Kristen Stewart Channels Joan Jett

Kristen Stewart Channels Joan Jett

Hiding her new haircut behind a Nuns With Guns gray hoodie, Kristen Stewart sets down a guitar case as she gets ready to leave a studio in North Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon (June 9).

The 19-year-old actress and costar Dakota Fanning have been busy rehearsing for their upcoming flick, The Runaways.

The Runaways tells the story of the 1970s teenage rock band responsible for hits “Cherry Bomb,” “Queens of Noise” and “Born to Be Bad.” The flick will also star Stella Maeve as drummer Sandy West.

10+ pics inside of Runaways Kristen and Dakota

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Credit: GVK/LAURENT, Jones, Sharma; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ariel

    kristen really shouldn’t be showed on this site. keep her on the regular justjared, because fans here are too immature and this site is for the disney kids, remember?

  • mishyB

    they both are amazing actresses. But both are oh so ugly here.

  • IloVEMILEYandtaylor

    I think she’s going to be amazing in this movie, can’t wait to see it!!

  • mishyB

    actually ONLY Dakota Fanning is talented the other is alright… too monotone for my liking.

  • Alexandra

    my hair looks just the same as Kristen’s

  • listen to mayday parade

    KStew looks like a vamp with the pale skin and the huge circles under her eyes! Blah she really doesnt do much for me.

  • Stefanie

    yeyy she looks so cool with the new do i cannot wait to see this movie it will rock for sure

  • evalynn

    love her look for the runaways

  • jbr

    both of them are pretty .

  • michelle

    That’s a Rage Against The Machine hoodie! <3

    I’m so excited for The Runaways. Kristen and Dakota are two of the best young actresses I think.

  • kamilah

    lol she must not like the hair. the hoody explains it all. its definitely a different look but its not bad. im glad they get to do their own vocals. this movie should be good.

  • noelle

    I’m liking the new hairstyle. I think kristen’s pretty versatile and can rock it.

  • kiraaa

    I’m keen for this movie, I love the Runaways. And Dakota, and Kristen ;DDD

  • sara

    i really want to see the movie, but kristen is looking quite ridiculous lately.

  • sophie

    this role seems perfect for her and i cannot wait to see how she does :)

  • Anna

    Loving the new hair cut !! But I will miss her old hair…..

  • Jasmine

    Thanks for posting. I love Kristen Stewart. Shes been one of my faves since Speak. I cant wait to see her in the runaways

  • SARAH22

    This girl (Kstew) can seriously pull off any look. She looks so chill and cute here. So talented too

  • ATwilightKiss

    Love the intensity! Kristen is really channeling Joan Jett! Great title!

  • Diana

    It’s rad how Kristen’s already a fantastic guitar player. She’s gonna rock!

  • keN


  • Cyn

    i really like her hair like that

  • yashi

    OMG kristen looks soo awesome!!! cant wait to see her sing again , she is gonaa rock and all the HATERS WILL SHUT THE FUCK UP IM TIRED OF PEOPLE BASHING HER WITHOUT A REASON !!!

  • YEAH!!

    cant wait to see this film

  • mang keps

    This is just freakin’ awesome!!!

    Kristen will ROCK!!!! I’m much more excited on this one than the twilight movies.

  • 12

    i kinda like it..
    kristen is ah-mazingg
    she’s my fav

  • dfksldfkj

    Isn’t her hair darker too? it looks black here..

  • ugh.

    kstew looks like a rat and is talentless. end of story.

  • celia

    WTF is wrong with Kristen now…this girl is NEVER happy. Dakota looks very cute and HAPPY!

  • Cari

    Oh god. As a big fan of Joan Jett and The Runaways, no, no, no, no Kristen Stewart?! That is the worse choice. I wish they could have spent some time to find a good actress as opposed to casting a girl who is IN right now. I’m so dissapointed. I’ll still go see it though, what kind of fan would I be if I didn’t?

