whispers -- SHHHHH!

Selena Gomez Whispers -- SHHHHH!

Selena Gomez debuts her a new short (and straighter) hairdo after lunch with mom Mandy, not pictured, at the Whisper Cafe on Sunday afternoon (June 7) in Encino, Calif.

“Spending the day with momma!” the 16-year-old Disney starlet tweeted.

Sel had a similar short hairstyle while playing wiffle ball with ex Nick Jonas but it’s much more evident in these pics!

S walked out of the cafe carrying home four extra sweet treats — yummy macarons!

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez “whisper-ing”…

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Credit: Chris/Laurent; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • anna

    i hate it!
    she looks better before !

  • bebo

    aw selena is GORGEOUS!
    haters are an epic fail

  • Anon

    im not feeling the cut… it kinda looks momish.. which is such a shame because selena is gorgeous )=

  • Leah

    Why does she look like that? I’m so jealous she’s so freaking gorgeous! I just need some taylor lautner pictures! Preferable Taylena<3 I love them!! I’m obssesed with how selena looks and dresses haha!

  • beballin

    i actually think its cute :)
    it probaly wont stay forever like when she cut it with bangs.

  • arantxa

    i dont like it :(

  • :)

    it looks like she hardly wears any makeup.
    ahhh, she so beautiful. :)
    love her hair, but i love it long. :/
    either way she’s pretty. :D

    * i’m beggin’ for Taylena pictures. :P

  • Brenna

    @Anon: AGREED 100 %.
    it looks like she’s 20!

  • krixtina

    wow sooo cute :) love her

  • haley

    shes absolutely beautiful.

  • Sarah


  • Alvin

    Freakin georgous!

  • Mckayla

    love her <3

  • Lisitte

    Gosh she’s naturally beautiful.

  • Peter

    F’n Taylor I wish I’m dating her!

  • mersadeez

    OMG! NOOOOO! it looks like her moms hair cut but it looks way cute on her mom, but not on her. she looks to skinny for a hair cut like that. she’s sooo skinny. she’s still pretty. then when she wears big/puffy shirts like that it makes her look even skinnier. im sorry but I do not like the way she dresses, such a cute girl. . . . .such a waste

  • victoria!

    its not my fav style for her…..

  • jo

    that haircut makes her look old. she looks like her mom now

  • Joel

    I should stop looking at her im 19, she’s 16 lol I can’t help it tho georgous !

  • Anelisse

    She’s such a cutie. I loved her long hair though… :(

  • brian

    shes so hot dosent mater if she cut her hair or no

  • rachel

    whatever happened to rocker selena? the one that loved her converse and teeshirts?


    am i the only one who thinks she looks younger??
    oh well. omg when i first saw them i thought she lookd like joey.
    omg im begging for taylena pics too =)

  • star

    It’s a cute length but I did like it better when it was longer. It looks like her hair might be a bit too thick for the cut.

  • ksi

    ew… she looks like an old, VERY OLD person. like a 30 year old

  • cassie

    omq she looks sooo much like her mom now!!! its not that bad… its ok it just needs some time for you to qet used to it…

  • ksi

    she has never been a rockstar who loves converse and black shirts. you are confused. ALEX RUSSO, her role on WOWP is like this. She’s as wild as the other chicks.

  • Rose!

    it looks like a mom hair cut. I hate it.

  • Leah

    Who’s calling Selena on her say now! It’s in like 20 minutes I suppose!:) I am hopefully she answers mines!

  • kamilah

    @star: yah thats what i was thinking. i still think she looks cute though but i dont like the highlights.

  • paola

    I really like her hair this way, but its kinda like the same as her moms hair style!!!!! =]

  • jo

    She’s a cute girl, but this cut is WAYYY too mom.

  • star


    Not a fun of the highlights either, they look to light for her hair

  • anonymous

    beautiful as always :)

  • saudia

    gorgeous .. she’s so naturally beautiful ..looks a lot like her mom. Love the hair <3

  • Stottlemyre

    Selena is so hot. Great feet!

  • clara

    She’s beautiful no matter what she does to her hair & she looks like she had hardly no makeup. This girl is what I call a natural beauty.

  • LIZA


  • http://iasrg Jay!

    She dresses way to old for her age and that cut makes her head look huge.
    But she’s still cute and she rocks! Love you Sel!

  • REnny

    she looks gorgeous, she always does!
    errr, i’m jealous. haha.
    she does look a lot like her mom, though.
    that’s not a bad thing, her mom is really pretty.

  • serene serene

    She’s adorable, I love how she does her own thing and doesn’t do the whole nasty extentions.

  • anon

    She dresses way too old for her age? If she would be showing too much skin you would be calling her a skank/slut. No one can ever win these days, I guess. And I have almost the same exact haircut [ a lot of people do, including a lot of teenagers] I guess a lot of us look like we’re in our late 20′s or 30′s then, and like moms….darn.

  • louie

    OMG! I have the same hairstyle as hers already. (again)
    last time I have bangs she also has and last month I got a haircut like hers, haha! I`m not saying I hate her new style its just I like her hairstyle before. :)

  • caroline

    it looks good .. but i prefer her with long hair ! and her shirt is cute !

  • berrypunch

    i really like the new hair cut, she kinda looks like her mom now…

  • Ms A/i love nick j

    UM selena is very pretty BUT her new haircut is not… Love you Sel :D !

  • bianca

    i like selena but i don’t like the color of her hair. it looks dry up close on the picture

  • Lucy

    i think it luks nice, even tho i dnt really thinks she’s that great looking neway, but it was tym for a change, she’s always had her hair the same x

  • rachel


    ummm ok. i’m not confusing her with her character. look at pictures of her at the following events/times

    hannah montanna 3d movie
    her photoshoot with demi lovato
    the photos of her in Nick Jonas’s shirt

    her look was a lot more edgy/rock than this girly look. i miss the old look

  • hazel

    nice but…DUDE BAD HIGHLIGHTS :|