  • Diana

    Celia – does a girl ALWAYS have to smile? I mean these pictures of her are taking every nano second (snap, snap, snap), one second she’s smiling, the next second, she’s not. What’s the big deal with people having to smile 24/7? She’s not going to be smiling 100% of the time! Come on now! It’s not like Rob ever smiles to paps anyways.

  • Lauren

    @dfksldfkj: yeah i think her hair is darker…the new style and colour really suits her, she does look really nice with long dont get me wrong but its nice to change things up sometimes

  • katie

    @ariel: Not all of us are immature. Most, yes, but not all.

  • zia892

    I sort of like her new hair but i wonder what she’ll do with it when they start filming Eclipse

  • dfksldfkj


    Yeah, i think you’re right! :)

  • Sarah

    whoever says K-TWAT is talented is as dumb as K-TWAT… She is not an actress; she is simply hormones on drugs!

  • Nala

    I’m pretty sure she’ll do great in “The Runaways”. She basically can do everything.

  • lily

    yup..she dyed it black..well nt everyone has a smiley face lik dakota..nt evry human beings are made the same..duhh

  • Nala


    You’re a perfect example of why I disagree with Jared for posting Kristen Stewart here: the immaturity of some posters. If cursing is your only argument ever, then just go back to bed, seriously. Free to you not to like her, but just… GROW UP a little bit.

  • KStewfan17

    Kstew looks fine. She is

  • dfksldfkj


    i SO agree with you!!

    She won’t stop acting just because you don’t like her.. geez..

  • KStewfan17

    Kstew looks fine. She is a very talented actress.She has awesome hair I love it. It looks like she cut it shorter but i cant tell but reallly in this pic could there just be no extensions?!?!

    Dakota Fanning to me isnt as talented as Kstew but I willgive her credit for landing some major movie rolls.

  • KStew no.1 fan

    She is so hot and pretty. And to all the people who think she is always sad are f*cking morons.

    How the hell would you know if a paps is taking pics of you from a mile away. Do all of you guys go around your business smiling?

  • saudia

    can’t wait .. I’m sure it’s going to be something amazing

  • pan

    she looks amazing! she looks good with whatever she does. no make up…just so natural…it doesnt matter because she looks beautiful either way!

    i love her new hair cut and hair color! she’ll do a fantastic job playing joan jett. i cant wait to hear her sing again. and she rocks at playing guitar from what ive heard from her co-stars! soo i cant wait…i cant wait!

  • Kstewbiggestfan

    I do really love kristen, and i am soo like Bella.Bella does the same things that i do.and my relationship w/ my dad is like hers to charlie.kristen is really talented and she deserves everything.she looks really cute with this haircut.does anyone know where can i find any new pics of her without the cap or the ponytail??bcause i am sending some to my cellphone, but i can’t find pics of her without the cap and ponytail.kristen is a great rolemodel, bcause she is sooo nice and such a great actress.she is amazing i love her.the only thing that i don’t really like about her is that she smokes, because i am only 13, but i’ll smoke if she does…..don’t judge me bcause of that.but when i have an obsession, i do everything for it.anyway, i know she has a lot of haters and stuff, but if you hate her so much, just don’t watch things about her, like this article.she doesn’t deserve to read your comments.she is soo pure, because she doesn’t wear high heels just because she’s a celebrity, she keeps wearing large tees and converse all stars…she’s 19 so she stills a teen, let her grow and live her life….she IS AMAZING!

  • miranda

    @ariel: then, what are you doing here?

    she looks darker with that look, i wonder when eclipse will start shooting

  • twinutter

    this is going to be awesome! imagine kristen and dakota rockin the movie, how cool is that, yeaaaaaaaaah rock n roll !!!!

  • Nala

    @Kstewbiggestfan: No pic without the hoodie or the ponytail yet. Oh, and (okay, I’m being judgmental though I don’t like to) I do think your acting about this smoking thing is completely silly. I mean, reducing your life expectancy because of your fav actress is not really necessary, girl. Just my thought.

  • cami

    My God! She can definitly pull off any look, she looks great